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Faculty Support

Faculty Support

Faculty Support

How we help

  • provide facilities and equipment for your students to work on their multimedia projects
  • offer instructional support to your students working on projects in the studio
  • identify web tutorials that support your assignments, or create project-specific web and print tutorials for your students
  • consult with faculty concerning the most appropriate software to use for multimedia, web or video presentations
  • To get started, contact SMS staff either by email at kentstatesms [at] or 330-672-0221. If assistance via email or phone does not suffice it may be possible to set up a video consult.

Video project resources

  • Video in the classroom (from EdTechTeacher)
    This webpage provides inspiration for the type of video projects that could be used in various coursework.
  • Student video project basics (PDF)
    This tutorial covers some of the common pitfalls that students will encounter when working on video projects for class.
  • Kaltura
    Kaltura is Kent State's video platform. To use, simply log in with KSU credentials and upload videos that can be shared via web link. We recommend Kaltura as a way for students to submit video assignments.
  • CaptureSpace
    Available through Kaltura, this module allows faculty to record audio, video, screen captures and webcam footage

File sharing options

  • OneDrive - Kent State's preferred cloud storage
    While KSU Drop Boxes can only be created by instructors, students can create free accounts on the commercial site.
  • Google Drive
    While Google Drive is integrated into Flashline it is not limited strictly to Kent State users. Anyone can sign up for a free Google account where they can create and store documents, spreadsheets and presentations, along with storing files online.

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