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Vincent Dowling papers

Special Collections and Archives

Vincent Dowling papers

Vincent Dowling papers

Finding Aid

Prepared by Gregory F. Gatto, June 17, 1998; Updated by Thomas Scheuerman, 1999; Revised 2013; Last Updated: May 2020

Inclusive Dates: 1976-2003
Extent: 9 cubic feet (9 record storage boxes)
Physical Location: 11th floor

Biographical Note: Vincent Dowling played over 100 major roles in his 45-year professional career, most of them in the Abbey Theatre in Dublin, Ireland. He also appeared in New York, London, the Edinborough Festival, Paris, Florence, Chicago, Kansas City, Cleveland, and Boston.

He was born in Ireland and attended St. Mary's College and Brendan Smith Academy of Acting. He became a naturalized U.S. citizen, married Olwen O'Herlihy (daughter of actor Dan O'Herlihy), and became father to four daughters and a son, and grandfather to three girls and three boys.

Dowling was the Founding and Artistic Director of the Miniature Theater of Chester, and was a Lifetime Associate Artistic Director of the Abbey Theatre. He led the Abbey Theatre on its first visit to the Soviet Union and as Producing Director of North America, on its first national tour of America in 35 years. For nine years as Artistic and Producing Director of the Great Lakes Shakespeare Festival in Cleveland, Ohio, and Producing Director of the Pacific Conservatory of Performing Arts in California, he directed more than a score of classical and new works.

He also directed the classics throughout Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales. His American credits included leading resident theatres, among them Trinity Square, Indiana Repertory Theatre, Meadow Brook and Missouri Repertory Theatre. He held the Cockefaire Chair of Continuing Studies at the University of Missouri, an honor shared by John Houseman, Alan Schneider, and Adrian Hall.

Dowling appeared throughout the country as performer, lecturer, and radio and television broadcaster. As a writer, his works include an acting version of Chekhov's The Cherry Orchard, an adaptation of Aristophanes' Lysistrata, the 1979 GLSF production Do Me A Favourite!, and a Miniature Theatre of Chester production Upstart Crow, a play about Shakespeare's daughter Susanna and Richard Burbage.

As an actor, he performed a one-man show commissioned by the Festival in 1980, My Lady Luck. The performance ultimately toured Florida and New York City. In 1981, Dowling performed excerpts of the show at the White House for President Reagan, and in January, 1982, he was invited to return to perform before the bipartisan leadership of Congress.

He authored and performed one-man shows such as Wilde About Oscar, Another Actor at the White House, A Life in the Day of an Abbey Actor, and 4 P's at various U.S. venues, including the White House on three State occasions. He also won an "Emmy" for his PBS production of The Playboy of the Western World by J. M. Synge.

Dowling received Doctor of Fine Arts Honorary Degrees from John Carroll University and the College of Wooster in Ohio, Westfield State University of Massachussetts, and Kent State University. He died, at the age of 83, on May 10, 2013.

Scope and Content: The Vincent Dowling Papers were first given to the Department of Special Collections and Archives at Kent State University in 1997 by Vincent Dowling, director, producer, actor, and playwright. The collection consists of various materials from the Great Lakes Shakespeare Festival dating back to Dowling's first year with the Festival in 1976, and contains his scripts, production notes, and other related materials while he was Producing Director at the Festival.

Also included are video recordings of interviews with Dowling and sound recordings of plays performed at the Festival. In addition, the collection includes recognition awards and proclamations of congratulations presented to Dowling and the Great Lakes Shakespeare Festival during its 1976 to 1984 seasons.

The collection is a valuable resource to scholars interested in research on Ohio theatre, as well as Shakespearian theatre.

Related Material: Researchers are advised that complementary collections to the Vincent Dowling Papers, are the Arthur Lithgow papers and the Great Lakes Theater Festival records. There is also a group of Vincent Dowling papers housed at John Carroll University's Grasselli Library.

Accruals: Vincent Dowling donated additional materials to the collection in recent years that will be added to this finding aid in the future. Please consult Special Collections and Archives staff for more information.

