Reserve Forms

Reserve Forms

Reserve Forms

Reserve Request System

Ares Course Reserve Logon 

Instructors can only use the Ares system to submit Print and/or Electronic Reserve requests  if their current/future courses are listed within it

Faculty can use EITHER Ares OR the individual forms below, NOT both.  If both are used, it will cause duplicate requests and slow the reserves process.


Reserve Request Individual Forms (Online and PDF)

All forms are also available in the Reserve Services office. 

  • Course INFORMATION Form 
    This form collects required information about the course including course instructor(s), course name and number, cross-listings, and student enrollment.
  • Course LIST Form 
    This form is used for listing physical print materials (library and/or personal copies of books, DVDs, etc.). Do not include journal articles or book chapters on this form (use the Copyright Request Form, below). 
  • COPYRIGHT Request Forms
    These forms are used for placing journal articles, book chapters, lecture notes, sample exams, etc on electronic reserves. One form must be completed per item. Detailed bibliographic  information is needed to request copyright permissions from publishers.  Reserve Services exercises the right to refuse to accept a request if in its judgment it would violate copyright law. 

Permission for Faculty Use of Student Materials for Reserve (PDF Form Only)

According to Kent State University Policy, students own the copyright to works created as part of their coursework.  Faculty using student-created materials for electronic or print Reserve for more than one semester must have this waiver form completed and signed by both student and faculty.  Signed waivers will be kept on file in the Reserve Services office.  One form per student is required; however, multiple works by one student may be listed on one form.