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Newspaper Articles Relating to Criminal Cases

Special Collections and Archives

Newspaper Articles Relating to Criminal Cases

Borowitz Crime Ephemera: Newspaper Articles Relating to Criminal Cases, 1823-1921


Prepared for the Web by Cara Gilgenbach, April 13, 2005; Updated April 2014
2 flat oversize boxes, 3 cubic feet, 11th floor

Scope and Content

This collection contains newspaper articles and issue relating to various murder cases. Most of the articles are photocopies and are contemporaneous to the time of murders and trials.

NOTE TO RESEARCHERS: The inventory below is only a partial listing of the items in this collection. Additional materials will be added as they are processed. Check back for updates.

Box 1
Folder -- Contents

  1. Borden, Lizzie. "The Borden Trial. Prisoner's Testimony at the Inquest Excluded. Miss Borden Weeps With Joy at the Announcement. Matron Reagan Tells of the Sisters' Quarrel in Jail..." Boston Weekly Journa.l [Boston], June 16, 1893, incomplete issue. Note: Purchased for the Borowitz Collection.
  2. Manning Case. Daily News London, August-November, 1849, (photocopies).
  3. Manning Case. Morning Advertiser London, August-November, 1849, (photocopies).
  4. Manning Case. Morning Chronicle London, August-November, 1849, (photocopies).
  5. Manning Case. The Morning Post London, August-November, 1849, (photocopies).
  6. Manning Case. The Observer London, August-November, 1849, (photocopies).

Box 2
Folder -- Contents

  1. Thurtell/Hunt Case. The Englishman. December 7, 1823, (photocopy).
  2. Thurtell/Hunt Case. The Morning Chronicle London. October 1823-January 1824, (photocopies).
  3. Thurtell/Hunt Case. The Norwich Mercury. November 1823-January 1824, (photocopies).
  4. Thurtell/Hunt Case. The Observer London. October 1823-January 1824, (photocopies).
  5. Thurtell/Hunt Case. The Times London. October 1823-April 1824, (photocopies).
  6. Thurtell/Hunt Case. The Weekly Dispatch London. November 1823-February 1824, (photocopies).
  7. Thurtell/Hunt Case. Miscellaneous clippings, undated and unidentified, (photocopies).
  8. Tichborne Case. Miscellaneous clippings from The Daily Telegraph, The Daily News and other sources regarding the "Tichborne Claimant" case. This compilation was from the library of Edward Hailstone, whose crest is affixed to the upper, inner board of this bound volume, 1872. Note: Purchased for the Borowitz Collection from Meyer Boswell Books, Inc. in 2014.
  9. Sly-Fanner Case. "Detectives Watch Car, Take Three," Cleveland Plain Dealer. January 4, 1921, p. 1 plus miscellaneous unrelated pages.
  10. Whitla Kidnapping Case. "Helen Boyle's Fate is Held by Billy's Father," Cleveland Press. May 30, 1915, p. 1 plus remainder of first section of paper.