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William D. Taylor papers (faculty-Journalism)

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William D. Taylor papers (faculty-Journalism)

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Special Collections and Archives

William D. Taylor papers (faculty-Journalism)

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William D. Taylor papers

Finding Aid

Prepared by Leslie Warren, Mar. 17, 1977; Prepared for the Web by Barbara Bass, May 30, 1997; Revised December 2017

Inclusive Dates: 1938-1971
Extent: 5.75 cubic feet (4 record storage boxes + 3 document cases)
Physical Location: 11th floor

Biographical Note: William D. Taylor was born in Hartford, Kansas on Dec. 5, 1903. He received his Master and Bachelor of Arts degrees from the University of Washington where his family had moved when Taylor was at an early age. Taylor began his journalism career as a reporter for the Spokane (Washington) Daily Chronicle. He taught at Arizona State University and Northwestern University before coming to Kent State University. Taylor was the first Chairman of the School of Journalism from 1936-1963. The new architecture and journalism building was named for Taylor after Pres. White learned that he was to retire during the year (1967) that the new building would be opened. He was given a commendation for pioneering leadership in education for press photography by the National Press Photographers Association in 1949. In 1950 he was awarded the Governor's Award for advancement and in 1952 he won the Crusade for Freedom Citation. In 1961 a journalism alumni award was established and named the William Taylor Award and has been presented to an alumnus each year since. Taylor served on boards for the Canton Art Institute and the Canton Symphony Orchestra and many other community organizations including the Kent Rotary where he held the position of president at one time. Taylor retired in 1967 and kept in contact with his students and they with him. He served on the Inauguration Committee for President Robert I. White and Presidential Search Committee in 1971. He served as a trustee from September 1970 until his death on Nov. 3, 1975 at the age of 71.

Scope and Content: This collection contains materials relating to Kent State University and the activities in which Taylor played a major role especially in the area of journalism and performing arts such as the Ohio Arts Council. Also included is correspondence on the proposal of a land purchase in 1966 next to Blossom Music Center for use by the university for the College of Fine and Professional Arts, as well as historical correspondence and subject files in that relate to the early days of Kent State including listings of names and dates of early buildings. There are also photographs and artifacts.

Arrangement: The collection is organized into the following series.

  • Series 1: Correspondence and Subject Files
  • Series 2: Artifacts
  • Series 3: Oversized Materials

