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Statistics and Qualitative Software Support Service

What is statistical and qualitative software?

  • Every corner of KSU employs software tools to examine patterns and unearth meaning
  • Statistical software helps researchers summarize raw data and test hypotheses and develop models
  • Qualitative software assists researchers in organizing and presenting their analyses
  • Tools necessary for collaboration and interdisciplinary venture

Why is such software housed in University Libraries? 

  • Provides a synergy with the Libraries’ existing research and data resources
  • Supports undergraduate and graduate student learning and research
  • Contributes to the growing research agenda within the University
  • Articulates with the University’s academic goals

What does the Libraries' Service Provide? 

  • Centralized access for select, licensed statistical and qualitative software packages
  • Individual consultation for the selection and use of the appropriate package for a given project
  • On-demand seminars tailored to the needs of a specific class or small group
  • Online documentation and tutorials for use of specific packages

Taking stock of the services offered

Guiding Principles for the Service

1. Ensuring excellence in teaching and research through access to analytic software tools.

2. Serving a diverse KSU community of stakeholders.

3. Supporting learning in the classroom and through distance technologies in the KSU community with analytical software while recognizing the constraints of licensing agreements.

4. Promoting the ethical and legal use of statistical and qualitative software at KSU.

5. Periodically reviewing university-licensed software to address the need for a suite of university-licensed tools that serve both the social and physical sciences while balancing budgetary constraints.

Ethical and legal issues

  • Kent State University has negotiated site licenses for several statistical and qualitative software packages which we are bound to uphold.
  • Some license agreements permit student use of the software only in computer labs; others permit the use of the software on home and office computers.
  • Careful attention must be paid to the licenses for each software package to ensure compliance.
  • Although software falls under Copyright law, software is not covered by "fair use" clauses. Software cannot legally be shared, duplicated, or installed on more than the licensed number of computers even if used for educational purposes.

Education Campaign

Appropriate Use Guidelines

What is unlicensed software?

May I make a back-up copy of the software?

How many copies of the software may I make?

I want to use the software to teach a class or work on a research paper with a graduate student of mine; may I make copies for educational purposes?

Who can use statistical and qualitative software?

What are the legal ramifications of using unlicensed software?

Management Changes

Annual Software Renewal Policy