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Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing

The Video Conferencing Room is available by appointment for any student to hold a virtual conversation in a private meeting space. The small room is set up to accommodate a single user, possibly a second if necessary, and is equipped with a Windows computer with built-in webcam. The room has also been used for virtual proctor exams but is not officially designated as such and is not guaranteed to meet the minimum requirements for such purposes.

Reserve a time slot


  • Dell All-in-one with built-in webcam

Additional information

  • Skype is the only video conferencing software pre-installed on the machine
  • Other non-web-based video conferencing tools would need to be installed temporarily on the computer
  • Utilize the video editor in the Microsoft Photos app to record videos
  • Please see an SMS consultant for assistance.
Screenshot of a Skype session startup