Faculty Support

How we help

  • provide facilities and equipment for your students to work on their multimedia projects!
  • offer technical assistance to your students working on projects in the studio!
  • create project specific web and print tutorials for your students!
  • consult with faculty concerning the most appropriate software to use for multimedia, web or video presentations!

Video project resources

  • Video in the classroom (from EdTechTeacher)
    This webpage provides inspiration for the type of video projects that could be used in various coursework.
  • Student video project basics (PDF)
    This tutorial covers some of the common pitfalls that students will encounter when working on video projects for class.
  • KSUTube
    Please note that the video platform KSUTube will be replaced at the end of the fall semester 2016 with the new site Kaltura. No new uploads to KSUTube will be accepted after December 31, 2016.
  • Kaltura
    Kaltura is Kent State's new video platform. All content from KSUTube will begin migration to Kaltura in Fall 2016. To use, simply log in with KSU credentials and upload videos that can be shared via web link. We recommend Kaltura as a way for students to submit video assignments.
  • CaptureSpace
    Available through Kaltura, this module allows faculty to record audio, video, screen captures and webcam footage

File sharing options

  • KSU Drop Box
    Create a course-specific KSU Drop Box folder as a location for students to upload assignment files (documents, multimedia, etc.). Note: file sizes are limited to under 1gb.
  • Dropbox.com
    While KSU Drop Boxes can only be created by instructors, students can create free accounts on the commercial Dropbox.com site.
  • Google Drive
    While Google Drive is integrated into Flashline it is not limited strictly to Kent State users. Anyone can sign up for a free Google account where they can create and store documents, spreadsheets and presentations, along with storing files online.

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