General Multimedia & Scanning

General Multimedia & Scanning

General Multimedia & Scanning

Computers & peripherals

The general multimedia workstations are situated in the main part of the studio and are available on a first come, first served basis. There are 3 Windows machines and 4 iMacs. All stations have public printing access and are equipped with flatbed scanners (for documents/slides/filmstrips). Two of the workstations have 11x17" flatbed scanners - one Mac station and one Windows.

One workstation is also equipped with a Wacom tablet for use with pressure-sensitive stylus pens that change line width, transparency and color depending on pen pressure. A second Wacom tablet is available for use within the studio. Please be aware that users are asked to provide their Flashcard ID as collateral in order to use the tablet and stylus pens.

For access to similar software and scanning capabilities during all building hours, visit the open computer areas on the 1st floor of the University Library.


Each general multimedia workstation is equipped with the Adobe Creative Cloud suite. For the full list of software that's available on the various University Library workstations (including the SMS), visit the Library Workstations libguide.

A Windows general multimedia computer station in the SMS with an 11x17" flatbed scanner