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Borowitz Crime-related Graphics collection

Finding Aid

Prepared by Cara Gilgenbach, December 2008. Revised by Edith Serkownek, April 2009.

Inclusive Dates: 1800-1999
Extent: 11 cubic feet (14 boxes = 13 flat boxes, 1 tube, 1 map case drawer)
Physical Location: 11th floor

Scope and Content: This collection consists of graphic materials related to true crime and crime themes in literature and the arts. Included are posters, prints, engravings, drawings, cartoons, and miscellaneous printed items.

Custodial History: This collection was donated to Kent State University by Albert and Helen Borowitz.

Accruals: Please note that additional materials are added to this collection on an intermittent basis.

Arrangement: The collection has been organized primarily by format as follows.

  1. Maps
  2. Periodical and Book Illustrations and Cartoons
  3. Prints, Drawings, and Paintings
  4. Posters
  5. Framed Images

Series 1: Maps

Series 2: Periodical and Book Illustrations and Cartoons

Series 3: Prints, Drawings, and Paintings

Box 1
Folder -- Contents


  1. Billy the Kid Country, Charlie Foor's Fort Sumner -- Souvenir map, 1988

  2. Chateau de Chillon [Switzerland] -- Tour map, undated

  3. Historical Souvenir Guide of Gangland Chicago -- Souvenir map, E. D. Map Co. [Includes sites of John Dillinger killing, St. Valentine's Day Massacre and Al Capone's grave.], 1991

  4. New Lots. Kings Co., [Brooklyn, NY] -- Map removed from atlas. [Map shows the site of the Pasach Rubenstein murder.] 18?? Reference, Blood and Ink, G.1

Periodical and Book Illustrations and Cartoons

  1. Illustrated London News. (1843) -- "Central Criminal Court, Old Bailey, McNaughten's Trial." -- [hand-colored print]. [Depicts a courtroom scene from the trial of Daniel McNaughten for the attempted murder of the British Prime Minister. This was one of the most famous criminal cases in the 19th century because it led to the formulation of the insanity rules--the so-called McNaughten Rules.]

  2. Illustrated London News. (June 12, 1847) -- "Reserved Crown Case, in the Excheuer Chamber." -- [hand-colored print]. [Shown in upper row, fourth from left is Chief Baron Pollock who presided over the Manning murder case.]

  3. Illustrated London News. (August 23, 1873) -- "Trial of the Tichborne Claimant; Dr. Kenealy Concluding his Address." [hand-colored print]. [Kenealy was counsel for the Tichborne Claimant.]

  4. Puck. v. 5, n. 121 (July 2, 1879), front cover -- cartoon image -- caption: "Under a Cloud. What can compensate this old man for the additional grief the 'Newspapers' and Detectives' Inside Theory' has made him suffer?" [Makes fun of the various theories people were espousing about the murder of Jane deForrest Hull.]

  5. Puck. v. 7, n. 160 (March 31, 1880), front cover -- cartoon image by F. Opper -- caption: "What Next? If it Goes on like This, will not the Gallows-Candidates Crowd Out the Professional Lecturers?" -- [Pokes fun of public's obsession with murder cases. Case of Laura Fair is noted. See verso for "Cartoons and Comments" which comments on gaining noteriety through murder.]

  6. Puck. (August 18, 1880), cartoon image -- caption: "Through Murder to Salvation."

  7. [Rice, William]. "William L. Rice, Blandin, Rice and Ginn, Attorneys at Law." [Characature illustration of Rice, appearing in a printed book featuring Ohio businessmen. This is a detached signature of the book containing pages 211, 212, 221, and 222.]. [Rice was murdered in August 1910.], undated.

  8. Vanity Fair. (June 10, 1871) -- "No. 136 -- Men of the Day, No. 25. -- Baronet or butcher." [colored print of the Tichborne Claimant.]

  9. Vanity Fair. (August 5, 1876) -- "Men of the Day. No. 133. Mr. James Manby Gully, M.D." -- [colored "Spy" {Leslie Ward} print of Dr. Gully, captioned "Hydropathy"; includes text of Men of the Day column]. [Gully was one of the suspects in the Bravo murder case of 1876. See Blood & Ink, J.5.]

