Interlibrary Loan Student Coordinator

Interlibrary Loan Student Coordinator

Interlibrary Loan Student Coordinator

University Libraries
Student Employee Job Description

Title: Interlibrary Loan Student Coordinator

Pay Rate: Intermediate

General Description: Coordinate with Interlibrary Loan staff and direct the work of other student employees to process requests and maintain records of Interlibrary Loan services to the university community and to the general community.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Retrieving books and bound periodicals from library stacks, basement/on-site storage and other locations
  2. Locating requested articles within journals, books and microforms
  3. Scanning articles using overhead and flatbed/ADF scanners
  4. Digitizing microform materials
  5. Delivering materials to appropriate locations in the library and via electronic delivery and email
  6. Returning materials to appropriate locations in the library
  7. Preparing returnable materials for shipment
  8. Checking out returnable materials on ILS
  9. Creating brief bibliographic records for circulating borrowed returnables
  10. Providing assistance to library users and outside institutions by phone and email
  11. Utilizing ILL management systems to process requests for ILL lending, borrowing and document delivery
  12. Interpreting libraries’ online catalogs to determine the availability and location of specific items
  13. Locating license information for electronic publications and evaluating requests for copyright/license compliance
  14. Locating policy information for outside institutions
  15. Supervising the work of other students
  16. Identifying and sorting ILL-related items in the mailroom
  17. Leading special projects as assigned
  18. Enforcing Library and University policies

Required Qualifications:

  1. Attention to detail and ability to perform tasks both quickly and accurately
  2. Ability to observe deadlines and provide quick turnaround time on requests
  3. Ability to work independently with minimal supervision and to direct the work of other students
  4. Ability to operate computer equipment, printers, and copiers for extended time periods
  5. Ability to learn to operate overhead and flatbed scanners to digitize and convert files to other formats
  6. Experience with productivity software (i.e. Word, Excel) functions, such as mail merge
  7. Experience searching online library catalogs and databases
  8. Ability to maintain confidentiality and use appropriate judgment in handling information and records.
  9. Ability to learn about copyright law and ILL codes as applicable to the work performed

Preferred Qualifications:

  1. Experience using scanning equipment and digital document management
  2. Ability to read multiple languages
  3. Previous library experience
  4. Ability to work during intersessions and summer session