Statement of Arrangment: The collection is divided into seven series and arranged in alphabetical order by title. The first series includes the scripts and production notes used by Mr. Dowling as Producing Director with the Festival. The second series includes sound recordings of many of the plays produced at the Festival. The third incorporates the recognition awards and proclamations of congratulations presented to Vincent Dowling and the Great Lakes Shakespeare Festival. The fourth series contains interviews and related video recordings with Vincent Dowling. The fifth series includes papers from other theater companies with which Mr. Dowling has been associated. The sixth series contains documents from various schools, agencies, and professional organizations as well as miscellaneous correspondence.

  • Series 1: Plays produced and directed by Vincent Dowling - scripts, production notes, and related materials.
  • Series 2: Sound recordings of plays produced and directed by Vincent Dowling.
  • Series 3: Recognition awards and proclamations of congratulations presented to Vincent Dowling and the Great Lakes Shakespeare Festival.
  • Series 4: Interviews and related video recordings with Vincent Dowling.
  • Series 5: Papers and related materials from additional theatre companies with which Vincent Dowling has been associated
  • Series 6: Vincent Dowling Biographical Information
  • Series 7: Miscellaneous papers and correspondence, including professional organizations, schools,etc.

Series 1: Scripts, Production Notes, and Related Materials

Box 1

  1. The Adventures of the Black Girl in Her Search for God, by George Bernard Shaw
  2. The Best of Friends, by Hugh Whitemore, 1991
  3. Blanco, production book (1st half)
  4. Blanco, production book (2nd half)
  5. Burbage in Stratford, by Arthur Lithgow
  6. By the Shores of Berkshire Mountains, by Barrie Greenbie, 1994
  7. Cock-A-Doodle-Doo! by Barrie Greenbie, 1994
  8. Dawnings, by Douglas Michilinda, 1991
  9. Dear Liar, by George Bernard Shaw, 1976 production
  10. The Death and Life of the Poet, by Arthur Lithgow, 1993 (includes a letter to Vincent Dowling)
  11. The Genius, by Mitch Giannunzio, 1993
  12. The Gin Game,by D.L. Coburn, 1994 production
  13. Hollywood Canteen, by Ron Wilson
  14. Juno and the Paycock, costume renderings, Sean O'Casey
  15. King John, 1978 production (stage management script and blueprints)
  16. King Lear, 1989 production
  17. Last Tag, by Mitch Giannunzio, 1990
  18. Liberty Hall, by Tom Shelton & Mitch Giannunzio
  19. The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby, by Charles Dickens, 1983 production (part one - scene breakdowns and production notes, and program included)
  20. The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby, by Charles Dickens, 1983 production (part two - scene breakdowns and production notes)
  21. The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby, by Charles Dickens, 1983 production (part three - scene breakdowns and production notes)
  22. The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby, by Charles Dickens, 1983 production (part four - scene breakdowns and production notes)
  23. The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby, by Charles Dickens, 1983 production (part one, act one)
  24. The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby, by Charles Dickens, 1983 production (part one, act two)
  25. The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby, by Charles Dickens, 1983 production (part two)

Box 2: Scripts, Production Notes, and Related Materials (cont.)
Folder -- Contents

  1. Mr. Dooley's America, A dramatization by Philip Dunne and Martin Blaine, copyright, 1976
  2. Mr. Dooley's America, various productions, reviews, and accolades
  3. My Lady Luck, by James A. Brown, based on the works of Robert Service, written especially for Vincent Dowling; various proposals, productions, and reviews
  4. My Lady Luck-articles about Robert Service
  5. My Lady Luck-as performed in New York: February, 1981
  6. My Lady Luck-correspondence: Buffalo, New York 1984
  7. My Lady Luck-Letter of Agreement
  8. My Lady Luck-news stories
  9. My Lady Luck-pamphlets
  10. My Lady Luck-miscellaneous
  11. Narnia, Premiere performance, produced by Vincent Dowling
  12. Playboy of the Western World, Production book, directed by Vincent Dowling, 1982
  13. Playboy of the Western World, Costume renderings, 1982
  14. Screaming for Trains, by Mitchell Ganem (includes program and a postcard to Vincent Dowling), 1993
  15. A Smaller Place, by Mitch Giannunzio
  16. Tempest, Vincent Dowling's first production as director at the Great Lakes Shakespeare Festival, 1976
  17. Titus Andronicus, Playnotes, 1980
  18. Wilde About Oscar, One man show written and performed by Vincent Dowling

