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Roger Lodge Wolcott and Edward Wolcott Parsons papers

Special Collections and Archives

Roger Lodge Wolcott and Edward Wolcott Parsons papers

Roger Lodge Wolcott and Edward Wolcott Parsons, Papers, 1907-1974

Finding Aid

Prepared by Merritt D. Betts May 8, 1985
Revised by Emily Hall, April, 18, 2003
1 record storage box, 1 cubic foot

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Biographical Note

The materials in this collection concern two cousins, Roger Lodge Wolcott (born 1912) and Edward Wolcott Parsons (1900-1950-60s?), both born in Kent, Ohio. Roger Lodge Wolcott worked as an aviation engineer and obtained patents related to this field. Edward Wolcott Parsons was a well-known doctor and heart specialist in Cleveland, Ohio.

Scope and Content

Items in the Roger Wolcott section of the collection pertain to his early years in Kent, Ohio when he was the first president of the glider clubs of Kent Roosevelt High School and Kent State College. This collection includes two ledgers in which he recorded in detail the construction and flights of the clubs' gliders.

The Edward Wolcott Parsons section of the collection covers his years at the newly established Kent Normal High School to college and medical school at Western Reserve University.

This collection was donated to Special Collections and Archives by Roger Lodge Wolcott on October 25, 1974. Some additional information relating to Edward Wolcott Parsons can be found in the records of his grandfather's and father's company, T. G. Parsons Lumber Company Records, his sister Dorothy Parsons, Papers and those of his childhood friend, Dick Dudley Donaghy, Papers.

