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Kent State University. Department of Political Science May 4 records, 1970



Prepared by Kenneth D. Knape, 6 May 1991
1 document case, .33 cubic foot, 12th floor

This part of the May 4 Collection was an accession (U83/37) from the Political Science Department on 12 November 1983. The original order of the materials has been maintained.

After the tragic events of May 4, Kent State was closed by court injunction, and was not reopened until the following summer. The papers in this collection are mainly interdepartmental memos and letters sent to all departments by President White showing how the crisis was handled.

This collection will give the researcher a good idea of how the crisis was managed by the University faculty and administration. The materials is organized in alphabetical order.

Folder 5 is of particular interest showing correspondence coming from outside the University to President White's office. It exemplifies how people responded to the crisis not just locally, but from all over the country. Folder 6 has correspondents ranging from students to the President and shows their reaction to what happened.

In folder 8 is a resolution passed by the Faculty Senate on 5 May 1970 condemning the use of violence. Folder 12 has material dealing with the injunction that closed the University after the tragedy. Newspaper clippings from all over the country about the tragedy are in folder 18. Folder 26 has material about the student medical fund and has information on how the student body gathered money to pay injured students' medical bills.

Folder 27 contains a transcript of the notorious speech given by Governor Rhodes at Kent on May 3 dealing with the campus unrest.

Researchers using this material will find much valuable information on how the University coped with this tragedy and its aftermath.

Folder -- Contents

1 -- Address, by John A. Flower: June 1970

2 -- American Association of University Professors, 3 notices of special meetings: 5 May 1970, 22 May 1970, 5 June 1970

3 -- Correspondence, inter-departmental: from Robert I. White to Dean Harold Kitner of Board of Regents meeting: 13 May 1970

4 -- Correspondence, faculty: Lists of groups formed concerning the crisis on campus: 24 June 1970

5 -- Correspondence, letters sent to President White by people outside the University: 16 May 1970

6 -- Correspondence, students: letters sent to President White by students

7 -- Telegram, sent to Department of Justice: 27 June 1970

8 -- Faculty Senate -- Resolution passed by Faculty of Kent State condemning use of force, violence -- note declaring a retreat -- other resolutions debated by the Faculty Senate: 5 May 1970, 7 May 1970, 8 May 1970

9 -- Correspondence, between the faculty concerning the tragedy, and how to prevent more violence -- a press release about the Reader's Digest condensation of part of James Michener's book Kent State: Campus Under Fire

10 -- House Bills -- legislation introduced into General Assembly of State of Ohio after Kent tragedy

11 -- I.D. Cards -- memo regarding the reopening of Kent State and the use of I.D.'s.

12 -- Injunctions -- letter to all faculty and staff about dismissal of May 4th injunction -- letter to Dr.White about graduation exercises on 13 June

13 -- Letter to Summer School Student Body and Faculty from Summer School Student Contact Committee about policy making -- a 2 page memo on making channels available for peaceful dissent or redress of grievances

14 -- Statement to: Sub-Committee of the Ohio Select Legislation Committee on Campus Disorder from John A. Flower, Dean, College of Fine and Professional Arts, KSU, 15 July 1970

15 -- Letter to Thomas Lough from Harold Kitner: 11 November 1970 Adanek et al. vs. Brown et al., 12 November 1970

16 -- Letters to members of the university community from President White: 24 May 1971. Memo to members of the university community: 21 May 1971. Newspaper articles about campus unrest: 24 May 1971

17 -- Correspondence to President White from American Association of University Professors -- More correspondence about AAUP Committee: 22 June 1970

18 -- Newspaper clippings -- from newspapers all over the U.S. about May 4

19 -- Peace Marshalls -- information on marshalls who were used at demonstrations to prevent violence: 16 May 1970, 10 June 1970, 2 July 1970

20 -- Research Policy -- J.W. McGrath Dean of the Graduate School and Research, paper on nature of research at Kent and what kind it is: 16 June 1970

21 -- Resolution on Violence -- KSU Faculty Senate: 14 May 1970

22 -- School of Art Resolution -- memo to Harold Kitner from David Mohan on recent events: 13 May 1970. Letter from Kent School of Art: 11 May 1970

23 -- Scranton Commission Report on Campus Unrest: 27 September 1970. Telegram sent to various government officials and President Nixon on events at Kent: 14 May 1970

24 -- Ten page article written by a student at the Stark Regional Campus: 18 June 1970

25 -- Correspondence from the Kent State Students in Exile at Oberlin and Case Western Reserve: 13 May 1970, 21 May 1970, 26 May 1970

26 -- Student Medical Fund -- 2 page memo on fund set up for wounded students. Articles of Incorporation of Kent Students Medical Fund. Letter from William Stanton, Congress of the U.S.House of Representatives, concerning the Kent Student Medical Fund. Ephemera from Memorial Service for four students slain

27 -- Statements -- Talk to Faculty Senate by Martin K. Nurmi: 19 October 1970. Governor Rhodes Speech on Campus Disorders in Kent: 3 May 1970

28 -- Stature 1219 -- letter to Deans and Department Chairmen on House Bill 1219