Kent State Shootings: Selected Websites

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Kent State Shootings: Selected Websites

Special Collections and Archives

Kent State Shootings: Selected Websites

May 4 Annotated Bibliography

Selected May 4 Web Sites

Alan Canfora

Alan Canfora was one of the students who was wounded May 4, 1970. He is an activist who continues to give lectures and is still involved with May 4. His well designed web page includes a section "about Alan," as well as recommended books and his book project, commemorations, a guest book, excerpts from the FBI report, a chronology, photographs, links, a page on the victims, and his speaking engagements. Anyone interested in May 4, 1970 will find the site helpful. The announcements section is updated often and he can be contacted through his web site. is a link to another web site's coverage of the 30th anniversary of May 4, 1970

Includes a story "Kent State forever linked with Vietnam War era," real audio clips of John Darnell, Bob Carpenter, and Paul Tople, three photographers and newsmen who were there, and a chat trascript with John Filo, who took the famous photograph of Mary Vecchio screaming over Jeffret Miller's body. Also includes a message board. is a link to another web site

FBI Files on the Kent State Shootings

The FBI investigated the shootings at Kent State. From their investigation a report was created, available online in PDF format. is a link to another web site

Four Dead in Ohio (William Gordon)

Author William A. Gordon's website in support of his book Four Dead In Ohio: Was There a Conspiracy at Kent State? (The book was originally published as The Fourth of May: Killings and Coverups at Kent State.) Gordon is a 1973 graduate of Kent State. Presents Gordon's argument of what really happened, along with a list of other questions he answers in his book, review blurbs and ordering information. The site also includes an annotated bibliography on the Kent State shootings. is a link to another web site

Infography about the Kent State University Riot of May 4, 1970

Sources recommended by a professor emeritus whose research specialty is the student protest and deaths at Kent State. is a link to another web site

May 4 Archive of J. Gregory Payne, PhD

This multimedia site, created by Dr. J. Gregory Payne, Associate Professor of Organizational & Political Communication at Emerson College, includes Payne's book MAYDAY: Kent State, historical research related to the Kent State shootings, an annotated bibliography, and links to important sites and primary sources related to the topic. is a link to another web site

May 4 Center

As noted in its mission statement, The Kent May 4 Center is a non-profit "established in 1989 as an attempt to address national off-campus educational goals in support of the students of the May 4 Task Force." Alan Canfora serves voluntarily as director of the center. Especially notable sections of the site which students will benefit from are the quotations page, which includes a selection of quotes regarding the historical significance of May 4, 1970, the Vietnam section, which includes statistics and background from Vietnam Veterans Against the War, the FAQ, in which Canfora answers student questions, and the section on Nixon, which includes the text of his April 30, 1970 speech. is a link to another web site

May 4th Task Force

This student organization coordinates the annual commemoration of the Kent State shootings. The organization also educates the public about the shootings. "Since 1975 it has been the purpose of the M4TF to raise the level of awareness of students, faculty and the general public about the May 1970 shootings and the history of subsequent related events."

Mike and Kendra's May 4th Web Site

This web site was created by Mike and Kendra, two former Kent State students who were involved in the May 4 Task Force and May 4 Center. They dedicated the site "to those of the May 4 family who have sought for almost 30 years to preserve the truth and whose motto has been and always will be, The Truth Demands Justice!" The site contains a wealth of information and pictures. It includes chronologies of Kent State and Jackson State, a look at the memorial and parking lot markers, photographs from many annual commemorations, an annotated bibliography, a tribute to Arthur Krause (father of Allison Krause) and William Kunsler, a public forum, links, and a section on Tent City.
http://www.may41970.comThis is a link to another web site

Vietnam War Era Ephemera Collection. University of Washington Libraries. Digital Collections.

This database contains digitized images of leaflets and newspapers that were distributed on the University of Washington campus during the decades of the 1960s and 1970s. They reflect the social environment and political activities of the youth movement in Seattle during that period. This site includes some materials directly related to the Kent State shootings and provides resources for placing the student protest movement at Kent within a larger, national context. is a link to another web site