Box 1

Folder -- Contents

Roger Lodge Wolcott

Edward Wolcott Parsons

  1. Biographical material concerning Roger Lodge Wolcott, including articles from the 1973 Who's Who in Aviation and the 1974-1975 Who's Who in the Midwest. Genealogical table of the Wolcott family
  2. Hartford Insurance ledger containing Roger Lodge Wolcott's journal of the Kent Roosevelt High School glider club, January, 1931-May 1932 (oversize)
  3. Miscellaneous items removed from 1931-32 journal, including a membership list of Kent Roosevelt High School glider club [1931?]; and a list of balloons, gliders and planes flown by Roger Lodge Wolcott, November, 1959
  4. Correspondence of the Kent Roosevelt glider club, December, 1930; January, 1932; and June, 1932
  5. Miscellaneous financial records, April, 1930-July, 1936 [most concern the Kent Roosevelt High School glider club]
  6. Miscellaneous items relating to the Baker-McMillen Cadet II training glider and glider clubs, 1930, [no date]
  7. Ledger containing Roger Lodge Wolcott's journal of Kent State College glider club, December, 1933-October, 1935
  8. Miscellaneous items removed from the 1933-1935 journal including a typescript of the Bylaws of the North Baltimore Flying Club, Inc., and the program for Commencement Week, Kent State College, June, 1935
  9. Miscellaneous items from Roger Lodge Wolcott's Kent State College years: assignment booklet and photocopy of a Certificate of Leadership awarded by Dean Manchester to Roger Lodge Wolcott as president of the glider club, 1933-1934
  10. Authorized Map of the Second Byrd Antarctic Expedition, 1934 (shelved in 11th floor map case)
  11. Miscellaneous items relating to Taylorcraft Aviation Corporation and Alliance Aircraft Corporation, including decals, Roger Wolcott's business card and a photocopy of a letter to Roger from C. S. Taylor, October, 1972
  12. Pocket secretary relating to Roger Lodge Wolcott's years with Goodyear Aerospace Research, [no date]
  13. Glider diagrams, 1971, [no date]. Some may pertain to the Kent Roosevelt High School or Kent State College gliders of the 1930's
  14. Miscellaneous notes, [no date]
  15. Miscellaneous items, 1930, 1962, [no date]
  16. Publications and periodicals: ABC Book of Flying, Standard Oil Company, 1929; National Power Glider, November, 1930; Wingfoot Lighter-Than-Air Society Bulletin, March 1965; Ballooning, Autumn, 1974
  17. Newspaper clippings, 1929-1972
  18. Edward Wolcott Parsons; grade cards, Depeyster School, Kent, second-seventh grades 1907-1913
  19. Letters written to Edward Wolcott Parsons by classmates, January, 1911; by his father, February, 1911; and by his sister Dorothy, May, 1911
  20. Diaries kept by Edward Wolcott Parsons, January-July, 1909 [list of artic explorers inside back cover] and January-March, 1918
  21. Three composition books, containing work from grade school and high school years, [no date]
  22. Art workbook, [no date]
  23. Portfolio of school work, eighth grade, Demonstration School of Kent State Normal School, 1913-1914
  24. The Cleveland Baseball Club: 1913, photographic fold-out from the Cleveland Sunday Leader, removed from 1913-1914 portfolio (shelved in 11th floor map case)
  25. Kent Normal High School News: October, 1914-June 1915
  26. Miscellaneous items from Edward Wolcott Parsons' senior year at Kent Normal High School, 1918: an annual receipt, dance tickets, senior class play program, graduation program, and the manuscript of Edward Parsons' graduation orientation, "Our Relation to Modern England."
  27. The Hilife, annual of Kent Normal High School: 1918, Edward Wolcott Parsons, editor
  28. Biology laboratory notebooks: Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio: September-November, 1918
  29. Biology laboratory notebooks, Western Reserve University, December, 1919-January, 1920
  30. Biology Examination, Western Reserve Universit, June, 1920
  31. Supplementary Text on General Physiology, Students, Army Training Corps, [no date]
  32. Publications and programs of Lambda Chi Alpha, undergraduate fraternity, Alpha Nu Zeta chapter, Western Reserve University, May, 1919; April, 1920; and May, 1923. Minutes of the Grand Zeta Session of Lamda Chi Alpha fraternity, New York City December, 1922
  33. Sketlioi, annual of Adelbert College, Western Reserve University, 1920, 1921
  34. Correspondence concerning grades and honors received by Edward Wolcott Parsons at Western Reserve University: September, 1919-June, 1922
  35. Commencement program, Western Reserve University, June, 1922
  36. Camp Training Certificate, Reserve Officers Training Corps, received by Edward Wolcott Parsons at Medical Field Service School, Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania, July, 1924
  37. Program, Alpha XI Chapter, Alpha Kappa Kappa fraternity, Cleveland, December, 1925
  38. Commencement program, Western Reserve University, June, 1926
  39. Certificates: Edward Wolcott Parsons; diploma from the Kent State Normal College High School, July, 1918; Edward Parsons, diploma from Adelbert College, Western Reserve University, June, 1922; and Claude Severence Perry's certificate of graduate membership in Alpha Kappa Kappa fraternity, June, 1926 (shelved in 11th floor map case)
  40. Portrait photograph of Charles F. Thwing, president of Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, 1920
  41. Composite photograph of Alpha Xi chapter, Alpha Kappa, Kappa fraternity, 1923 (shelved in 11th floor map case)
  42. Photograph of initiation banquet, Alpha Xi chapter, Alpha Kappa Kappa fraternity, Cleveland, Ohio: December, 1924 (shelved in 11th floor map case)
  43. Composite photograph of Xi chapter, Alpha Kappa Kappa fraternity: 1925-1926 (shelved in 11th floor map case)
  44. Four snapshots taken in front of Alpha Kappa Kappa house, Western Reserve University [1923?]. Individuals include Edward Wolcott Parsons, [Jack Supernaw and O. M. Lawton ?]
  45. Portrait photo of [A. L. Kefauver, 1925?]
  46. Portrait photo of [L. L. Lawrence, 1925?]
  47. Group photograph of graduate course in Cardiology, Harvard Medical School, September, 1932
  48. Photograph of an unidentified group, includes Edward Wolcott Parsons, [no date]
  49. Edward Wolcott Parsons' "farrier's" case, or dissecting kit