  • Series 1: Correspondence and Subject Files

    Box 1

    1. Correspondence: Blossom Music Center (cooperative relationship)
    2. Board Meeting materials, Aug. 26, 1971
    3. Board Meeting materials, Aug. 26, 1971
    4. Federal Relations materials log, 1967-69
    5. Correspondence: Presidential, May 28, 1928-Feb. 8, 1960
    6. Correspondence: Presidential on Holidays, Nov. 13, 1942-Dec. 10, 1945
    7. Address by J. O. Engleman, "Kent State University Ten Years Hence-A Goal and A Prophecy"
    8. Publication: American Forests , August 1969
    9. Aviation History at Kent State University (to 1953)
    10. Buildings now under construction, Sept. 17, 1948
    11. Calendar, Kent State University, 1959-1960
    12. Clippings: Kent State University
    13. Faculty Wives of Kent State University, Yearbook, 1962-1963
    14. Faculty Women's Club, Yearbook, 1962-1963
    15. "Footnotes", Dec. 1955, Mar. 1956, Jun. 1956
    16. History of state-supported higher education in Ohio
    17. J. T. Johnson's notes on the early history of Kent State Normal School, Oct. 31., 1951
    18. Kent State University administrative organization chart, 1960
    19. Publication: The Kentonian, June 1924
    20. Letter on the Kent State University Flying Club, Apr. 1956
    21. List of Kent State University Presidents from May 31, 1911 to Feb. 21, 1952
    22. List of buildings on campus with dates erected, 1910-1955
    23. J. E. McGilvrey's Fifty Year Plan for Kent State University
    24. Meter stamp, Jul. 23, 1960
    25. Music and Speech Center brochure, printed for the opening of the Recital Hall, Jan. 20, 1961
    26. News release on Groundskeeping, June 27, 1956
    27. News release on Health Center, Apr. 7, 1949
    28. News release on Kent State University Police, Jul. 17, 1956
    29. News release on Terrace Hall, Mar. 5, 1955
    30. News release on the removal of "K" from front campus, May 14, 1956
    31. Notes on articles appearing in The Kent Courier, May 23, 1913, concerning Kent State Normal School
    32. Notes on university committees, Mar. 20, 1953
    33. Photographs of 20th Anniversary, Kent State University Symphonic Band Concert and the outer office of the President's office while it was being redecorated, Mar. 27, 1964
    34. The Plain Dealer supplement on Kent State University, Oct. 30, 1938
    35. Postcards of Men's Physical Education Building, Arts Building, and Memorial Field
    36. "Radio Broadcasting Activities and Instruction at Kent State University"
    37. Record Courier supplement on Kent State University, Sept. 23, 1958
    38. Report of the Director of the Survey of the Kent State Normal College, June 2, 1928
    39. Standard Operating Procedure for Student Publications, Jan. 1951
    40. Statement regarding housing for veterans, Dec. 20, 1946
    41. Terrace Hall brochure, 1955
    42. E. Turner Stump Theatre brochure, Oct. 1960
    43. Traffic Code for Kent State University, Sept. 27, 1950
    44. Correspondence: Inauguration, President White, Oct. 25 1963
    45. Correspondence: Inauguration, Inaugural Committee, June 13 - Sept. 19, 1963
    46. Correspondence: Inauguration, Inaugural Committee, Changes in Delegates, Transportation, Sept. - Oct., 1963
    47. Inauguration, Convocation Committee Reports, 1963
    48. Inauguration, Inauguration Committees, (organization chart, subcommittee members, responsibilities), 1963
    49. Inauguration, delegate packet
    50. Inauguration, final reports from President White Inaugural Committee members
    51. Inauguration, "A (Handbook) Directory for the Robert I. White Inauguration", Oct. 25, 1963
    52. Inauguration invitations, response cards, etc.
    53. Inauguration invitation lists from Eileen's (Gosche) office for Giving Delegates from colleges, universities, learned societies
    54. Inauguration, mailing list, complete guest list
    55. Inauguration, minutes of Inauguration Committee, June-Aug., 1963
    56. Inauguration, miscellaneous (includes program from inauguration ceremony)
    57. Inauguration, miscellaneous (includes press material, directory of committees, correspondence to members of faculty)
    58. Inauguration, miscellaneous items (includes list of faculty members representing colleges, universities and learned societies, and correspondence to members of university administration and faculty
    59. Inauguration, miscellaneous items (includes tickets, ribbons, banners for automobiles, parking permits
    60. Inauguration, program
    61. Inauguration, speeches
    62. Kent School Bell (short history)
    63. Correspondence: Presidential search, July 1971
    64. Correspondence: Presidential search, May - Jul., 1971
    65. Correspondence: Presidential search, Jul. 1971
    66. Correspondence: Presidential search, May - Jul., 1971
    67. Presidential search, General information, July 1971
    68. Presidential search, "Papers on Candidates, Candid and Revealing"
    69. Presidential search, Samuel Gates (nomination to the presidency)
    70. Presidential search, John Kamerick (nomination to the presidency)
    71. Presidential search, Calvin B. T. Lee (nomination to the presidency)
    72. Presidential search, James G. Miller (nomination to the presidency)
    73. Presidential search, Glenn A. Olds (nomination to the presidency)
    74. Correspondence: Semicentennial (includes congratulations from other colleges and universities)
    75. Clippings: "Semicentennial Clipping File", Sept. 1959-May 1960
    76. Semicentennial, "The Third and Final Report to the President of the University-The Semicentennial Program for 1959-1960" and "The Story of Its Planning and Completion"

    Series 1: Correspondence and Subject Files (continued)