Series 2: Sound recordings

Box 3
Folder -- Contents

  1. Blanco, Act I, tape 1 of 2
  2. Blanco, Act II, tape 2 of 2
  3. The Cherry Orchard, Tape 1 of 5
  4. The Cherry Orchard, Tape 2 of 5
  5. The Cherry Orchard, Tape 3 of 5
  6. The Cherry Orchard, Tape 4 of 5
  7. The Cherry Orchard, Tape 5 of 5
  8. A Child's Christmas in Wales, Tape 1 of 2
  9. A Child's Christmas in Wales, Tape 2 of 2
  10. Dear Liar, Tape 1 of 5
  11. Dear Liar, Tape 2 of 5
  12. Dear Liar, Tape 3 of 5
  13. Dear Liar, Tape 4 of 5
  14. Dear Liar, Tape 5 of 5
  15. The Glass Menagerie, Tape 1 of 3
  16. The Glass Menagerie, Tape 2 of 3
  17. The Glass Menagerie, Tape 3 of 3
  18. Hamlet, Tape 1 of 6
  19. Hamlet, Tape 2 of 6
  20. Hamlet, Tape 3 of 6
  21. Hamlet, Tape 4 of 6
  22. Hamlet, Tape 5 of 6
  23. Hamlet, Tape 6 of 6

Box 4: Sound recordings (cont.)
Folder -- Contents

  1. Husbands, Tape 1 of 2
  2. Husbands, Tape 2 of 2
  3. Juno, Tape 1 of 2
  4. Juno, Tape 2 of 2
  5. King John, Tape 1 of 3
  6. King John, Tape 2 of 3
  7. King John, Tape 3 of 3
  8. King Lear, Tape 1 of 4
  9. King Lear, Tape 2 of 4
  10. King Lear, Tape 3 of 4
  11. King Lear, Tape 4 of 4
  12. Much Ado About Nothing, Tape 1 of 5
  13. Much Ado About Nothing, Tape 2 of 5
  14. Much Ado About Nothing, Tape 3 of 5
  15. Much Ado About Nothing, Tape 4 of 5
  16. Much Ado About Nothing, Tape 5 of 5
  17. My Lady Luck, Tape 1 of 5
  18. My Lady Luck, Tape 2 of 5
  19. My Lady Luck, Tape 3 of 5
  20. My Lady Luck, Tape 4 of 5
  21. My Lady Luck, Tape 5 of 5
  22. Nicholas Nickleby, Tape 1 of 2
  23. Nicholas Nickleby, Tape 2 of 2
  24. Oscar, Tape 1 of 1

Box 5: Sound recordings (cont.) & recognition folder
Folder -- Contents

  1. Playboy of the Western World, Tape 1 of 2
  2. Playboy of the Western World, Tape 2 of 2
  3. Othello, Tape 1 of 2
  4. Othello, Tape 2 of 2
  5. Polly, Tape 1 of 1
  6. The Tempest, Tape 1 of 5
  7. The Tempest, Tape 2 of 5
  8. The Tempest, Tape 3 of 5
  9. The Tempest, Tape 4 of 5
  10. The Tempest, Tape 5 of 5
  11. Titus Andronicus, Tape 1 of 2
  12. Titus Andronicus, Tape 2 of 2
  13. W. S. Music, Tape 1 of 1
  14. PIAF, Tape 1 of 1

Series 3

  1. Recognition awards and proclamations of congratulations presented to Vincent Dowling and the Great Lakes Shakespeare Festival

