May 4 Art collection

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May 4 Art collection

Special Collections and Archives

May 4 Art collection

May 4 Art collection

May 4 Collection - Boxes 136, 137, 138, 138A, 139

Finding Aid

Prepared by Virginia Dressler, February 22, 2007. Updated by Penny White, July 2013. Last Updated: February 2020

Inclusive Dates: 1970-2003
Extent: 6 cubic feet (2 half-size record storage boxes, 1 slim document box, 2 flat oversized boxes, 4 oversized folders, oversized art works of varying sizes)
Physical Location: 11th and 12th floors; May 4 Resource Room, University Library 1st floor

Historical Note: The events and aftermath of the Kent State shootings have inspired and informed artistic works in many media and forms. Some artists produced works that reflected their personal feelings or responded to the political climate of the time, while other works were used as educational tools.

Scope and Content: This collection is primarily comprised of works of visual art related to the Kent State shootings.

Restrictions on Use: These materials are copyrighted by their respective creators.

Sponsor: Digitization of this collection was funded by the National Historical Publications and Records Commission.

Related Material

May 4 Collection - Box 136

  1. Halem, Henry, "Blind Justice," 1971
    Physical Description: Ceramic, two faces with covers over the eyes.
    Processing Note: Title of this work is uncertain as it was previously listed as "Ravenna Grand Jury II," but which is believed to have been erroneously applied to this work. Administrative files indicate that "Blind Justice" may be the title of this work.

May 4 Collection - Box 137

  1. Halem, Henry, "Ravenna Grand Jury III", 1971
    Physical Description: Ceramic, face with cover over the eyes.

May 4 Collection - Box 138

  1. Kusnir, John Paul. "May 4 Evermore," 1986
    Physical Description: Mobile of natural artifacts including shells, driftwood, feathers, pods. Hanging length of approximately 30 inches.
    Acquisitions Information: Donated by Clara Jackson, May 23, 1986.
    Restrictions on Access: Please note that this item is extremely fragile. It should not be removed from its box unless absolutely necessary. Access is provided via digital surrogate or viewing item within its container only.
    Related Materials: See Box 139 for additional information on this work and the artist.

May 4 Collection - Box 138A

  1. Miller, Jeffrey and Sandra Scheuer. "Who Is To Say?" 1970
    Physical Description: Crayon drawing on paper, 8.5 X 11 inches. Miller and Scheuer created this drawing together approximately two weeks before the shootings on May 4, 1970, in which they both were killed. Accompanied by a written narrative by Janice Reinstein Stone.
    Acquisition Information: Donated by Janice Reinstein Stone in 2007.

May 4 Collection - Box 139

  1. Kusnir, John Paul. Clippings, CV, and program, 1982; 1985; undated
    Related Materials: See Box 138 for a mobile created by Kusnir.
    Note: Kusnir's name is spelled incorrectly in the program in this file.
  2. di Donato, Jose E. Memorial sculpture, 1978
    Physical Description: Color sketch on paper.
    Scope and Content: A proposed memorial sculpture. Includes correspondence from diDonato and Brage Golding.
  3. Drawings by students from Wilkes-Barre (PA) Middle School, 1996
    Scope and Content: Includes letter from teacher providing background on the drawings.
    Physical Location: Oversized items from this folder are filed in the map case.
  4. Albert, John Joseph. "From Darkness, Light, From Death Life/Christmas Rose," March 27, 2002
    Physical Description: Painting on paper.
    Physical Location: Filed in map case.
  5. Haynie, Hugh, Editorial cartoon, 1970
    Scope and Content: Depicts four dead students on the ground with caption "...And in the Ever-widening Jungle War, U.S. Troops Pushed Forward, Inflicting Heavy Casualties." This piece ran in the Courier-Journal, Louisville, Kentucky.
    Physical Description: Mounted enlarged facsimile of cartoon, inscribed to Dean Keller by the artist.
    Physical Location: Filed in map case.
  6. Podwal, Mark, "Kent State," 2003
    Physical Description: Ink drawing.
    Physical Location: Filed in map case.
  7. Dales, Richard. "4 Dead in Ohio," 1970
    Physical Description: Metal sculpture, including rifle barrel with flower.
    Physical Location: Shelved on the 11th floor.
  8. Ikaris, Nikolas. "Ikaris sculpture," 1977
    Physical Description: Mixed media sculpture with metal peace sign affixed.
    Physical Location: Shelved on the 11th floor.
  9. Bates, Candace. "Peace: Learn It, Live It, Teach It," 2000
    Physical Description: Mixed media painting on canvas. 36 inches X 48 inches.
    Physical Location: Shelved on the 11th floor.
  10. Hartig, Al. "Kent State 1970," May 5/6, 1970
    Physical Description: Oil painting on wood, framed. 36 inches X 48 inches. Also included are four sketches, a clipping, and correspondence related to the painting.
    Physical Location: Painting is shelved on the 11th floor.
  11. Parch (?). "Untitled," undated
    Physical Description: Painting on canvas depicting the Pagoda with four red flowers in foreground. 30 inches X 36 inches.
    Physical Location: Shelved on the 11th floor.
  12. Klein, N. "Untitled," undated
    Physical Description: Mixed media (collage, paint), masonite mounted on plywood. 48 inches X 96 inches.
    Physical Location: Shelved on the 11th floor.
  13. Enckler, Terry. "Kent State," September 1970
    Physical Description: Oil painting, 36 inches X 46 inches.
    Physical Location: Shelved on the 11th floor.
    Acquisitions Note: Donated in 2011 by Joseph Cala.

Artworks located in May 4 Resource Room, University Library, 1st floor

  1. Kovic, Ron. “Kent State, April 15, 1998," 1998
    Physical Description: Painting, mixed media with American flag attached as part of the work. 60-15/16 inches X 48 -7/8 inches.
    Scope and Content: On verso of painting: “To the students of Kent State University of the Fifteenth Day of April 1998 with love and hope for everlasting peace I give this painting to you as a gift so that the memory of that day will never be forgotten. Love and peace, Ron Kovic, 1998.”
  2. Abel, Theodore (Ted) L. "Memorial Windows, May 4th, 1970: A Living Memorial," 1978
    Physical Description: Four stained glass panels. Each panel: 44-7/8 inches X 38-7/8 inches.
    Related Materials: Additional information about this work, including an artist's statement, can be found in the May 4 Resource Room papers.
  3. “Tower of Babel," 1995
    Physical Description: Intaglio print. 78-1/4 inches X 114-3/4 inches.
    Origination: This work was created collaboratively by Kent State University graduate and undergraduate printmaking students of Professor J. Noel Reifel.