    Box 2

    1. Correspondence: Vice-President Ronald W. Roskens, Feb. 7, 1968-Mar. 4, 1968
    2. Early residents reception, (contains lists of early Kent residents, invitation, and clippings of the May 13, 1968 event)
    3. Emeritus Citations (proposal for a citation for Kent State University emeritus professors)
    4. Emeritus Professors (lists of emeritus professors and invitation to luncheon
    5. England Seminar (concerning a proposal for a new course in journalism to be held in England)
    6. Kent Stater, State Edition (meeting notes concerning a state edition for branches
    7. Dr. Karl Clayton Leebrick (correspondence on the dedication of Leebrick Hall, personal information, speeches and clippings)
    8. Tape recordings, Dr. K. C. Leebrick (proposed narration of history of Kent State University)
    9. Tape recordings, records (list of documentary tapes on Kent State University and by Kent State University faculty)
    10. Correspondence: Taylor Hall-letters and comments from alumni and others on the announcement (of a building named for Taylor) March 1966-Feb. 1967
    11. Correspondence: Letters and comments from alumni and others on the announcement, Mar. - July, 1967
    12. Taylor Hall, Invitation list (to dedication ceremony held April 15, 1967)
    13. Taylor Hall, New Journalism Building (contains letter from Dean O. William Perlmutter, and publications which discuss the building
    14. Taylor Hall; William D. Taylor Photographs, undated
    15. William Taylor Hall Dedication (program of events, guests, seating, information on architect Constantinos A. Doxiadis, brochure on Haylor Hall, speeches and clippings on the April 15, 1967 event)
    16. Correspondence: Public Relations Society of America, 1963-1968, (includes questionnaire, "Are Public Relations Men Born or Made?")
    17. Public Relations Society of America, Public Relations Accreditation, and PRSA bulletins and information on the accreditation program)
    18. Publications file: PRSA BulletinApr. 1964-Feb. 1967, Public Relations Memo, (Feb., 1966 and 1967), 2 issues, Public Relations News, (Jan. 8, 1968)

    Series 1: Correspondence and Subject Files (continued)

    Box 3

    1. Correspondence: Ohio Arts Council, Apr. 25, 1966 - Dec. 18, 1970
    2. Correspondence: Ohio Arts Council, James A. Rhodes, May 25,1965 - Dec. 10, 1970
    3. Correspondence: Ohio Arts Council, Donald Streibig, Oct. 2, 1967 - July 8, 1968
    4. Ohio Arts Council, Annual meeting, Cincinnati, Nov. 28, 1967
    5. Ohio Arts Council, Executive Committee Minutes, Jul. 21, 1966 - Sept. 15, 1970
    6. Ohio Arts Council. First & third Annual Reports, June 1967 to Dec. 1969
    7. Ohio Arts Council, Goals and Aims
    8. Ohio Arts Council, "The Law" (House and Senate bills)
    9. Ohio Arts Council, Meeting, Cleveland Museum of Art, June 1968
    10. Ohio Arts Council, Meeting, 10:30 a.m. Taylor Hall, July 11, 1968
    11. Ohio Arts Council, Members of Legislature, 1967-1968
    12. Ohio Arts Council, Minutes, 1965-1963
    13. Ohio Arts Council, Miscellaneous Items (includes appropriations grant application, news release, circulating art shows)
    14. Ohio Arts Council, advisory panels
    15. Ohio Arts Council, programs, 1968
    16. Ohio Arts Council, rosters (committee members)
    17. Ohio Arts Council, rules and regulations, May 12, 1969
    18. Ohio Arts Council, state song contest (includes clippings and correspondence
    19. Ohio Arts Council, Summer News letter August 1967
    20. Ohio Arts Council, workshop, 1968
    21. Kent Arts Council, (proposal to establish a Kent Municipal Arts Council)
    22. Clark Mitze, Director, State and Community Operations, National Council on the Arts
    23. Museum Committee Meeting, Feb. 23, 1968 (Kent State University) also Museum News (Feb. 1968
    24. Museum Committee Meeting, Room 201 Union, 12:00-1:30 p.m., May 24, 1968 (Kent State University)
    25. Museum Gift from James N. Holm, of Marvin Kent dresser (to Kent State University)
    26. Museum Gift, Rolls Royce, (Thomas C. Cox's offer to Kent State University)
    27. Museum Gift, Trory (photographs)
    28. National Arts Conference, San Francisco, June 6-8, 1968
    29. Ohio Outdoor Historic Drama (includes correspondence, clippings, history, newsletter, minutes)
    30. Sohio Oil Paintings, (concerning Kent State University receiving some of the paintings)
    31. Biographical Data (Taylor's personal data sheet and pre'cis)
    32. Certificates, (from Kappa Alpha Mu, Sigma Delta Chi, Rotary Club, and from James A. Rhodes on membership in Ohio Arts Council and Kent State University Board of Trustees)
    33. Miscellaneous-speeches, invitations, clippings, etc., 1947, 1949, 1950
    34. Personal calendar, 1968
    35. Clippings: Personal clippings, (on donation of silk script and appointment to Ohio Historic Site Preservation Committee)
    36. Personal directory, (telephone numbers and addresses)
    37. Personal file of Lt. Col. William Taylor, (contains personal data, commendations, ORC information and WWII information)
    38. Personal pictures, photographs from 1964 European trip
    39. Slides of 1964 European trip
    40. Slides, miscellaneous
    41. Publications file: Publications by William Taylor - A Guide to the Tagalog Dialect in the Philippines
    42. Sperry, photos of posters submitted to Sperry Gyroscope Co. for Production Poster Exhibit at War Congress of American Industry (about 1943)
    43. Ditto originals and copies of exams given by Taylor to his Kent State University classes
    44. Press information (on 1961 Ford trucks)
    45. Christmas cards

