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*To search for student contact information, login to FlashLine and choose "My Campus" tab.

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MAC USERS NOTE:  As long as you're using a PC, all this will work but it won't work on a MAC.  If you want to upload files from a MAC, you have to use FETCH or a similar MAC program. 

FTP Logon to the Kent Personal Server:

NOTICE: The old instructions for using Internet Explorer Ver. 6 won't work for Internet Explorer Ver. 7.

To avoid confusion we've changed the instructions so they will work for everyone.

For example: If your kent email is, the Flashline user name you should enter would be: jdoe

  • Enter your Flashline password.
  • Click the Logon button.


  • If you are having trouble logging into the server, try changing the Address to just
  • If you can login now but can't see a folder in your IE browser window called public_html, then you have to create this folder.  Just right click inside the IE browser window, select "new folder", then name it public_html.   
  • Sometimes the above won't work.  Try logging into Flashline and changing your password.  If you haven't changed your password in the last year, you may not be able to login to the Kent Personal Server.
  • If all of the above fails, then Information Systems (the computer folks) haven't setup your webspace on the server and/or given you permission to access this space.  If you did the above and still couldn't login, then you will have to contact the IS Help Desk to have your webspace on the server created or permissions set up so you can access this space.
  • The IS Help Desk website and contact information is at or you can go to the IS Helpdesk on the first floor of the Library.  Do not go to the Student Multimedia Studio for help with this problem because they can't change permissions on the Personal Server.


You should be logged in and looking inside the "public_html" folder. If you've uploaded files or web pages to your personal server before, they will appear in the  window.  If not, you won't see any files.

You can upload files, like web pages or documents directly into the public_html folder your you can upload a folder that contains webpages or documents into the public_html folder. 

To upload files or folders to the Kent Personal Server, just copy and paste or drag and drop them from your computer to the open "My Computer" window.

Check it out on the Web

Now that you've moved your web pages or files to the server, you can view them on the web using Internet Explorer or any Web Browser.

If you uploaded a webpage or document file directly into the public_html folder on the server....

into the address bar in the browser.

(Note: The above link won't work since it's made up)

  • The "~" symbol is the "shifted" character just below the Esc key or just above the Tab key on your keyboard.
  • "yourusername" is, obviously, your user name for flashline
  • The "filename.extension" is the name of your file. 

The filename is CASE AND SPACE SENSITIVE so if you used any Capital letters or spaces in your filename, then you have to use them in the URL.

  • The "extension" is the extension for the file.  For example, a web page might have the extension: .htm or .html.  A powerpoint would have the extension: .ppt 
    And the "extension" is case sensitive too!!


If you uploaded a folder which contains your webpage or document files then... 

into the address bar in the browser

The name of the folder, like the filename, is also CASE AND SPACE SENSITIVE so if you used Capital Letters or Spaces in your folder name, then you have to use them in the folder name for the URL too.

Notice that now, after your user name, you have to include the name of the folder then the filename of the file or webpage you want to open.