Audio & Video Digitization

Audio & Video Digitization

Audio & Video Digitization

Note: The video capturing station is currently unavailable due to system upgrades.

Two workstations are available in the Student Multimedia Studio for digitization. One station is set up for capturing video and the second is set up for capturing audio directly to onto the computer. The video digitization station has been relocated to the Edit 2 suite in the SMS for safer physical distancing during the pandemic and is available by appointment.


Video digitization

  • mini-DV (through use of a provided camcorder)
  • VHS and S-VHS
  • DVD player

Audio Digitization

  • Audio cassette player
  • Turntable

In addition to these 2 workstations, the SMS has a device for capturing and digitizing 8mm film. Due to the fragility of 8mm film, film is only handled by the user / owner of the material not the SMS staff, and it's at the user's own risk. Note: The 8mm film digitizing device is currently out of order. There is no estimate on when (or if) it will become available again.


For the list of software that's available on the various University Library workstations (including the SMS), visit the Library Workstations libguide.

Additional information

  • Please see an SMS consultant before using a capture station for the first time (for proper operating instructions).
  • If you have a different video format, like Hi-8 or Digital 8 or a camcorder that records to mini-DVD disks, you must bring in your camcorder with AV cables to route through our system for capture and digitizing.

Video digitization station in the Student Multimedia Studio

Audio digitization station at the Student Multimedia Studio