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Duplication Policy

Special Collections and Archives

Duplication Policy


The Department of Special Collections and Archives provides duplication services for materials in its collections in accordance with United States Copyright law.

Some duplication requests may be subject to legal agreements made between the Department of Special Collections and an individual donor.

In most cases, Special Collections and Archives does not own the literary rights and copyright to items in its collections.

The Department of Special Collections and Archives reserves the right to refuse a request if it is determined by Department staff that the process of duplication would destroy or damage the material to be duplicated.

Due to staffing limitations, the Department of Special Collections and Archives reserves the right to limit the amount of copies made, for large duplication requests.

Images and other sources used with permission should be properly cited and credited. Credits should include this text: Kent State University Libraries. Special Collections and Archives.


The Department of Special Collections and Archives can provide black and white photocopies of material in its collections, subject to donor agreements and/or copyright restrictions. All photocopies are made by Department staff.

The charge for black and white photocopies is $0.15 per page. Color photocopies are $0.25 per page. 

Requests for large numbers of photocopies (over 50 pages) may involve a delay of a week or more to complete, due to staffing and time constraints.

Downloading and Scanning Images

Downloading from the Special Collections and Archives Web site: Users may download images from the Department's Web pages for personal research purposes.

Use in class presentations, publications, or other creative works (including Web sites) is prohibited without permission from Special Collections and Archives and relevant copyright holders, if applicable.

Scanning: Patrons using the department's public scanning station may scan images or material on site at no cost, subject to donor and/or copyright restrictions.

Individuals can request scanned images at a cost of $5.00 for each image. Provision of scans is subject to staff availability. Large requests (over 5 items) may involve a significant delay in delivery.

Audio-Visual Duplication

Transfer of analog audio tapes, video tapes, and films is available from an offsite vendor. Users will be charged at cost for this service, which varies according to the format and length of the recording or film.

Offsite Requests

All of the services described above are available to offsite users at the same charges stated above, plus a $10.00 service fee.   For patrons requesting duplications mailed to an address outside of the United States, the service fee is $20.00. Rush orders sent by overnight or special delivery are subject to additional charges for postal or shipping and handling costs.

Payment Information

Payment for all of the above services may be made by check or credit card only. Invoice for payment will be sent by the University Libraries Business Services office by email, or by mail if no email address is supplied.

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