University Libraries Student Scholarship: How to Apply

University Libraries Student Scholarship: How to Apply

University Libraries Student Scholarship: How to Apply

Scholarship Application Steps - 2021/22 Academic Year

NOTE: Application deadline is Sunday, April 25, 2021.

Follow these steps carefully.

  1. Read all the information on this web site.
  2. Read the essay topic at the bottom of this page, and carefully write your essay (at least 600 words, no more than 1000 words). See the FAQ for information about "word count."
  3. Prepare and save the following items to submit (see A, B, and, if applicable, C).
    1. A. An Unofficial Transcript  Follow these steps to print/save an unofficial transcript to submit.
      • Log into FlashLine, and go to the “Student Dashboard."
      • Find the box labeled “Priority Resources.” You’ll see a link to “View Unofficial Transcript.” Click on that link.
      • For Academic Transcript Options, the default Transcript is “All Levels,” and the default “Transcript Type” is “Advising.” Click “Submit,” and your unofficial transcript will open.
      • To print the entire transcript, right click and then select “Print.”
        • Note: This may not work in every browser; Internet Explorer seems to work the best.
      • The file must be in PDF format to submit.
        • If you are using a browser with the functionality, or have an extension or add-on in your browsers, you may be able to choose "Save as PDF" in some way when printing.
        • If not, you can print the document and bring it to the library, where we can show you how to scan and convert it to PDF format.  
    2. B. Your Essay Compose this, type it up, and save as PDF format to submit. See essay topic below. 
    3. C. Statement of Financial Need  On your application, if you are going to indicate that you are submitting a written personal statement of financial need along with using FAFSA information to show financial need, then you will need to type and submit that written statement along with documents A & B noted above. In that case you will submit three documents by the deadline below. This document should also be saved in PDF format for final submission. PLEASE NOTE: Information contained in the FAFSA will be used for determination of financial need.
  4. Once you have your two (or three) application documents ready, go to this link: We are sorry but the deadline has passed. The application form will ask you for other biographical information, and gives you the ability to upload your documents for different questions. We are sorry but the deadline has passed.

If you have any questions not answered in the FAQ or anywhere else on these webpages, please contact Mary Lovin, University Libraries Communications Office, at for additional information. 



Essay Topic 2021/22

How has University Libraries contributed to your success as a student?

Essays are to be at least 600 but not more than 1,000 words. Successful essays will be focused, thoughtful, and free from grammatical and spelling errors. The winning essays will be published, so please do not include sensitive personal information in your essay.