  10. Vanity Fair. (September 29, 1877) -- "the Turf Frauds." -- [colored "Spy" {Leslie Ward} print of a man named Harry Benson who was responsible for the turf frauds.]

Prints, Drawings, and Paintings

  1. Ballantine, Serjeant [William J.] [portrait print]. [Defense attorney for Maria Manning.], 18??.

  2. Burke [William]. "Burke, the Murderer!! Drawn from life in the Lock-up House on the day before his execution by his own consent." [engraved print] 18??. Reference: Blood & Ink, See Index, Burke and Hare.

  3. [James, Jesse]. "Jesse James. But That Dirty Little Coward, That Shot Mr. Howard, Has Laid Poor Jesse in His Grave. American Folksong Eng. by John Held, Jr. with a Hi and Ho." [hand-colored print; appears to be a print from a book], 1936?

  4. [Prado trial]. [17 prints of sketches of primary figures involved in the Prado murder case. The prints are tipped into a blank red-bound volume]. [Louis Prado murdered courtesan Camille-Marie Aguetant on January 14, 1886. See Blood & Ink, B.39.] 18??.

  5. "Rogue Riderhood" [character from Our Mutual Friend by Charles Dickens]. [print, no date]. [Note: Albert Borowitz has noted the relevance of the community's effort to save villainous Riderhood to Dickens's opposition to capital punishment.]

  6. Rowlandson, [Thomas]. [hand-colored plate from Combe's Doctor Syntax's Three Tours showing a gentleman being attacked by highwaymen.], undated

  7. Sharp, William. "Trial of Alger Hiss." [print of courtroom drawing], 1949.

  8. Sharp, William. "Thomas E. Dewey and Lucky Luciano at Trial." [print of courtroom drawing], 1936.

  9. Sharp, William. "The Vera Stretz Trial." [print of courtroom drawing], 1936. [Stretz was referred to as "Laura Parr" in Quentin Reynold's book Courtroom: The Story of Samuel S. Leibowitz which covers the trial in chapter nine.]

  10. Tyler, Wat - "Wat Tyler Killed by Sir William Walworth, in the Presence of Richard II." [engraved print], 1802?

Series 4: Posters
Physical Location: Filed in the map case.

Folder -- Contents

  1. Balzac et le monde des coquins, de Vidocq à Vautrin -- Maison de Balzac, 47 rue Raynouard, Paris -- 23 octobre 1985 - 2 fevrier 1986

  2. Bernardo Cavallino of Naples, 1616-1665 -- The Cleveland Museum of Art, November 12 - December 30, 1984 [Exhibition poster shows a detail of the painting of the Biblical heroine/murderess Judith.]

  3. Billy the Kidd [facsimile poster] -- “Notice! To Thieves, Thugs, Fakirs And Bunko-Steerers…”; Recreated by the Morgan Press, Dobbs Ferry, New York, undated

  4. The Criminals Who Used to Hang Out on Cleveland's Streets Now Hang Around in Our Museum -- See Our Most Infamous Criminals, the Police Who Caught Them, and the Methods They Used -- The Cleveland Police Museum, The Justice Center, 1300 Ontario Street, 199?

  5. A Guide for Mail Bomb Security -- Prepared by the United States Postal Inspection Service, Poster 521/January 1987

  6. Museé des Collections Historiques de la Préfecture de Police -- 1 bis, rue des Carmes 75005 PARIS, 199?

  7. The Old Australian Convict Ship -- Now in Cleveland -- Raised from the Bottom of Sydney Harbor, Australia and Since Visited by Over Twenty-One Million People -- Jontzen Printing Co., 410 Lakeside Ave., Cleveland, O., undated

  8. Pinkerton's Boy Detectives -- Jesse James -- Just Commenced in the Frank Tousey's Boys Weekly: A Paper for American Youths -- For Sale Here, 189?

