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Reserve Requests

Reserve Requests

Reserve Requests

Reserve Request System

Ares Course Reserve Logon

Instructors can only use the Ares system to submit Print and/or Electronic Reserve requests if their current/future courses are listed within it (or if utilizing a base course). Please submit a ticket online to have your current or upcoming course updated.

  • Faculty are strongly encouraged to submit reserve requests through Ares
  • Contact the Reserve Services department so your current and upcoming courses can be added
  • To ensure availability of books needed for course reserves, please submit requests early in the event books need to be recalled, missing or purchased
  • Submit electronic reserve requests with complete bibliographic information
  • Reserve Services cannot copy or scan materials that will not be used in Ares
  • At least 2-3 weeks is required for materials that need to be streamed

Instructors and course proxies can request items to be added to a course in Ares.  Material can be uploaded or requested.

  • Instructors must notify Reserve Services department to add their current/upcoming courses 
  • Login to  Ares and select the course which you want to add materials
  • Under Instructor Course Tools, located in the left-hand side, click on Add Reserve Items
  • Select the reserve item type, and fill out the form. Please make note of * which indicates a required field
  • If you will be uploading a file, once you click on Submit Item, it will take you to the next screen where you can choose a file to upload and then another Submit Item box.

The status listed on the reserve item depends on how the item will be supplied.  When the request is completed and available to students, the status will be either Item Available on Electronic Reserve/Item Available at Reserve Desk.


  • Copyright guidelines permit 20% of a work to be copied from a book and placed on electronic reserves
  • Some license agreements with electronic resources will not permit a pdf on electronic reserve.  If available, we will link to it directly. 
  • Reserve Services does apply Fair Use analysis

Permission for Faculty Use of Student Materials for Reserve (PDF Form Only)

According to Kent State University Policy, students own the copyright to works created as part of their coursework.  Faculty using student-created materials for electronic or print Reserve for more than one semester must have this waiver form completed and signed by both student and faculty.  Signed waivers will be kept on file in the Reserve Services office.  One form per student is required; however, multiple works by one student may be listed on one form.