Series 4: Video recordings

Box 6
Folder -- Contents

  1. AM Cleveland "Vincent Dowling" & Cleveland Challenge: Buildings Special "Vincent Dowling Poem," 1983
  2. Channel 3 Interview, 1983
  3. City Club Forum, Mr. Dooley Discusses the Topics of the Day with Vincent Dowling, 58.5 minutes
  4. The Count of Monte Cristo - Long Day's Journey into Night
  5. Entertainment and the Stars,original footage; May 15,1997
  6. The Garden Party - Vincent Dowling
  7. Kamm's Corner - Vincent Dowling
  8. Massachusetts Center for Renaissance Studies Open House and Dedication - Oct. 30 & 31, 1998
  9. Neil Jordan Tribute: American Ireland Fund Performing Arts Award 1995
  10. North of Ireland: An Artist's Perspective, Hosted by Vincent Dowling, with guest John Hume, 30 minutes
  11. Ohio Fanfare
  12. On the Town - Highlights
  13. On the Town - In NYC, 20 minutes
  14. Sarasota Book Fair Nov. 1998: Vincent Dowling on Wilde About Oscar
  15. Schrade/Vincent School Show
  16. St. Patrick's Day at McSorley's
  17. St. Patrick's Day in New York, 1983
  18. St. Patrick's Day in New York, Jack McCarthy, Vincent Dowling, 1988
  19. Tom Hanks: Celebrity Profile
  20. Vincent Dowling EP.#11,12 ... Hollywood Stars
  21. Vincent Dowling on PM Magazine
  22. Western Reserve Academy

Series 5: Papers, etc., from additional theatre companies

Box 7
Folder -- Contents

  1. Abbey Theatre-Address by Artistic Director: January 20, 1988
  2. Abbey Theatre-Abbey Press Release: March 19, 1987
  3. Abbey Theatre-The Abbey Theatre Report
  4. Abbey Theatre-Development Programme, Corporate Donors
  5. Abbey Theatre-Grant-in-Aid
  6. Abbey Theatre-James Adam and Sons, value of paintings
  7. Abbey Theatre-List of Productions 1981-84 (legal sized)
  8. Abbey Theatre-Miscellaneous
  9. Abbey Theatre-A National Theatre
  10. Abbey Theatre-The National Theatre Society Limited
  11. Abbey Theatre-News Articles
  12. Abbey Theatre-photographs
  13. Abbey Theatre - Policy for Dramatic Art in Ireland
  14. Abbey Theatre-possible programs Abbey and Peacock Theatres through 12/31/88
  15. Abbey Theatre-Programme: 1988
  16. Abbey Theatre-Programme: 1989
  17. Abbey Theatre-Programme of Plays
  18. Abbey Theatre-Programs
  19. Abbey Theatre-Related Correspondence
  20. Abbey Theatre-Revised Budget for The Playboy of the Western World
  21. Abbey Theatre-Schedule
  22. Abbey Theatre-Structure of the Resident Company
  23. Abbey Theatre-Study Abroad at the Abbey Theatre School of Drama
  24. Abbey Theatre-Television Rights
  25. Abbey Theatre-Tour
  26. Abbey Theatre-Tour, Board Report
  27. Abbey Theatre-Tour, correspondence: 1988
  28. Abbey Theatre-Tour, correspondence: 1989
  29. Abbey Theatre-Tour, correspondence: 1990
  30. Abbey Theatre - Tour, correspondence: undated
  31. Abbey Theatre-Tour, budget: 1989
  32. Abbey Theatre-Tour, revised budget: 1990
  33. Abbey Theatre-Tour, itineraries, travel plans
  34. Abbey Theatre of Dublin, Yeats Festival sponsered by Coca Cola, and related materials
  35. Coventry Theatre (London, England), Cinderella production, script, and related materials
  36. Dublin Theatres and possible co-producers
  37. The Irish American Heritage Center-Mrs. Dooley's America: 10/12/1990
  38. Irish Theatre Workshop of Boston
  39. Kansas City Shakespeare in the Park
  40. Miniature Theatre of Chester, 1990
  41. Miniature Theatre of Chester, 1991
  42. Miniature Theatre of Chester, 1992
  43. Miniature Theatre of Chester, 1993
  44. Miniature Theatre of Chester, 1994
  45. Miniature Theatre of Chester, '94 season plays and production notes
  46. Miniature Theatre of Chester, 1995
  47. Miniature Theatre of Chester, 1996
  48. Miniature Theatre of Chester, 1997
  49. Miniature Theatre of Chester Financial Papers/Budgets 1995,'96,'97
  50. Miniature Theatre of Chester, 1998
  51. Miniature Theatre of Chester, Retreat/1998-99
  52. Miniature Theatre of Chester, Artistic Director applications 1
  53. Miniature Theatre of Chester, Artistic Director applications 2
  54. Miniature Theatre of Chester's new director: Peter Bennett
  55. Miniature Theatre of Chester, endorsements
  56. Miniature Theatre of Chester, miscellaneous
  57. Miniature Theatre of Chester, The Belle of Amherst, starring Kim Hunter, pamphlets
  58. Miniature Theatre of Chester, play reader reports
  59. PCPA Theaterfest-21st Summer Season: 1985
  60. PCPA Theaterfest-Allan Hancock College Faculty Handbook: 1985-86
  61. PCPA Theaterfest-Application
  62. PCPA Theaterfest-"Behind the Scenes"
  63. PCPA Theaterfest-Consultancy on PCPA/Solvang Theaterfest Operations
  64. PCPA Theaterfest-correspondence, Dowling's resignation and budget debacle