  9. The Resistable Rise of Arturo Ui by Bertold Brecht, 1968 [poster by R. Lindner]

  10. Scenes from the Cincinnati Riot -- March 1884 -- Published by Achert & Co., 119 W. 5th St., Cincinnati, 1884?

  11. The Southern Prisons of the U.S. Officers -- Sketched by Capt. Robert J. Fisher, 17 Rgt. Missouri Vol. Inf., 1865 [Includes images of the following: "Chandler's String Band"; "Camp Sorghum, Columbia, S.C."; "Drawing Wood, Asylum Camp"; "Camp Exchange, Charlotte, N.C."; "Hospital Camp Sorghum"; "Passing the Lines"; "Camp Oglethorpe, Macon, Ga."; "Jail & Workhouse, Charleston, S.C."; "Delivering the Mail"; "Sutler Tent, Asylum Camp"; "Jail Columbia, S.C."; "Asylum Camp, Columbia, S.C."]

  12. [The traitor Petlura sold the Ukraine to Polish magnates -- They burned and looted the Ukraine -- Death to Petlura and his followers, undated] [Translated by Herbert Hochhauser, Emeritus Director of Ethnic Heritage Programs, KSU. According to Hochhauser, this poster is the first (and possibly the only) evidence of anti-Petlura sentiment inside the Ukraine.]

  13. Wanted by the FBI -- National Firearms Act -- William Taylor Harris -- Emily Montague Harris -- National Firearms Act; Bank Robbery -- Patricia Campbell Hearst, Wanted Flyer 474 AA, April 10, 1975

  14. Wanted in 5 States -- John Dillinger -- Public Enemy Number One! -- The Attorney General of the U.S. has authorized a $20,000 Reward! for information leading to the arrest of John Dillinger, undated

  15. Westminster Hall & Burying Ground -- [Print portraying church, Edgar Allen Poe and Raven.], undated

  16. Why? [Sharon Tate] -- Frank Kay Distributors, Inc., 1971

Series 4: Posters
Physical Location: Rolled tube container

Box 2

  1. William Bolcom's McTeague -- Lyric Opera of Chicago, Pat Dypold/Munro Goodman, 1982

Series 5: Framed Images

Box 3

  1. The Weekly Chronicle -- April 9, 1837 issue; nine illustrations with captions from the James Greenacre case; Greenacre, the first famous Victorian murderer, killed and dismembered his mistress, Sarah Gale -- Newspaper, 15.25 X 20, Reference: Blood and Ink, F.22

  2. “Paul Pry” at the Strand Theatre -- Starring Edward Terry as Paul Pry; Sept., 14th, [187?] -- Playbill, 20 X 20

Series 5: Framed Images

Box 4

  1. [Funeral Procession of John Williams] -- “The Procession to Interment of John Williams the Wretched Suicide And supposed Murderer of the Marrs family in Ratcliff Highway and of Williamson in New Gravel Lane, Shadwell…”; Published Jan. 11, 1812 by C Thompson [See Thomas DeQuincey, Three Memorable Murders.] -- Print, 14.25 X 18, Reference: Blood and Ink, Fig. 7; D.21
  2. [“Packaged Death: Forerunners of the Tylenol Poisonings”] -- Cover art illustration by Guy Wolek for the ABA Journal, March 1983 issue that includes Albert Borowitz’s article re. Molyneux case (poisoning) -- Original cover art, 24 x 19, Reference: Blood and Ink, C.29
  3. “Jack Shepherd” [sic] (Sheppard) -- “…Drawn from the Life”; “An Exact Representation of the Holes Shepherd made in a Chimney and of the Locks Bolts & Doors he broke Open in making his wonderfull escape out of Newgate…”; Printed and Sold at The White Horse, Without Nugat[e], [1724] -- Print, 14.5 X 20.5, Reference: Blood and Ink, Fig. 4a/b; H.23

Series 5: Framed Images

Box 5

  1. [Dalton Brothers Gang] -- Questionable identification; back of frame [handwritten]: “Dalton Boys” -- Portrait, drawing, 15.5 X 19.5

