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To save a Powerpoint 2003 Presentation to a CD-R so that all of your links work:


The Package for CD window will open.

    1. Type in a Name for your CD in the "Name for CD type-in box".
    2. Choose the OPTIONS button.
    3. Check all of the options you want.  All 3 options are recommended, especially Embedded True-Type Fonts if you used unusual fonts. 
    4. Click OK to close the OPTIONS window.

Now you can just click the COPY TO CD button.
(Make sure that you  have already inserted a blank CD-R into the computer's CD recorder)


If you want  to save your PPT presentation and with  all of the linked media and documents into a folder on your computer's hard drive or onto a USB Jump  Drive, choose the COPY  TO FOLDER button in the Package for CD window instead of the COPY TO CD button.

A Copy to Folder window will open

    1. You can leave the folder name to its default, “PresentationCD” or change it if you want.
    2. Click the Browse Button and browse to the location where you want to save your powerpoint presentation and copies of all the linked media and documents.  This could be your computer's hard drive or a USB Jump Drive.
    3. Click OK

Your Powerpoint presentation with “copies” of your linked media files and documents as well as an autorun file, powerpoint viewer and embedded fonts (if you chose these options) will be saved inside the folder named “PresentationCD” or whatever name you typed in during the step above.

The PPT presentation can be opened from inside the newly created folder or you can burn the CONTENTS of this folder to a CD.

NOTE…. Do not burn the “PresentationCD folder” itself to your CD.  Open the folder and burn the files INSIDE THE FOLDER to the CD if you want the CD to Autorun when it’s inserted.