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Paul Kriese papers

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Paul Kriese papers

Paul Kriese papers, 1969-1973



Prepared by Maggie Castellani, February 16, 1994
1 document case, .33 cubic foot, 12th floor

These materials were donated by Paul Kriese to the Kent State University Department of Special Collections in July 1986. Mr. Kriese was a Kent State graduate student (1969-73) who was present at the university during the tragic events that took place in May of 1970. He was also part of the "recovery" of the student body, the faculty, the university and the community. His papers gathered data on the aftermath of events that were reactions in underlying causes and problems resulting in a multitude of feelings (anger, fear, frustration, bitterness, sadness) and actions (violence, demonstrations).

Mr. Kriese himself was an active participant in the motions for change and promoting the right and freedom to change, sought in a non-violent fashion. Thus, the Committee for Non-Violence was established, with Mr. Kriese being the first and only chairman to serve on this committee. In the words of the committee:

"The Committee for Non-Violence is dedicated to nonviolence (not as a negative concept) and to the securing and maintaining of the right to dissent in an atmosphere of nonviolence ... Though we are dedicated to the right of dissent, we are not a direct action group. Neither are we a police or vigilante group. We provide third party services which include communication (consultation, negotiation), marshalling, and the training of marshalls for ourselves and other interested groups." Both student and faculty were encouraged to join in this effort to maintain peace and insure freedom. For more information on this committee consult Folder 6.

Another group formed during this time was the Center for Peaceful Change. This group formed out of the necessity to provide education in order to understand the "dynamics of accomplishing change". The following is a summary of their mission:

"As a living memorial to the May 4th tragedy at Kent State University, the Center for Peaceful Change is conceived and dedicated to gaining such understanding and to actively promoting the accomplishment of peaceful change in human systems, particularly universities."

For further information, consult Folder 10.

Other materials included in the collection are a study done on the university (Folder 1), statements of President White (Folder 7), newspaper & magazine clippings collected during the 1970's (Folders 3,4,5,8) and miscellaneous information pertinent to the cause for change (Folders 2,9,11).

Folder -- Contents

1 -- Goettler Study on KSU

2 -- KSU Materials

3 -- KSU Material (newspaper clippings on KSU)

4 -- Newspaper clippings on KSU

5 -- Newspaper clippings on KSU

6 -- Committee for Non-Violence

7 -- R.I. White Statement on KSU

8 -- Magazine Articles on KSU

9 -- KSU Position Papers

10 -- Center for Peaceful Change

11 -- KSU Materials