  2. [Six Scenes of Death and Dying] -- By Gustave Roux (Swiss School); scenes of fait divers as follow [possibly produced for a magazine]: 1) two corpses recovered from a well; 2) a western man leaping from a bridge in Constantinople; 3) corpse found floating in river by three boys; 4) maid and two dead girls in bedroom; 5) dead women alongside bed; 6) woman discovering body of dead man in a bedroom --6 original graphite and brown wash drawings, 16 X 21 (the group); each drawing
    is roughly 5 X 7 or 5 X 8

Series 5: Framed Images

Box 6

  1. [Sardinian bandits] -- Painting -- undated -- 8 X 10.5

  2. “Mary C. Rogers…” -- “Mary C. Rogers. Known as the beautiful Cigar Girl. Murdered at Hoboken on Sunday July 25 1841. Aged 21 Years. Drawn by direction of Mr. J. Anderson her late Employer. No 2 Wall Street. 321 Broadway, NY. Lithographed & Published by H. Robinson. 32 Courtland St., NY…”; the original of Poe’s fictional Marie Roget -- Hand-colored print, 8.5 X 12.5 Reference: Blood and Ink, Fig. 11; P.16

  3. “A full, true and particular Account of the Trial of Thurtell & Hunt, For the Murder of Mr. Weare, at Hertford, in Oct. last.”-- W. Stephenson, Printer, Gateshead, circa 1824 -- Broadside, 9 X 14 Reference: Blood and Ink, See Index.

  4. “The Execution on this Day at Hertford, for the Murder of Mr. Weare” -- Account of the execution of John Thurtell; Charles Pigott, printer, [1824] -- Broadside, 9.5 X 9.5 Blood and Ink, See Index.

  5. Sawney Beane -- By Robert Cruikshank; original watercolor of the frontispiece illustration included in the published work: The Surprising life of Richard Turpin, a notorious which is added, The life of Sawney Beane, the man-eater. London: Printed and sold by Dean and Munday, [ca. 1835]; Beane is a forerunner of the Sweeney Todd character -- Watercolor, 5 X 6.75 Reference: Blood and Ink, N.4

Series 5: Framed Images

Box 7

  1. Captain McHeath -- London: Published by Redington. Print number 151 -- Hand-colored print, 6.5 X 8

  2. William Probert -- Handwritten under watercolor: “William Probert, 36 Years of Age, Original Drawing from life taken before his Execution [for stealing a mare] and Given to the Rev’d Mr. Cotton the Ordinary, Newgate Prison.” 1927 -- Watercolor, 6.5 X 9.25 Reference: Blood and Ink, B.29; frontis.

  3. Thomas Simmons -- Printed captions: “From a correct likeness, Drawn from life by Mr. Angelo.”; “The horrid and inhuman Murderer of Mrs. Hummerstone and Mrs. Warner at the house of Mr. Boreham a Quaker at Hoddesdon in Hertfordshire, on Tuesday Evening, October the 20, 1807.”; “Etched and Publ. by T. Rowlandson, Nov. 9, 1807.” -- Hand-colored print, 5.75 X 8.5

  4. “The Life, Trials, and Execution of John Thurtell…” -- “…Executed at Hertford, on Friday, Jan. 9th, 1824, for the Murder of Mr. Weare.”; includes 8 woodcut illustrations, “The Life of John Thurtell”; “Account of the Murder”; “Mrs. Probert’s Statement”; London: Printed and sold by J. Catnatch -- Broadside, 14.25 X 19.25 Reference: Blood and Ink, See index

Series 5: Framed Images

Box 8

  1. Margaret Ramsay (character) -- From Scott’s The Fortunes of Nigel -- Hand-colored illustration, 4 X 5.5

  2. Jeanie Deans (character) -- From Scott’s Heart of Midlothian -- Hand-colored illustration, 4 X 5.5 Reference: Blood and Ink, S.13

  3. “Trial of Goo[d]…” -- “…For the Murder of Jane Jones, at Putney; Printed by E. Lloyd”; includes large wood-cut illustration depicting “Daniel Good, as he appeared in the Cell previous to his Trial” -- Broadside, 9.5 X 14.5

