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Paul Keane papers

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Paul Keane papers

Paul Keane papers

May 4 Collection - Boxes 186-187

Finding Aid

Prepared by Elizabeth Williams, October, 2002; Updated July 31, 2006; Updated April 2017

Inclusive Dates: 1969-1973
Extent: 2 record storage boxes, 2 cubic feet
Physical Location: 12th floor

Biographical Note: During his years at Kent State (1969-1973) Paul Keane was a graduate student, residence hall assistant, and instructor at the Center for Peaceful Change. Keane was very active on campus and in the community. He was co-leader of the national petition for a Federal Grand Jury regarding the events of May 4, 1970. He also organized Pop's Snow Squad, a town and gown collaboration that shoveled four blocks of sidewalk every time it snowed so that Pop Fischer, a school crossing guard, could walk to work without injury. The group received national coverage on the CBS Evening News.

Scope and Content: The collection consists of a series of Keane's personal papers that include articles written by Keane, often under the pseudonym Broderick Euclid, and about him in the Daily Kent Stater. The petition series contains copies of the signatures gathered as well as newspaper articles about the progression of the petition from Kent State's campus to the White House. The Center for Peaceful Change series includes proposals for the program, papers written by Keane's students, and correspondence. The 1972 Democratic National Convention series is mostly comprised of newspaper sections and clippings that Keane collected at the Convention while on assignment for the Center for Peaceful Change. The Religious and Community Leaders series is also material that was collected during his time spent at the Convention regarding the organization of a peaceful demonstration. The Pop's Snow Squad series consists of newspaper articles as well as the transcript from the CBS Evening News coverage. Also included in the series is correspondence between the club and local establishments along with correspondence from viewers that occurred following the national coverage.

Related Materials: Yale University holds additional papers of Keane in the Kent State collection (MS 804). Additional information on the Center for Peaceful Change may be found in the May 4 Collection, Boxes 48-48A.

Restrictions on Access: Some information included in this collection is restricted due to the presence of information protected by privacy laws. This information has been redacted where present on documents in the collection. Un-redacted originals, in all cases, have been retained by Special Collections and Archives. Additionally, the donor has restricted access to diaries included in this collection.

Arrangement: The collection has been organized into the following series:

  • Series 1: Paul Keane (biographical information and personal papers)
  • Series 2: KSU Petition for a Federal Grand Jury
  • Series 3: May 4
  • Series 4: Center for Peaceful Change
  • Series 5: 1972 Democratic National Convention
  • Series 6: Religious and Community Leaders Concerned
  • Series 7: Pop's Snow Squad
  • Series 8: Other Papers

May 4 Collection - Box 186
Folder -- Contents

Series 1: Papers relating to Paul Keane

  1. Correspondence with Bill Gordon and KSU Archives
  2. Daily Kent Stater articles by and about Paul Keane
  3. Personal papers, correspondence
  4. Poems, found among Keane's papers
  5. Diaries
    Restrictions on Access: Diaries may not be accessed without donor's written permission.

Series 2: KSU Petition for Federal Grand Jury

  1. Mailing List of Colleges for National Petition Drive
  2. Miscellaneous Papers
  3. Newspaper Articles
  4. Petition #1-99
  5. Petition #100-199
  6. Petition #200-299
  7. Petition #300-399
  8. Petition #400-483
  9. Petition to the White House-Congressional Record; August 18,1972
  10. Petition to the White House-articles and documents resulting from petition drive
  11. Petition to the White House-Ten Months of Deceit; August 9, 1972
  12. Tabulations of petition drive

Series 3: May 4

  1. Articles pertaining to annual protests, ROTC protests, movement for peaceful change,etc.
  2. Correspondence to/from James Michener [photocopies], January 5, 1971; January 11, 1971; December 13, 1971
  3. Leaflets, handouts, literature collected at rallies; April-May 1972
  4. Questionnaire concerning attitude assessment of May 4th incidents
  5. Report of Kent State Grand Jury (Mock Report)
  6. The American Report, November 12, 1971, Special Supplement re:Kent State and Campus Unrest
  7. Transcript of Keane-Rambo interview, WKSU-FM taped Jan. 20, 1972; aired Feb. 20, 1972

Series 4: Center for Peaceful Change

  1. Anatomy of Peaceful Change Class--book reviews
  2. Anatomy of Peaceful Change Class--class roster, fall 1972
  3. Anatomy of Peaceful Change Class--course readings and outline
  4. Anatomy of Peaceful Change Class--papers and essays of students
  5. Correspondence and articles re: Granville-Jacskon sculpture
  6. Correspondence re: Hyde Park
  7. Correspondence (Miscellaneous)
  8. Minutes
  9. Miscellaneous Papers (grant proposals, courses, etc.)
  10. Proposal for May 4th Resource Center
  11. Program Proposals and Purposes

Series 5: 1972 Democratic National Convention

  1. Memos and Notes
  2. Miami Herald Newspaper, July 7, 1972 Special Section
  3. Miami Herald Newspaper, July 9, 1972 Special Section
  4. Miscellaneous materials collected at Convention
  5. Newspaper Articles #1
  6. Newspaper Articles #2
  7. Newspaper Articles #3

May 4 Collection - Box 187
Folder -- Contents

Series 6: Papers relating to Religious and Community Leaders Concerned

  1. Correspondence
  2. Guidelines for observing demonstrations (Miami Beach, Florida 1972)
  3. Miscellaneous materials
  4. News articles

Series 7: Pop's Snow Squad

  1. Correspondence and fan mail resulting from CBS Kuralt special
  2. Correspondence, campus
  3. Correspondence, miscellaneous
  4. Correspondence, re: snow equipment
  5. Mailing list
  6. News articles
  7. Newsletters and limousine poster
  8. Publicity
  9. Receipts

Series 7: Other Papers

  1. Correspondence-King Alfonso's Unity with Humanity for All (Humanitarian Organization)
  2. Honors and experimental programs-programs, procedures, miscellaneous papers
  3. "New College"--proposals for new educational experiences focusing on human development
  4. The A.M. Summer 1972 (Kent State newspaper)