Statistical Consulting

Statistical Consulting

Statistical Consulting at University Libraries provides free one-on-one consulting services to all KSU faculty, staff, and student researchers. Members from any discipline and any campus are welcome!

About Us

We help clients at any stage of the research process learn how to use statistical and qualitative software. We can help you select the software that's best suited for your needs, and show you how to get the most out of it. If you're in the planning phase of your research, we can help you design a statistically sound experiment or study. If you're in the analysis stage, we can help you interpret the results of statistical tests and graphs, and advise how to present your results.

We currently offer support for the software packages SAS, SPSS, JMP, NVivo, Qualtrics, and R.

Online Tutorials

Our illustrated, step-by-step tutorials for SAS and SPSS are intended for new and semi-experienced users of those programs. If you've never used statistical software before or need a reminder about a certain procedure, this is a good place to start.

Our Qualtrics tutorials are geared towards researchers who need to get up and running with Qualtrics.

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Statistical Consulting


Kristin Yeager


By appointment only


Room 812, University Library
Phone: 330-672-8548

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