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Web Page Construction Tutorials


Easy to use on-line website tool that allows you to password protect your pages and documents, share only with Kent State University students and faculty or share with anyone in the world.  The following "Tutorials" were created specifically for Kent State University Students who are using Google Sites and Docs because there are features available only to them that aren't available to the "public".

Google Site Basics This is a link to a Portable Document Format (PDF) file
This tutorial provides instruction for creating a Google Site in the Kent Google Domain.  It also provides tutorials to help you with some of the more common types of problems associated with Google Sites.

Comprehensive Googe Site Help
For more complete information and tutorials about Google Sites goto:

HELP!  My pages don't show up on the Sidebar and they aren't in the order I want them!!!!!

This Video Tutorial demonstrates how to add and move pages in the side bar among other things.

From Google "Help":  Adding and Changing the Order of Pages on the Navigation Sidebar


Uploading Websites to Kent's Personal Server

If you create a website using html or a program like Dreamweaver, you can upload it to Kent's Personal Server. 

Secure FTP is the only way to upload files to Kent's personal server.  You can use FileZilla to do this.

PDF Portfolios

Create a PDF portfolio This is a link to a Portable Document Format (PDF) file of "everything", all the documents, photographs, graphics, video, audio, etc. that you want people to view and package them into a single PDF document. Then upload the PDF Portfolio to your space on the Kent Personal Server (see instructions for uploading and viewing files to the Kent Personal Server at the bottom of this page) to share it with the world.

Microsoft Power Point on the Web

Convert a Powerpoint Presentation to a Flash Web Page This is a link to a Portable Document Format (PDF) file

General Powerpoint Tutorial with information about converting Powerpoint 2003 to a Web Site or just uploading it as a PPT presentation This is a link to a Portable Document Format (PDF) file

General instructions about Powerpoint from Microsoft at: 


Because of the complexity of this software, SMS staff will not be able to devote the extended time needed to teach students how to use this software from the ground up.   However there are many on-line tutorials and books that students can use to learn Dreamweaver.  Here are two:

Dreamweaver Developer Center - Check out the "Creating your first website in Dreamweaver" section first.

Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 Classroom in a Book:  This textbook can be purchased on-line from for about $40, academic pricing.

Trouble Shooting Web Problems

Basic trouble shooting for a web sites on Kent's Personal Server that aren't working

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