Community Borrowers

Procedures for Community Borrowers

  • All patrons with borrowing privileges must present a valid photo ID (and mail with current legal street address if an address is not on the photo ID) when completing a Community Borrower application. 
  • A legal street address (not post office box), phone number, and email address are required fields to be completed on the Community Borrowers application.
  • Community Borrower privileges are valid for one year from the date of application and may be renewed upon payment of any outstanding library charges.
  • Community Borrowers are limited to a maximum total of 20 items at one time (this includes checked out items, requested items, and items being returned to OhioLINK/SearchOhio institutions). Of these 20 items, a maximum of five OhioLINK items may be either requested, returned, and/or checked out at one time. If the maximum number of items is reached, the borrower must return some items or have the OhioLINK/SearchOhio returns checked in at the lending institution before they can check out or request additional items.
  • Community Borrowers are limited to 6 renewals for Kent State University Books, Kent State University Musical Scores and College of Podiatric Medicine books.
  • For a complete list of loan periods, renewals, and library charges, please see the LOAN PERIODS, RENEWALS, AND LIBRARY CHARGES.
  • Changes in name, legal street address, telephone number, or email address must be reported, in person, to the circulation desk of any Kent State University library.  A valid photo ID (and mail with current address if an address is not on the photo ID) must be presented when changing any information.
  • Community Borrowers are subject to all policies governing the use of Kent State University Libraries and its collections. 

High School Community Members and Teachers


  • Community Borrower privileges exclude remote access to licensed electronic resources, including OhioLINK resources.  Visitors may use library materials within the library; some in-house resources may carry similar restrictions.
  • Kent State alumni can check out materials from the Libraries by registering as a Community Borrower. However, alumni do not have remote access to licensed electronic resources.
  • Community Borrowers may use Interlibrary Loan. Charges are $10 per filled request in addition to any charges assessed by the lending library.