Box 7A: Papers, etc., from additional theatre companies (cont.)
Folder -- Contents

  1. PCPA Theaterfest-Initial press release
  2. PCPA Theaterfest-miscellaneous
  3. PCPA Theaterfest-News articles
  4. PCPA Theaterfest-Operating Budget: 10/1/85-9/30/86
  5. PCPA Theaterfest-past budgets
  6. PCPA Theaterfest-Plain Dealer articles on Dowling's PCPA resignation
  7. PCPA Theaterfest-Share the Spotlight: 1985-1986 Winter Season
  8. PCPA Theaterfest-Stationary
  9. PCPA Theaterfest-Theaterfest Backstage: Winter 1986
  10. PCPA Theaterfest-Milwaukee Repertory Theater-Prolouge: April, 1989
  11. PCPA Theaterfest-Variety article "PCPA Unveils Summer Sked, Music Acad Collaboration
  12. Shakespeare's Globe: plays, papers, correspondence 1
  13. Shakespeare's Globe: plays, papers, correspondence 2
  14. Shakespeare's Globe: articles, ads, brochures, etc.
  15. Solvang Theaterfest; financial statement, auditor's report 1984-85
  16. Theatrefest Retreat 1985

Series 6: Vincent Dowling Biographical Information

Box 8
Folder -- Contents

  1. American College Theatre Festival-Artist in Residence: about Vincent Dowling
  2. Dowling's Writings-articles and poems (letter sized)
  3. Dowling's Writings-articles and poems (legal sized)
  4. Dowling's Writings-His Philosophy of Theatre
  5. Flat at 31 Crosthwaite Park West, correspondence (legal sized)
  6. Funny Peculiar! a play by Vincent Dowling/Mr. Dooley
  7. Photographs of Dowling
  8. References for Vincent Dowling
  9. Synopsis of Dowling's Career
  10. Vincent Dowling Bio
  11. Vincent Dowling Caricature
  12. Vincent Dowling: Showman and Dreamer, Maker of Romantic Miracles

Series 7: Miscellaneous correspondence/documents from schools, professional groups, etc.

