Streaming Videos on Course Reserves

We have many video streaming services to accomodate instructors.

Streaming Video Requests

All streaming videos will be monitored on our Electronic Reserves site, Ares.  Please place a request for streaming content for your course here.  We will research the requested streaming videos and let you know the best option for your class.

Keep in mind that:

  • Many films are not available for the Libraries to stream.
  • Streaming is available for Course Reserves only and must be required viewing for the entire class
  • Setting up streaming agreements with vendors can be time-consuming. Please plan ahead, it can take weeks/months to license these materials.  

Kanopy Streaming videos

Please click here for more information on Kanopy videos, as well as recent changes to the service.

Other Streaming Video Options

Please click here to view our libguide with suggested sources to find content.