Special Collections and Archives

Arthur J. Trory, Photograph Collection

Special Collections and Archives

Arthur J. Trory, Photograph Collection

Arthur J. Trory, Photograph Collection

Boxes 53-58: Cameras and Related Equipment

Box 53

Korena II, no. 123; manufactured by Gundlach-Manhatten Optical Co.; Regno lens by Hensak Optical Co., no. 155; dual lens 12 and 17 in.; 5X7 (6¾ X 4 7/8) film holders with cherry wood interior, black exterior; Black leather field case; Four film holders; One box Eastman Kodak The Stanley dry plate 4¼ and 6½ mint; Dark cloth of poor quality

Box 54

  1. No. 4 Screen Focus Kodak Model A; produced by Eastman Kodak under Patenets between 1890-1902 with red bellows; Bausch and Lomb Optical Co. Rectilinear lens in Kodak shutter; 4X5 field camera using roll film possibly has plate capability but adapt units absent; interesting feature is the construction in three basic units; no case
  2. Kodak Vest Pocket Camera in black leather case; manufactured between December 1917 and 1926; Autographic film #A-127 for 1 5/8 X 2 1/2 images; all metal camera of special importance to collectors; currently located in display case on the 11th floor
  3. Black Brownie-type box camera producing images approximately 4 1/8 x 2 3/4
  4. Eveready battery [discarded; replaced with photograph] and leather case dated February 1903; included in the case small reflecting mirrors and two light rods [?]

Box 55

  1. 5x7 black camera (possibly ebony wood interior, black bellows; Wollensak Velostigmat Series II, 7" f4.5 #22058 lens with cap; Regno Shutter by Wollensak Optical Co., bearing Patents of 1911/191?; Stallman Dresser brown leather trunk with initials C.C.S. on front; camera has floating spring back; 5 film holders with unique half circle locking device
  2. Wood tripod of lightweight design; nineteenth century
  3. Black metal tripod of light weight design

Box 56

Radion Enlarging Printer, No. 0; manufactured by H.C. White Co.; 4X5 enlarging camera with red bellows (bellows in poor condition); Gundlach lens; Enlarging guide for 5X7, 6½X8½, 8X10, 10X12; plus 4X5 added by photographer

Box 57

  1. Kodak Amateur Printer; Patent July 14, 1914; mounted on wood box with sideboard for work area (cracked); capability for making images 3¾X5 maximum and quite a variety of sizes both square and rectangular within these dimensions; illumination is 3 Mazda lamps
  2. Two-roller hand unit
  3. Contact printer for 5X7 images
  4. Contact printer for 4½X2 images

Box 58

  1. The Stanley Dry Plate by Eastman Kodak; 6 4¼X6½ exposed plates in original box
  2. #3 Eastman Film Sheath for 5X7 view plate holders (mint); 9 sheaths which permit use of glass plate holders for sheet film in original box
  3. Azo Semigloss Single Weight K, No. 3, 5X7 film box [empty]
  4. Azo Quick Printing Paper "can be developed by gas light;" manufactured by Eastman Kodak, successor to Phot Materials Co.; Hard Medium Grade F 5X&; to be used before 4/1/19 [April 1, 1919]; original box [empty]
  5. Eastman Portrait Films 5X7; to be developed before December 1922; original box [no film; blank glass plate]
  6. Cramer's Photo Dry Plates box [empty]; Crown Grade (for utmost sensitiveness for large portraits, groups and instantaneous work)
  7. Burke and James Manufacturer's Seconds film box [empty]; 500 sheets soft/glossy 4&3189;X5½
  8. 9 film holders:
    2 5X7
    4 4¾X5¾
    3 4X5
  9. Caywood automatic flash lamp in box
  10. Agfa DRP 230110 flash gun (phosphorus)
  11. Victor flash powder box [empty]
  12. 2 verichrome Kodak roll film cartridges for 5X7 images
  13. Glass plates:
    1 amber 7 7/8 X 5
    1 ground glass 5X7
    2 clear 3½X5½
  14. Agfa Isopan Ultra film spool [empty]
  15. Small wood bowl-shaped spoon, possibly for flash powder
  16. Miscellaneous envelopes from Trory's Drugstores and bookstore, plus Franklin phot developers
  17. Decorative lacquer box containing snakeskins (may date the period of photographic interest in snakes and/or time when large nest of snakes were extinguished of which 15 corpuses went to Cleveland)