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Powerpoint with Multimedia

Adding Narration to a Powerpoint Presentation

  1. Open your completed Powerpoint presentation
  2. Choose Slide Show > Record Narration
  3. Choose Change Quality > Attributes > 11.025 kHz, 16 Bit, Mono > OK
  4. Click OK to start recording your narration beginning with the first slide
  5. Click the Mouse or press the Space Bar to advance to the next slide and continue recording narration on that slide
    • Note:  Allow a second or two after you finish talking on one slide before advancing to the next slide to avoid cutting off your voice on that slide
  6. When you've reached the last slide continue clicking until you get a window that asks if you want to save the slide timings.  Choose SAVE.

To re-record over a single slide (to correct a mistake)

  1. Select the slide that you want to re-record new narration over
  2. Choose Slide Show > Record Narration
    • Note:  The Quality settings should still be the same as the ones you chose in Step 3 above.  No need to do this again unless you're starting after closing Powerpoint.
  3. Click OK
  5. Record your voice then HIT THE ESCAPE KEY to stop recording on that slide. 
    • Note:  If you click the mouse or press the space bar, PPT will advance to the next slide and erase any narration you have on that slide
  6. Choose SAVE


Adding Music to your Powerpoint Presentation

To add music to a Powerpoint Presentation:

  • Select Insert > Movies and Sounds > Sound from File (assuming that you already have your music saved as a sound file)
  • Navigate to the location where you have your music saved, select the file and click OK
  • When asked "How do you want the sound to start in the slide show?" select Automatically
  • A Speaker Icon will appear on the slide.  Right click on the Speaker Icon and choose, Custom Animation
  • The Custom Animation window will open on the right and you will see the filename of the music file in the Modify Pane
    • Note:  If you already recorded narration using the "Record Narration" feature described above, the Narration Sound object will be directly above the Music File object.
  • Open the box next to "Start" and change "After Previous" to "With Previous"
    • Note:  This will enable the music to start playing WITH the PREVIOUS object, or the Narration.  If you leave the Start with "After Previous" then the music won't start playing until after the narration is completed but the slide will automatically change before the music starts.
  • Now, open the drop down menu for the Music Sound object in the Modify Pane by clicking on the triangle to the right of the object or right clicking the object and choose, Effect Options
  • Under Stop Playing, choose After and enter the number of slides you want the music to play with. 
    • For example:  If your PPT presentation has 10 slides and you insert the music on the first slide and want the music to play for the entire presentation, you would enter the number 10 for the number of slides that you want the music to continue playing.   If you only want the music to play during the 1st, 2nd and 3rd slide then you would enter 3. 
  • Select OK

The key thing to remember is to set sounds to play WITH PREVIOUS so they won't wait until after the Previous Animated object finishes "playing".



1.  Create a sound track mixing narration and music together using a sound editing/mixing program like Audacity, then insert the exported sound file into your completed PPT presentation as a single sound file.

  • Create and save an Audio Essay with voice, music and sound effects using Audacity.  You can save it as a .wav or .mp3.  Either will work. 
  • Insert the sound file onto the first slide of your PPT presentation, or onto the slide where you want the sound to start playing using Insert > Movies and Sounds > Sound from File.
  • Right click on the sound speaker icon then select "Custom Animation"
  • In the Custom Animation pane on the right, right click on the sound object and choose Effect Options from the drop down box. 
  • Choose the Stop Playing After option.  Enter the number of slides in your presentation.
  • Use Slide Show > Rehearse Timings to play your PPT presentation with the audio, advancing to the next slide based on the narration/music track you inserted into the presentation. 
  • All of the slide timings will automatically be saved when you finish and choose SAVE.

2.   Complete all the Slides in Powerpoint first then use Record Narration to add your voice to each slide and save the timings.  

  • Music and Sound effects can then be inserted onto individual slides using Insert > Movies and Sounds > Sound from File


If you want to have "bulleted" text appear one line at a time, or have multiple pictures and text appear one after another on a single slide YOU MUST USE CUSTOM ANIMATION > ADD EFFECTS.

DO NOT APPLY ANIMATION SCHEMES to a ppt essay before inserting audio files or recording narration.  Using Animation Schemes will prevent inserted or recorded sounds from playing back properly. 


It's important to know that when you insert audio files into a Powerpoint Presentation, that they will not be available unless they are properly LINKED to the presentation.  You can do this BEFORE YOU INSERT THEM into Powerpoint by placing the sound files inside the same folder where you saved your Powerpoint Presentation then saving the presentation and the sound files to a CD-R. 

Or, if the sound files weren't in the same folder as your presentation when you inserted them, you can make sure they are linked by using Powerpoint's PACKAGE FOR CD feature.  

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