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Student Multimedia Studio Use Policies

Student Multimedia Studio Use Policies

Student Multimedia Studio Use Policies

Acceptable Use Policies

  1. Use of the Student Multimedia Studio (SMS) is limited to currently enrolled Kent State University students. During peak use periods, the SMS reserves the right to give priority to students working on multimedia presentations to fulfill course assignments.

  2. The SMS workstations are not intended to be used for email, instant messaging, gaming, web browsing, or for the downloading of music or video files unless associated with the creation of a multimedia project or presentation.

  3. Students are advised to have an SMS Consultant demonstrate the proper use of hardware and/or software prior to beginning a project to assure that all settings are correct for that particular project. During periods of high demand, SMS Consultants may only be able to provide basic instruction in the use of SMS equipment and software. During these periods, students requiring more extensive instruction should schedule an appointment with the SMS manager for more comprehensive assistance.

  4. The general multimedia workstations are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.  On the other hand, video edit suites, video conferencing, video digitizationa and the audio recording booth may be reserved in advance according to posted SMS procedures.

  5. Students are permitted to modify basic configurations or install free software, plugins and fonts to the machines as the computer allows, with the understanding that such a request may be refused by SMS staff for any reason, and will be erased when the machine shuts down or reboots.

  6. Users must abide by current copyright law. For more information about current copyright law visit the University Libraries Copyright Services page or the US Copyright Office website.

  7. Students are expected to work so that they do not interfere with or disturb other students using the SMS. Students working with audio should bring in or check out headphones from the Circulation desk. Loud cell phone use is not permitted.

  8. The SMS endorses the Library Bill of Rights and the Freedom to Read statement of the American Library Association. While the SMS does not censor access to material or protect users from offensive and/or inaccurate or incorrect information, it fully supports the university's commitment to civility as key to the meaningful exchange of ideas. Therefore, no public SMS workstations are to be used with the intent to intimidate, harass, or display hostility toward others (e.g. hate literature, pornography). Users are also asked to be sensitive to material that others in a public place might find offensive.

  9. The Student Multimedia Studio and its employees are not liable for any loss, damage or expense sustained by any user, due to the use of the SMS services, equipment, software, advise or information.

General multimedia / scanning workstations

  • Access is first-come, first serve but is limited to currently enrolled Kent State University students for the purposes described in the Acceptable Use Policies listed above.

  • Some of these workstations have scanners and all can be used to create PowerPoint presentations, webpages, graphics, 3D models, animation and videos.

Video edit suites:

  • You may reserve an editing room for up to 3 hours per day.

  • When your reserved time is up, please leave if someone is waiting to use the room.

  • It is your responsibility to allow sufficient time for completing a project, especially exporting videos and burning DVDs. Allow at least 2-3 times the length of your video for rendering and exporting your video.

  • Files saved to the computers' internal drives may be erased without notice so it is recommended that you use your own external drive for your projects.

Camcorder equipment checkout:  

  • Camcorders can be checked out at the Ask Me Desk on the 1st floor of the University Library. These camcorders are intended for student use for projects assigned by faculty. For information about specific camcorder loan policies and procedures or to reserve a camcorder, visit the Circulation page.

(Updated March, 2022)


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