Podcasting Studio

Podcasting Studio

Podcasting Studio

Located in the former Edit 3 room of the SMS, the podcasting studio is set up for users to record audio through a digital mixer to an SD card or simultaneously to a computer. Interested users may inquire with SMS staff for more information or for assistance using the podcasting equipment for the first time.

Note: the microphone issue seems to be resolved! Please note, if no sound is coming from one of the microphones during use, try turning the channel fader (volume slider) for that/those microphone/s down to the bottom (negative infinity) then back up again. Also, at the end of the recording session please return all faders (sliders) down to the bottom position.

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  • Zoom LiveTrak L-8 Digital Mixer & Recorder
  • (2) Shure MV7 Podcast Microphones with Rode PSA1 Microphone Boom Arms
  • (2) Tascam TH-02 Studio Headphones
  • Windows desktop computer
  • SD memory card for temporary storage of audio recording files (it's recommended that users bring their own, but one can be supplied if needed)


For the list of software that's available on the various University Library workstations (including the SMS), visit the Library Workstations libguide.

Getting Started

Informational videos from ZoomSoundLab

Sample Podcasts

Some examples of podcasts that have been recorded in the SMS:

  • Let's Get After It - featuring Kent State founders, entrepreneurs, and innovators who share their journeys as students and business owners. Hosted by Sydney Pendergast, LaunchNET student marketing associate. "Let's Get After It" is a production of LaunchNET Kent State.
  • The Research Review - episodes cover a wide range of topics, including biology, Anna Freud, aviation, caregiving and liquid crystal research. Each episode features a student expert in the field.
Students record a conversation in the SMS' Podcasting Studio