Special Collections and Archives

Stephen P. Harbourt papers

Special Collections and Archives

Stephen P. Harbourt papers

Stephen P. Harbourt, Papers, 1880-1975

Finding Aid

Prepared by Merritt D. Betts, August 28, 1979; Revised by Stephanie Wachalec, June 2, 2004
1 document case and 1 slim document case, .50 cubic feet, 11th floor
Old archives number: D.7.14.1.

Biographical Note

Stephen P. Harbourt a local attorney, Justice of the Peace, director and vice-president of the City Bank of Kent, donated this collection to Special Collections and Archives on March 28, 1978.

Scope and Content

The materials which comprise this collection reflect his longtime involvement in legal, political, financial and mercantile activities. Included are many items of local interest, and several items pertaining to Kent State University where Harbourt's father was a professor of biology.

At the request of the donor, items contained in box two, have been restricted until the year 2030 to protect the privacy of persons still living.

Box 1

  1. General Correspondence: November 1911-November 1914
  2. Correspondence of S. P. Harbourt: May 1931-July 1938
  3. Miscellaneous bills of local origin: 1907-1945
  4. Miscellaneous receipts: Home Building and Loan: 1898; Alpaca Mill Bonus Fund: 1880
  5. City Bank, statements: 1949, 1957-1958
  6. Report of the Gross Fund Committee of the Kent Chamber of Commerce: 1929
  7. Miscellaneous stock certificates: 1917-1949
  8. Royal Arcanum Benefit Certificate: 1889
  9. Mortgage bonds: Rockwell Co. of Kent: 1919; Franklin Kent Company: 1922
  10. Miscellaneous warranty deeds: 1892-1921. Includes quit claim deed from Zenas to Charles Kent: 1884
  11. Mortgage deeds, Kent: 1901-1945
  12. Abstracts of title, Kent: 1886, 1916, [no date]
  13. Cemetery lot deeds, Kent: 1901-1929
  14. Wills: 1905-1957
  15. Miscellaneous legal papers: 1924-1946. [Names include David Ladd Rockwell, Martin L. Davey, Twin Lakes Fox Farm, Twin Lakes Village, and Chief of Police, George Trahern]
  16. Petition of the Davey Tree Expert Company to the National Recovery Administration: 1933 (shelved in 11th floor map case)
  17. Sample ballots for Portage County. Ballots include Martin L. Davey, representative to Congress; and S. P. Harbourt, County Recorder: [no date]
  18. Miscellaneous political materials relating to Martin L. Davey. Includes correspondence: January, 1934, and newspaper clippings: 1934, 1946, [no date]
  19. Miscellaneous printed political materials relating to Martin L. Davey: 1934-1955, [no date] (shelved in 11th floor map case)
  20. Miscellaneous local political materials. Includes letters, statements, brochures, cards: 1955, 1967, [no date] [Names include S. A. and S. P. Harbourt, John Carson, Roy Smith, Blake Cook, Francis Kerwin, T. G. Graham] (shelved in 11th floor map case)
  21. Political items relating to Franklin D. Roosevelt: [no date] (shelved in 11th floor map case)
  22. Correspondence [includes miscellaneous items concerning the Portage County Bar Association]: September 1968 and February 1971
  23. Building Code, Kent, Ohio: 1929
  24. Kent Zoning Ordinance: 1931
  25. Tax Levies, Portage County: 1940
  26. Program, graduation exercises, Kent High School [includes Martin L. Davey]: 1900.
  27. Program, Kent Rotary memorial service for W. A. Walls: 1937 also "A Tribute to W. A. Walls"
  28. Flyers. Demonstration for the Hunger March and Bonus Marchers; and union boycott of Peter Pan Dry Cleaners, Kent: [no date]
  29. Poster for local option in Kent, directed to K.S.U. students: [no date, 2 copies]
  30. Advertising brochure, University Heights, Kent: [1941?]
  31. Miscellaneous advertisements, Kent
  32. Menus: Atlantic Coast Line Railroad, Franklin Hotel, Kent: and Kent Diner [notes on reverse]
  33. Miscellaneous cards and tickets, [some cards pertain to S. P. Harbourt] Includes 2 tickets for the Northern Ohio Traction and Light Company
  34. Valentine greeting
  35. Sugar ration stamp or coupon sheet
  36. Certificate of Award, Office of Price Administration to Eunice (Mrs. Stephen P.) Harbourt: 1944 (shelved in 11th floor map case)
  37. Sheet music, "School Days": 1907 (shelved in 11th floor map case)
  38. Publication, "Recollections of an Old Settler," Kent Courier: 1904
  39. True Experiences February 1950. Marked article of local interest.
  40. Miscellaneous items pertaining to and articles by S. A. Harbourt: 1934, 1940, [no date]
  41. Newspaper clippings concerning S. P. Harbourt: 1932-1975, [no date]
  42. Newspaper clippings: 1942-1963, [no date]
  43. Newspapers: Kent News: August 1881; Courier-Tribune: December 1943 [1 page pertaining to the City Bank]; Record Courier: August, 1956 [Sesquicentennial section]; Record Courier: June 1976 [historical pages] (shelved in 11th floor map case)
  44. Kent State humor newspapers: The Red Flame: [1925?]: and the Kant Dater: May, 1935 (shelved in 11th floor map case)
  45. Photographs: [J. W.?] Casey, Mrs. C. H. (Olive) France, and unidentified daguerreotype
  46. Photo postcards: [J. W.?] Casey, [no date]
  47. Photo postcard: Louis Casey, Cecile Hansen, Paul Bonsall, Helen Bonsall, Marcella Casey, [no date]
  48. Photo postcard: Marcella Casey and Cecile Hansen, [no date]
  49. Photo postcards: Marcella Casey and her mother; Louis Casey and unidentified man, 1890
  50. Photo postcards: Kent, Ohio flood of 1913
  51. Photo postcard: Kent State Normal College, fold-out view, 1922 (shelved in 11th floor map case)
  52. Photo postcard: Fred Trory, in front of Trory's Drug Store, [no date]
  53. Photo postcard: Williams Bros. Mill, [no date]
  54. Postcards: Souvenir folder of Kent, Ohio, [no date]
  55. Postcards: Souvenir folder of the Lackawanna Trail, [no date]
  56. Postcards: Views of Kent [Water Street, north and south views, no date, Brady Lake, 1920]