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What is statistical and qualitative software?

Faculty and students in every corner of Kent State University employ analytical software tools to examine patterns and unearth meaning. Universal access to statistical and qualitative software by faculty and students is vital for our mission of Excellence in Teaching and Research here at Kent State University.

Statistical software helps researchers summarize raw data and test hypotheses and develop models. Researchers in a few fields (e.g., physics) write their own programs. Most researchers, however, use commercial software packages (such as Matlab, SPSS or SAS) to analyze their data. In fact, research journals in some disciplines expect researchers to use established software packages.

Qualitative software assists researchers in organizing and presenting their analyses. Use of qualitative software such as NVivo has increased across many disciplines and publications.

Analytical software provides KSU academics, researchers, and students with the tools necessary for collaboration and interdisciplinary venture. Finally, analytical software is used not only in faculty research, but also in teaching across many disciplines at Kent State. Part of our mission as an institution is to provide and teach the tools of academic inquiry to our students. .