KSU ETD Contacts

For help with submissions to the OhioLINK ETD Center:

KSU Library Contacts (please do not contact OhioLINK):

  • Cindy Kristof, ckristof@kent.edu, 330-672-1641

For information about format, deadlines, and procedures:

  • Ambassador Crawford College of Business and Entrepreneurship: Dr. Jennifer Wiggins-Lyndall, 330-672-1259, jwiggin2@kent.edu; Dr. Cathy Dubois, 330-672-1103, cdubois@kent.edu
  • College of Aeronautics and Engineering: Dr. Isaac R. Nettey, 330-672-9476, inettey@kent.edu
  • College of Architecture and Environmental Design: Dr. Reid Coffman, 216-337-5934, rcoffma4@kent.edu
  • College of the Arts: Ben Stenson, 330-672-2780, bstenson@kent.edu
  • College of Arts and Sciences: Michelle Etling, 330-672-2540, metling1@kent.edu
  • College of Communication and Information: Miriam Matteson, 330-672-2464, mmattes1@kent.edu 
  • College of Education, Health and Human Services: Anna (Luci) Wymer, 330-672-0552, awymer@kent.edu
  • College of Nursing: Terri Adams, 330-672-8761, tadams27@kent.edu
  • College of Public Health: Karen Baker, 330-672-2845, kbaker80@kent.edu
  • Honors Papers: Marsha Kraus, 330-672-8060, mkraus1@kent.edu