  1. Miscellaneous: Actors/actresses, photos/resumes
  2. Miscellaneous: Mary Andreyco, correspondence/photos/reviews
  3. Miscellaneous: Anniversaries 1887-8-9
  4. Miscellaneous: The Apple Orchard, script and program
  5. Miscellaneous: Architectural article reprint
  6. Miscellaneous: Ashland College-Action: Summer of '82
  7. Miscellaneous: An Audience with Pope John XXIII, reviews and promotional material
  8. Miscellaneous: Broadway Alliance Agreement Plan, correspondence
  9. Miscellaneous: Jason Buzas, correspondence
  10. Miscellaneous: Carroll Alumni Journal: September-October 1984
  11. Miscellaneous: Christmas Around the World on Chester Hill, 12/11/90; program, reading from Gift of the Magi, by O. Henry
  12. Miscellaneous: Fiona Clarke, correspondence/photos
  13. Miscellaneous: The Cleveland Arts Prize: 1961-1983
  14. Miscellaneous: The Cleveland Orchestra-children's key concert
  15. Miscellaneous: Connecticut General Assembly Wild Geese Annual Award, 1987
  16. Miscellaneous: Co-operation Ireland Newsletter/ Desmond Wilson correspondance
  17. Miscellaneous: Copyright information and booklet on European tax codes for creative artists (in English and French)
  18. Miscellaneous: Cuyahoga Community College-Award of Appreciation
  19. Miscellaneous: Dooley Days, correspondance and clippings
  20. Miscellaneous: Michael Druxman, correspondence
  21. Miscellaneous: Eire Society of Boston
  22. Miscellaneous: Mark Finley, correspondence, review Thoreau Tonight
  23. Miscellaneous: Firedrake, Inc., actors company; correspondence,etc.
  24. Miscellaneous: For Art's Sake, script by Annegret Wroblewski
  25. Miscellaneous: William Garland, correspondence
  26. Miscellaneous: Great Lakes Shakespeare Festival 1984 production budget
  27. Miscellaneous: Great Lakes Shakespeare Festival-"Child's Christmas in Wales"
  28. Miscellaneous: Great Lakes Shakespeare Festival-News Articles
  29. Miscellaneous: Great Lakes Shakespeare Festival-Nicholas Nickleby
  30. Miscellaneous: Great Lakes Shakespeare Festival-Performance Warm-up exercises from Robert Neff McWilliams
  31. Miscellaneous: Great Lakes Shakespeare Association; personnel manual, 1981
  32. Miscellaneous: Great Lakes Shakespeare Festival-A Short Account of Interesting and Innovative Steps 1976-83
  33. Miscellaneous: Greater Springfield Convention and Visitors Bureau Annual Report 1994 - 1995
  34. Miscellaneous: Greater Springfield Convention and Visitors Bureau plans and events
  35. Miscellaneous: Joanne Hamlin, correspondence/photos/reviews
  36. Miscellaneous: Tom Hanks, correspondence
  37. Miscellaneous: Hilltown/Greater Springfield business and promotional materials
  38. Miscellaneous: Hilltown Community Developement Committee: papers, brochures,etc.
  39. Miscellaneous: Hilltown Youth-Artist Program
  40. Miscellaneous: How Far Home, reviews and letters about book by Kitty Dowling
  41. Miscellaneous: International Platform Convention Programs, 1991-'92
  42. Miscellaneous: Jacob's Ladder Business Association: business papers
  43. Miscellaneous: Jacob's Ladder Business Association: correspondance
  44. Miscellaneous: Jacob's Ladder Business Association: miscellaneous
  45. Miscellaneous: Katsina,by Carol DuVall; script and related materials
  46. Miscellaneous: The Lake County News-Herald, TGIF, Lake County's Entertainment Guide
  47. Miscellaneous: The Leading Illustrated Guide to Contemporary Achievement-Men of Achievement
  48. Miscellaneous: Lepanto-Performed at Blossom with the Cleveland Orchestra
  49. Miscellaneous: Loyola University of Chicago
  50. Miscellaneous: Massachusetts Advocates for Arts, Sciences, and Humanities 1
  51. Miscellaneous: Massachusetts Advocates for Arts, Sciences, and Humanitites 2
  52. Miscellaneous: Massachussetts travel and tourism materials
  53. Miscellaneous: Douglas Michilinda, correspondence
  54. Miscellaneous: The Midnight Court, screenplay by Brian Merryman
  55. Miscellaneous: Minutes of the Meeting of the National Theatre Conference: December 1, 1988

Box 9: Miscellaneous correspondence/documents from schools, professional groups, etc. (cont.)

