How we help

  • provide facilities and equipment for your students to work on their multimedia projects!
  • offer technical assistance to your students working on projects in the studio!
  • create project specific web and print tutorials for your students!
  • consult with faculty concerning the most appropriate software to use for multimedia, web or video presentations!

Video project resources

File sharing options

  • KSU Drop Box
    Create a course-specific KSU Drop Box folder as a location for students to upload assignment files (documents, multimedia, etc.). Note: file sizes are limited to under 1gb.
    While KSU Drop Boxes can only be created by instructors, students can create free accounts on the commercial site.
  • Google Drive
    While Google Drive is integrated into Flashline it is not limited strictly to Kent State users. Anyone can sign up for a free Google account where they can create and store documents, spreadsheets and presentations, along with storing files online.

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