United Steelworkers of America, Local Union 1307 records

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United Steelworkers of America, Local Union 1307 records

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The Special Collections & Archives reading room is closed, and all in-person (physical, face-to-face) services are suspended at this time. We are here to help! Please contact us to discuss how we can best serve you during this time.

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United Steelworkers of America, Local Union 1307 records

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United Steelworkers of America Local Union 1307 records, 1951-80

Finding Aid

Prepared by James K. Stimpert, April 30, 1981; Prepared for the Web by Shauntya Jones, July 28, 1999
4 boxes plus 3 volumes, 4 cubic feet, Storage

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Historical Note

Through the efforts of David Gray, Ohio Labor History Project, and MaryAnn Kohler, a representative of Local 1307, United Steelworkers of America (USWA), these records arrived on September 26, 1980, at the American History Research Center, Kent State University.

Scope and Content

The major categories in this collection are grievance materials concerning the years 1959 through 1980, and correspondence files. These materials have been placed in chronological order, as have agreements and arbitration hearing materials. The grievance files have been retained in their original sequential order. There are also three bound minute books, covering the years 1976 through 1980. In addition to these materials, there are subject files, which have been placed in alphabetical order. They contain in several folders of records on union elections held from 1958 through 1979.

Of special interest are the court proceedings from the lawsuit that Representative Lyle Williams, 19th Congressional District, instituted on behalf of several USWA Locals in the Youngstown area against the United States Steel Corporation. It was filed in December, 1979, with the purpose of keeping open and modernizing the steel mills that United States Steel had scheduled to close. This request was ultimately denied as was a later appeal. A copy of the original suit as well as related materials may be found in folder five of box two.

At the end of the collection are two certificates memorializing labor leader Philip Murray, and five photographs of various USWA gatherings in the 1950s. The certificates can be found in the horizontal file (filed in map case), while the photographs can be located in the audio-visual collection (av).

Researchers should find that this addition and the first installment of Local 1307 records complement each other. Taken in their totality, these records will prove of value to researchers interested in the steel industry of Youngstown and the Mahoning Valley. Researchers should also consult the records of USWA Locals 1375, 1617, 2243, and 6529, all in the Mahoning-Trumbull County area, for additional information on the USWA or the steel industry in general.

Union officials of Local 1307 have kindly donated property and literary rights, as they posses in these records, to Kent State University.


  1. Minutes: United Steelworkers of America (USWA), Local 1307: March, 1975-August, 1976
  2. Minutes: USWA, Local 1307: September, 1976-January, 1978
  3. Minutes: USWA, Local 1307: February, 1978-July, 1980

Box 1
Folder -- Contents

  1. Constitution: United Steelworkers of America (USWA): September, 1978
  2. Bylaws: USWA, Local 1307: April, 1965
  3. Amendments bylaws, USWA, Local 1307: June, 1971-March, 1977
  4. Correspondence: General: March, 1951-November, 1967
  5. Correspondence: General: January, 1968, December, 1969
  6. Correspondence: General: January, 1970-December, 1971
  7. Correspondence: General: January-November, 1972
  8. Correspondence: General: January, 1973-August, 1974
  9. Correspondence: General: October, 1974-June, 1976
  10. Correspondence: General: July-December, 1976
  11. Correspondence: General: January-May, 1977
  12. Correspondence: General: June-August, 1977
  13. Correspondence: General: September-December, 1977
  14. Correspondence: General: January-March, 1978
  15. Correspondence: General: April-June, 1978
  16. Correspondence: General: July, 1978-February, 1979
  17. Correspondence: General: March, 1979-July, 1980
  18. Correspondence: General: undated
  19. Correspondence: USWA International headquarters: October, 1964-December, 1969
  20. Correspondence: USWA International headquarters: January, 1970-December, 1976
  21. Correspondence: USWA International headquarters: January, 1977-February, 1980
  22. Correspondence: USWA District 26: March, 1966-December, 1969
  23. Correspondence: USWA District 26: April, 1970-December, 1974
  24. Correspondence: USWA District 26: January, 1975-June, 1977
  25. Correspondence: USWA District 26: August, 1977-December, 1978
  26. Correspondence: USWA District 26: April, 1979-June, 1980; and undated
  27. Subject file: Basic Steel Conference: December, 1979-January, 1980.
  28. Subject file: Building Committee: June, 1953-November, 1973; and undated
  29. Subject file: Civil Rights Committee: December, 1965-March, 1978; and undated
  30. Subject file: Consent Decree Agreement: April, 1974-May, 1979; and undated
  31. Subject file: Equal Employment Opportunity Commission: May, 1977-June, 1980
  32. Subject file: Experimental Negotiating Agreement: March, 1968-November, 1975
  33. Subject file: Plant-Union Committee: March, 1968-November, 1975
  34. Subject file: Safety Committee records: January, 1972-May, 1977
  35. Subject file: Safety Committee records: June, 1977-February, 1980; and undated