  4. May. Williams. Bishop. -- “Drawn from the life by Mr. Minasi, as they appeared at their last examination at Bow Street before Mr. Minshull on Friday, Nov. 25th, 1831 for the alledged Murder of the Wandering Italian Boy Charles Ferrier”; Published by S. Gans -- Print, 12 X 15.5 Reference: Blood and Ink, S.35

  5. Inspector E. Denning -- Illustration from Vanity Fair, August 16, 1884; Caption: “Parliamentary police”; on verso of frame is the column in Vanity Fair—“Men of the Day—No. CCIX. Police Inspector E. Denning.”; Tichborne claimant case; Denning escorted Arthur Orton to Newgate Prison -- Color illustration, 8 X 13 Reference: Blood and Ink, A.26

Series 5: Framed Images

Box 9

  1. “The Beecher Scandal!” [Henry Ward Beecher] -- “Sung by Dick Brown” -- Broadside poem, 4.25 X 9.5

  2. "Dick Turpin's Last Ride on his Bonnie Black Bess" -- "Woven in silk by Thomas Stevens, Inventor and Manufacturer, Coventry and London. (Registered)" On verso of frame is an advertisement for "Stevengraph Pure Silk Woven Pictures" with an illustration of the Stevengraph factory. -- Silk woven picture, 6.25 X 9.25, Reference: Blood and Ink, A.3, I.3 & P.20

  3. [Dick Turpin on Black Bess; ride to York] -- Painted by William Heath, who sometimes worked under the name of “Paul Pry” -- Watercolor painting, 7.5 X 9.25, Reference: Blood and Ink, A.3

Series 5: Framed Images

Box 10

  1. “Admonition and Gratitude” -- Exchange of two characters depicted includes a reference to Burn’s Justice, page 22; [The justice of the peace, and parish office by Richard Burn, 1709-1785] -- Hand-colored print, 9.5 X 13.5

  2. “Libby Prison War Museum…” -- “...Removed from Richmond, Virginia, to Chicago in 1889, Compliments of A. F. Schwab, Dealer in Stoves, Hardware, & C., 694 Michigan Street, Buffalo, N.Y.”; infamous confederate prison from which there was a great escape by Union prisoners -- Color print, 16 X 21.5

  3. Simon Lord Lovat -- “Drawn from the Life and Etch’s in Aquafortis by Willm Hogarth. Published…August 25th, 1746; Last person executed in the Tower of London -- Print, 9.5 X 14.5 Reference: Blood and Ink, R.26

Series 5: Framed Images

Box 11

  1. John Wilkes Booth cover illustration -- April 29, 1865 issue -- Harper’s Weekly, 10.5 X 14.5, Reference: Blood and Ink, H.11

  2. “Flight of Booth and Harold [ie Herold]” -- Color illustration, 5.5 X 8.5, Reference: Blood and Ink, H.11

  3. Younger Brothers Gang -- Typed captions (unknown who added these): “John Younger, Killed in a gunfight with L. J. Lull on March 17, 1874; James Younger; Robert Younger; Cole Younger; unknown; unknown; The Younger brothers were cousins to Jesse and Frank James, and along with  Bob and Charlie Ford rode with the notorious Jess James Gang.” -- Photograph, 7.5 X 9

  4. J. L. Toole caricature -- J. L. Toole was a friend of Sir Henry Irving and played Paul Pry -- Print, 8.5 X 11.5

Series 5: Framed Images

Box 12

  1. Maria Manning -- “From a Daguerreotype taken by Mr. Laroche during the Investigation at the Southwark Police Court Sept. 6th, 1849. Published by Mr. Laroche at the Photographic Rooms, 65, Oxford Street, London.” -- Print, 9.25 X 10.5 Reference: Blood and Ink, Fig. 12; See index

  2. “Execution of the Mannings” -- Illustrated; includes account of the execution followed by a ballad to the tune of “Lord Exmouth” -- Broadside, 7.125 X 8.75 Reference: Blood and Ink, See index

