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Helpful tips

Helpful tips

Helpful tips

If you looked for a book and can't find it on the shelf, and it says it's "Available":

  • Did you check the SORTING RANGE?

The sorting range is an area of shelves for books that are waiting to be reshelved. These are books that, for example, may have recently been returned to the library, or taken from the shelf and used elsewhere in the library. Sorting ranges are at the beginning of floors 7, 8, and 9. Books in the sorting ranges are grouped by the letter line of the call number, and sometimes by the whole number line as well - books in the sorting range are not in exact order. The shelves in the sorting range are labeled with the letter line (and sometimes whole number) of the call numbers.

Please ask at your library about the location of the sorting range(s). At the Kent Campus Main Library, sorting ranges are located at the beginning of floors 7, 8, and 9.

  • Did you check the book's LOCATION?

Make sure you are looking in the same location displayed for the item in the KentLINK catalog. For example, if you are at the Kent Campus Main Library, make sure the item's location in the KentLINK catalog is "MAIN 7th floor" (for example) and not a regional campus library (i.e. STARK or TUSC) or a Kent Campus branch library (i.e. ARCH or PERFORMING ARTS).

If the item is located somewhere else, you may request to have it sent to your location (or another location) by clicking the request button above the item's record in the KentLINK catalog.

  • Is the item's status "AVAILABLE"?

In the KentLINK catalog, a status of "AVAILABLE" means that the item is not checked out and that it should be 'available' for borrowing. Other statuses may indicate that an item is not (or not likely to be) on shelf - for example:

KentLINK Status Meaning

DUE mm-dd-yy

The item is currently checked out and due on the date given.


The item has been loaned to another institution and is due on the date given.


The item was returned to the library within the last 48 hours. Check the sorting range on that floor, and/or ask about the item at the Circulation Desk.


The item is "on hold" and ready to be picked up by another patron.


The item is on its way from one location to another, either to fulfill a request, or to return to its 'home' location.


The item has requests by another patron pending. (If it has not yet been retrieved for the request, it may be on shelf.)


The item was not returned to the library, and a replacement charge has been paid.


The item has not been checked out, has been searched for, and could not be located; its present location is unknown.


The status of this item is unknown; it may not have circulated in recent memory.

(This is NOT a complete list of statuses displayed in the KentLINK catalog. Please ask library staff for help with other item statuses.)