Box 2
Folder -- Contents

  1. Subject file: Scholarship program: June, 1969-January, 1976
  2. Subject file: Senior Citizens Clubs: August, 1970-June, 1980; and undated
  3. Subject file: Strike Defense Fund Rules: May, 1969-November, 1977; and undated
  4. Subject file: Wage Policy Statements: March, 1971; October, 1973-January, 1974; November, 1979
  5. Subject file: Congress Lyle Williams vs United States Steel Cooperation, court proceedings: December, 1979-February, 1980; and undated
  6. Agreements: United States Steel Corporation and USWA: 1963; 1965
  7. Agreements: Coordinating Committee Steel Companies and USWA: 1968
  8. Agreements: Coordinating Committee Steel Companies and USWA: 1971; 1974
  9. Agreements: Local 1307: April, 1946-April, 1959
  10. Agreements: Local 1307: June, 1960-October, 1969
  11. Agreements: Local 1307: February, 1971-June, 1979
  12. Agreements: Local 1307: July, 1979-March, 1980; and undated
  13. Arbitration hearings: Local 1307: January, 1953-August, 1969
  14. Arbitration hearings: Local 1307: November, 1970-November, 1974
  15. Arbitration hearings: Local 1307: July, 1975-October, 1977
  16. Arbitration hearings: Local 1307: November, 1977-June, 1978
  17. Arbitration hearings: Local 1307: July, 1978-July, 1979
  18. Arbitration hearings: Local 1307: August, 1979-February, 1980; and undated
  19. Grievances: Second Step: February, 1975-April, 1977
  20. Grievances: Second Step: May-August, 1977
  21. Grievances: Third Step: January, 1959-November, 1966

Box 3
Folder -- Contents

  1. Grievances: Third Step: January, 1967-August, 1968
  2. Grievances: Third Step: November, 1968-May, 1969
  3. Grievances: Third Step: July, 1969-June, 1970
  4. Grievances: Third Step: September, 1970-November, 1971
  5. Grievances: Third Step: December, 1971-March, 1973
  6. Grievances: Third Step: May, 1973-May, 1974
  7. Grievances: Third Step: June-October, 1974
  8. Grievances: Third Step: November, 1974-May, 1975
  9. Grievances: Third Step: June-November, 1975
  10. Grievances: Third Step: December, 1975-March, 1976
  11. Grievances: Third Step: April-December, 1976
  12. Grievances: Third Step: January-July, 1977
  13. Grievances: Third Step: August-October, 1977
  14. Grievances: Third Step: November, 1977-January, 1978
  15. Grievances: Third Step: February-March, 1978
  16. Grievances: Third Step: April-May, 1978
  17. Grievances: Third Step: June-November, 1978
  18. Grievances: Third Step: December, 1978-February, 1979
  19. Grievances: Third Step: March, 1979-July, 1980; and undated
  20. Grievances: Fourth Step: August-December, 1961
  21. Grievances: Fourth Step: January, 1962-March, 1967
  22. Grievances: Fourth Step: May, 1967-June, 1969
  23. Grievances: Fourth Step: July, 1969-December, 1970
  24. Grievances: Fourth Step: January, 1971-August, 1973
  25. Grievances: Fourth Step: September, 1973-December, 1974

Box 4
Folder -- Contents

  1. Grievances: Fourth Step: January-December, 1975
  2. Grievances: Fourth Step: January-October, 1976
  3. Grievances: Fourth Step: November, 1976-June, 1977
  4. Grievances: Fourth Step: July-October, 1977
  5. Grievances: Fourth Step: November, 1977-March, 1978
  6. Grievances: Fourth Step: April-June, 1978
  7. Grievances: Fourth Step: July-October, 1978
  8. Grievances: Fourth Step: November, 1978-February, 1979
  9. Grievances: Fourth Step: March, 1979-June, 1980; and undated
  10. Grievances: Cases appealed to Board of Arbitration: July, 1969-March, 1978
  11. Grievances: Cases appealed to Board of Arbitration: April, 1978-September, 1979
  12. Grievances: Cases withdrawn: March, 1970-October, 1973
  13. Grievances: Cases withdrawn: November, 1973-February, 1974
  14. Grievances: Filed jointly by Grievance Committee: November, 1973-November, 1977; and undated
  15. Grievances: Miscellaneous items: October, 1967-February, 1979; and undated
  16. Union elections: June, 1958-October, 1962; and undated
  17. Union elections: May, 1964-February, 1969; and undated
  18. Union elections: March, 1970-August, 1973; and undated
  19. Union elections: January, 1976-December, 1977; and undated
  20. Union elections: January-May, 1979; and undated
  21. Miscellaneous items: March, 1950-February, 1980
  22. Miscellaneous items: Undated
  23. Certificate memorializing Philip Murray, USWA: November, 1952 (filed in map case)
  24. Certificate memorializing Philip Murray, Congress of Industrial Organizations: December, 1952 (filed in map case)
  25. Photograph: Third Annual Steelworkers Institute, Ohio State University: July, 1951 (filed in map case)
  26. Photograph: Compensation School, Ohio CIO Council, Seneca Hotel, Columbus, Ohio: October 17-19, 1951 (filed in map case)
  27. Photograph: United Steelworkers of America International Convention: May 13-17, 1952 (filed in map case)
  28. Photograph: Steelworkers- CIO School, Ohio State University: July 27, 1953
  29. Photograph: Three unidentified men in front of an Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America display: undated