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On-Line Application For Undergraduate Student Worker

Although this form has few required fields, the more information you provide to us (particularly class schedule, previous experience, computer skills, and preferred hours) the better your chance of being contacted by us.

Note: Application fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required for your application's submission. If any of these fields are not completed, you will see a screen informing you that the application has not been sufficiently filled out - you will need to hit your browser's Back button to return to the application and complete the required fields.

Work Application - Undergraduate Students


 Last Name:
  First Name:
  Middle Name:
Local Address:
  Local City:
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 Local Telephone:
Home Address:
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Federal Work Study Awarded:
Your Email Address:

Position Desired:

Reserves   Circulation   Mailroom   Shelving
Offices   3rd Shift Security   Comm Office      
Periodicals   Copyright   Bindery      
Copy Repair   Interlibrary Loan   Systems      

Are you requesting to work at one of the branch libraries?


Class Schedule:



Weekday:   Class Schedule:   Available to Work:


 Number of credit hours this semester:         Major:
 Anticipated year of graduation:       GPA:


Work Experience (both ON and OFF campus):

Job #1:

From/To:   Name of Company:
Position:   Brief Description:

Job #2:

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Position:   Brief Description:

Job #3:

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May we contact a former/current supervisor? 

Supervisor's name:    Phone Number: 



 Do you type?      Accurately?  
 Do you have customer service experience?  
 Do you prefer clerical work?  
 Do you prefer working with the public?  
 Do you have graphics software experience?  
 If so, what software?  

Have you participated in a community service activity during the past year? 
If yes, give the name of the activity/organization:

Do you have experience in any of the following?


 Copier repair  
 Copier operation  
 Monetary accountability  
 Computer repair/install/maintain  


Contact Person Below In Case Of Emergency: