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Special Collections and Archives


Special Collections and Archives


Borowitz Collection


The Borowitz Collection includes over 14,000 books, and while the main subject focus of this book collection is crime history and fact-based crime literature (or true crime literature), the collection has other special subject emphases as well. Listed here are some of the major subjects represented with links to a list of the titles for each subject. The books are cataloged in the Kent State University University Libraries' online catalog, KentLINK. Researchers are encouraged to search for topics of interest in KentLINK (at in addition to following the links below for selected highlights of the Borowitz book holdings.

True Crime

This category of books in the Borowitz Collection includes crime histories, case studies, and works of historical fiction based on actual criminal cases.

Jack the Ripper

The Borowitz Collection of true crime literature includes a large collection of items relating to the Whitechapel murders. This book collection is complemented by a collection of Ripper ephemera and other non-book materials.

Wild West Collection

Books on western outlaws and lawmen, notably Billy the Kid, Jesse James, the Dalton Gang, and Wyatt Earp.

Mystery and Detective Fiction

An extensive collection of works of mystery and detective fiction.

Sherlock Holmes and Arthur Conan Doyle

The Borowitz Collection includes an excellent collection of books by Arthur Conan Doyle.

Humor Collection

A smaller, but fine collection of literary humor.

Arthur Machen Collection

The Borowitz Collection includes a group of books by and about British author Arthur Machen in addition to a collection of correspondence between Machen and book collector Montgomery Evans.

Books by Albert Borowitz

Books and other publications written by Albert Borowitz who has written extensively on topics in true crime literature.

Books by Helen Osterman Borowitz

Books and other publications by Helen Osterman Borowitz who has written on French art and literature, true crime, and other topics.