    Series 1: Correspondence and Subject Files (continued)

    Box 4

    1. Correspondence: includes correspondence with Office of Naval Officer Procurement, U.S. Marine Corps, and Sperry Gyroscope Company, 1942, 1943, 1946
    2. Correspondence: includes sympathy cards on death of Taylor's father, correspondence with John S. Swift Company and American College Bureau, 1947
    3. Correspondence: miscellaneous, 1948
    4. Correspondence: miscellaneous, 1949
    5. Correspondence: miscellaneous, 1950
    6. Correspondence: includes an issue of the Camp Pickett Charger of Blackstone, Virginia, (Nov. 23, 1951), 1951
    7. Correspondence: includes correspondence concerning a chapter of the Reserve Officers Association and a booklet, Soldiers of Mercy, giving history and development of the Army Medical Services and the Medical Replacement Training Center, 1952
    8. Correspondence: Taylor's resignation as head of the Journalism Department, March 1963
    9. Correspondence: Taylor's resignation as head of the Journalism Department, Apr. - June, 1963
    10. Correspondence: miscellaneous, 1963, 1965 - 1968
    11. Certificate and Photograph: Advertising Club of New York, 1955
    12. Certificates, 1946; undated

    Series 2: Artifacts

    Box 5

    This box includes items relating to Kent State University's semicentennial in 1960

    1. Ashtrays
    2. Banner
    3. Certificate of service-mark registration (for the semicentennial seal)
    4. Diplomas to Robert W. Sovey (bearing semicentennial seal)
    5. License plate holders
    6. Medallion
    7. Stationery
    8. Tributes from Ohio University, Wentworth Institute, Ohio Wesleyan University, the city of Kent, and the Ohio House of Representatives

    Series 2: Artifacts (continued)

    Box 6

    1. Plaque: "To William Taylor in Recognition of his Support of Women in Journalism," Theta Sigma Phi, undated
    2. Trophy-Desk Calendar: "Executive Secretary, 1938-1955 In Appreciation," Northeastern Ohio Scholastic Press Association, undated
    3. Plaque: Member of the President's Club, undated
    4. Plaque: Governor's Award, 1960

    Series 3: Oversized Materials

    Box 7

    1. Roll containing signatures of Kent State University students sending congratulations to Robert I. White on assuming the presidency of Kent State University, dated October 25, 1963.

    Filed in the Map Case:

    1. Photograph: Semicentennial committee, 1960
    2. Photograph: 12th class of the School for Special Service at Washington and Lee University, in Lexington, Virginia, June 9, 1943
    3. Certificate: Appointing Taylor to the Advisory Committee on the Arts (John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts), signed by Richard Nixon, March 17, 1970
    4. Certificate: Semicentennial tribute, 1960
    5. Certificate: Appreciation from the Ohio Arts Council , 1971
    6. Certificate: Commission to the Officers' Reserved Corps, Army of the United States, 1952
    7. Certificate: Membership, American Heritage Research Association, 1975
    8. Certificate: Membership, Public Relations Society of America, 1956