  1. Miscellaneous: Miscellaneous advertisements, clippings, reprints, etc.
  2. Miscellaneous: Miscellaneous correspondence
  3. Miscellaneous: Miscellaneous, correspondence (legal sized)
  4. Miscellaneous: Miscellaneous, correspondence (letter sized)
  5. Miscellaneous: Miscellaneous pamphlets, cards, notes, etc.
  6. Miscellaneous: Mr. Dooley Summer School, related papers
  7. Miscellaneous: My Laughing Boy, correspondence concerning play written by Ulick O'Conner and Bernard Farrell about Brendan Behan
  8. Miscellaneous: National Theatre Conference 1989,1990
  9. Miscellaneous: John W. Oliver; U.S. Congressman, Massachusetts; correspondence
  10. Miscellaneous: Algesa O'Sickey/ Alex Gildzen (Curator K.S.U. Special Collections), correspondence
  11. Miscellaneous: Partnership papers and tax documents
  12. Miscellaneous: Pendergast File-correspondence
  13. Miscellaneous: Pendergast File-National Endowment for the Arts
  14. Miscellaneous: Pendergast File-News articles
  15. Miscellaneous: Pendergast File-miscellaneous
  16. Miscellaneous: Pendergast File-submission to the Government of Ireland's Scholarship Board
  17. Miscellaneous: Pioneer Valley Performing Arts School Charter Application
  18. Miscellaneous: Pioneer Valley Performing Arts School: papers,etc. 1
  19. Miscellaneous: Pioneer Valley Performing Arts School: papers, etc. 2
  20. Miscellaneous: Pioneer Valley, Western Massachussetts Tourism plans and events
  21. Miscellaneous: Profiles in Advocacy, paper by John Darrow, Ph.D., Westfield College
  22. Miscellaneous: Radio Short Stories-The £1,000,000 Bank-Note
  23. Miscellaneous: Radio Short Stories-After Twenty Years
  24. Miscellaneous: Radio Short Stories-Cooperative Agreement
  25. Miscellaneous: Radio Short Stories-The Diamond Necklace
  26. Miscellaneous: Radio Short Stories-The Duke's Children
  27. Miscellaneous: Radio Short Stories-The Genius
  28. Miscellaneous: Radio Short Stories-Liberty and Dirt
  29. Miscellaneous: Radio Short Stories-Mrs. McWilliams and the Lightning
  30. Miscellaneous: Radio Short Stories-The Romance of a Busy Broker
  31. Miscellaneous: Radio Short Stories-The Ransom of Red Chief
  32. Miscellaneous: Radio Short Stories-The River God
  33. Miscellaneous: Radio Short Stories-A Service of Love
  34. Miscellaneous: Radio Short Stories-Short Turns
  35. Miscellaneous: Radio Short Stories-Story of a Piebald Horse
  36. Miscellaneous: Radio Short Stories-The Story of the Good Little Boy
  37. Miscellaneous: Radio Short Stories-The Tell-Tale Heart
  38. Miscellaneous: Radio Short Stories-Tobin's Palm
  39. Miscellaneous: Radio TV Reports, Inc.
  40. Miscellaneous: Ronald Reagan to Robert Dowdell, correspondence
  41. Miscellaneous: The Repertory Reporter: A Publication of The Missouri Repertory Guild
  42. Miscellaneous: Reserve Alumni Record, Spring 1984
  43. Miscellaneous: Reviews of David Ives work
  44. Miscellaneous: Riverman, by Sam Dowling; script and program
  45. Miscellaneous: Steven Sater, correspondence/reviews
  46. Miscellaneous: Short Story reprints
  47. Miscellaneous: Society of Stage Directors and Choreographers materials
  48. Miscellaneous: Steppenwolf Theatre Company-The Grapes of Wrath, London: June 20-27, 1989
  49. Miscellaneous: Three and a Half Husbands, a novel by Dorothy Fuldheim; adapted for stage by Vincent Dowling; letters and agreements
  50. Miscellaneous: Three and a Half Husbands, music and lyrics
  51. Miscellaneous: Three and a Half Husbands, narrative and scripts
  52. Miscellaneous: Three and a Half Husbands, script adaptations
  53. Miscellaneous: Various News Articles
  54. Miscellaneous: Richard Weiss, correspondence
  55. Miscellaneous: Westfield College materials
  56. Miscellaneous: When the Leaves Die in Autumn, original poem by Vincent Dowling written for the Huntington's Disease Society, 1984
  57. Miscellaneous: Wooster: Fall 1986-Dowling's appointment as J. Garber Drushal Distinguished Visiting Professor
  58. Miscellaneous: Wooster College, Acting and Directing Class, various literature
  59. Miscellaneous: Wooster College; teaching contracts, course descriptions, schedules, and directory, 1986-87 academic year