  3. Mary Anne Clarke -- “Drawn from the life Etched and Published by Adam Buck, 19 Frith Street, Soho”; handwritten note at bottom: “Mary Clarke was mistress of the Duke of York & was tried for having taken bribes to obtain advancement for officers through the Duke." -- Hand-colored print, 8.25 X 10.5 Reference: Blood and Ink, W.36

  4. Sir Robert Peel -- Print & autograph envelope, 5.5 X 12 (the pair)

Series 5: Framed Images

Box 13

  1. John Bellingham -- “Drawn & etc. by Dennes Dighton”; “John Bellingham, Taken at the Sessions House, Old Bailey, May 15, 1812”; only successful murderer of an English Prime Minister -- Hand-colored print, 8 X 11.5, Reference: Blood and Ink, F.22
  2. William Wakefield -- “Mr. William Wakefield, Sketched in the Court of Kings Bench upon being brought up by Habeus Corpus from Lancaster Castle [for the abduction of Miss Turner].” London: published by Thos McLean, 1826 -- Hand-colored print, 8 X 11.75, Reference: Blood and Ink, F.22

Series 5: Framed Images

Box 14

  1. Marie Wainwright as Amy Robsart -- Amy Robsart; fact-based play; “Thursday evening, October 1, 1891, Marie Wainwright (Assisted by Henry Miller) in the Romantic Historical Drama Amy Robsart. Under the direction of Julian Magnus”; Based on Kenilworth by Sir Walter Scott -- Photograph & playbill, 8.75 X 10.25 (the group), Reference: Blood and Ink, S.14

  2. Floradora -- Connected to the Murder in the Hansom Cab case -- Playbill, 4.75 X 7.5

  3. “The Inspector” -- Police play based on Will R. Wilson’s famous story of police life in New York; 3 pieces framed together: 1) section of playbill; 2) photo of actor; 3) another section of playbill -- Playbill and photograph, 7 X 14.5 (the group), Reference: Blood and Ink, Introduction

  4. Theatrical Prints (2) -- “Sparkle” prints embellished with water-coulour paints, silk, gold and silver ink and metal studs. 1) Caspar character (assistant forester who has made a pact with the devil or “The Black Huntsman”); 2) “Mr. Edwin as Rudolph” [ie Rudolf]Characters from Weber operas of Der Freischutz (The Freeshooter) (Caspar) and Euryanthe (Rudolf); [no date, but 19th-century] -- Hand-colored and embellished prints, 3.75 X 4.75 (each)

  5. [Edward Vaughan Kenealy] -- Reproduction of an illustration from Vanity Fair, Nov. 1, 1873. Caption reads: “The Claimant’s Counsel”; Tichborne Claimant case -- Color illustration, 4 X 6, Reference: Blood and Ink, A.26

Series 5: Framed Images (Unboxed)

  1. “The Tichborne Trial as Told to our Grandchildren.” -- A fold-out including 16 panels with illustrations in silhouette, along with printed captions, in verse, about the scene shown. Published by H. G. Clarke; framed; in pocket on back of frame is the illustrated wrapper into which the folded sheet can be inserted -- Pamphlet, 10.5 X 34 (unfolded) Reference: Blood and Ink, A.26

  2. Imaginary prison by Piranesi -- Paris edition, 1800; framed [See attached offering of Paris edition of Piranesi print of Rome views.] -- Print, 16.75 X 22.5

  3. [Spring vs. Langan] -- “To the Admirers of British Courage, This Representation of the Great Contest between Spring & Langan, upon Worcester Race Course Jan. 7th, 1824 for the Championship of England, Is Respectfully Dedicated by Their Obliged Servants James Clements & John Pitman”; Drawn & etched by Clements & Pitman; Aquatinted by J. Gleadah; Connected to the Thurtell-Hunt Case [Thurtell inquired as to the outcome of this fight before his hanging.] -- Hand-colored print, 18 X 24, Reference: Blood and Ink, See index

  4. [Moulin Rouge (movie)] -- Sketch of a couple at a bar, made for the 1952 production of Moulin Rouge, signed by Set Director [Marcel] Vertès -- Watercolor over litho drawing, 33.5 x 27.5