Community Borrowers

Community members 16 years of age or older may become Community Borrowers free of charge by requesting borrowing privileges at the Circulation desk of any Kent State University library location.

Procedures for Community Borrowers

  • All patrons with borrowing privileges must present a valid photo ID (and mail with current address if an address is not on the photo ID) when completing a Community Borrowers application.
  • Community Borrower privileges are valid for one year from the date of application and may be renewed upon payment of any outstanding library charges.
  • Community Borrowers are limited to a maximum total of 20 items at one time (this includes checked out items, requested items, and items being returned to OhioLINK/SearchOhio institutions). Of these 20 items, a maximum of five OhioLINK items may be either requested, returned, and/or checked out at one time. If the maximum number of items is reached, the borrower must return some items or have the OhioLINK/SearchOhio returns checked in at the lending institution before they can check out or request additional items.
  • Community Borrowers are limited to 6 renewals for Kent State University Books, Kent State University Musical Scores and College of Podiatric Medicine books.
  • For a complete list of loan periods, renewals, and library charges, please see the LOAN PERIODS, RENEWALS, AND LIBRARY CHARGES.
  • Changes in name, address, telephone number, or email address must be reported, in person, to the circulation desk of any Kent State University library.  A valid photo ID (and mail with current address if an address is not on the photo ID) must be presented when changing any information.
  • Community Borrowers are subject to all policies governing the use of Kent State University Libraries and its collections. 


  • Community Borrower privileges exclude remote access to licensed electronic resources, including OhioLINK resources.  Visitors may use library materials within the library; some in-house resources may carry similar restrictions.
  • Kent State alumni can check out materials from the Libraries by registering as a Community Borrower. However, alumni do not have remote access to licensed electronic resources.
  • Community Borrowers may use Interlibrary Loan. Charges are $10 per filled request in addition to any charges assessed by the lending library. 
  • Please note that Library overnight hours, from 11 p.m. - 7:30 a.m., Sunday - Friday morning, during the fall and spring semesters, are restricted to current Kent State University students, faculty, and staff and current students, faculty, and staff from other OhioLINK institutions. 
  • For high school students under the age of 16, or without a valid photo ID, high school teachers/librarians have two other options.