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Linen & Linentex Books (box 5)

Box 5: Linen & Linentex






5-1Nursery Rhymes[1940?]----
5-3A Child's Garden of Verses193057C. M. Burd
5-4My Toys1913 101F--
5-5 My Pets1913101G--
5-6Baby's Rhymes1913102E--
5-7Book of Animals1913102G--
5-8Playmates 1913103D--
5-9Child's ABC1913 103E--
5-10 Busy Baby1913103F --
5-11Animals and Pets1913103G--
5-12The Night Before Christmas1925104--
5-13The Night Before Christmas1913104D--
5-14Big ABC Book1913104E--
5-15Big Animals Book1913104F--
5-16Ten Little Tin Soldiers1910105D--
5-17Christmas ABC1910105E--
5-18The Little Lame Squirrel1910105F--
5-18aAll Aboard!1926 106--
5-19Children's Pets1926106--
5-20Jingle ABC1926106--
5-21 Little Boys and Girlies1926106--
5-22Jingle ABC1915106D--
5-23Children's Pets1915106E--
5-25Old Mother Bunny1915107D--
5-26In the Barnyard1915107F--
5-27Tots and Toys1915 107G--
5-28 Tommy Tucker1915108D --
5-29Toodle's ABC1915108E--
5-30Doggie's Doings1915108F--
5-31Tabby Tales1915 108G--
5-32 The Tale of Peter Rabbit1928115Frances Brundage
5-33My Playmates ABC1918 245--
5-34 Nursery Pets1918245 --
5-35On the Nursery Stairs1918245--
5-36Mother Goose Pets1918245--
5-37Animal Picture Book1923319--
5-38First Object Book1923319--
5-39Chicky-Chicky 1923319--
5-40Animal Book1923 319--
5-41 My Picture Book1930320--
5-41a Ugly Ducklingn.d.652 --
5-41bSleeping Beautyn.d.653--
5-42Alice in Wonderlandn.d.654--
5-43The Three Bearsn.d. 655 --
5-44Cinderella n.d.656--
5-45Snow White and the Seven Dwarfsn.d.657--
5-46Puss-In-Bootsn.d. 658--
5-47 Little Red Riding Hoodn.d.659--
5-47a Three Little Kittens1968680--
5-48The Three Little Pigs1968681--
5-49The Three Bears1968682 Yvonne Perrin
5-50The Story of Pat, Pete and Puff1968683--
5-51Farm Friends1968684 Yvonne Perrin
5-52Peter's Adventure1968685 Yvonne Perrin
5-53A Special Day for Jeff and Joyce1968686Yvonne Perrin
5-54Sailing Jim1968687--
5-55 The ABC Book1930803 --
5-56The Big Animal Book1930803Bill Bailey
5-57Peter Rabbit Goes to School19281121Frances Brundage
5-58Peter Rabbit and His Pa19281121Frances Brundage
5-59The Book of Paper Doll Cut-Outs19272051--
5-60Paper Cut-Out Dollies19272051--
5-61The Night Before Christmasn.d.2073Frances Brundage
5-62Old Dobbin19273190--
5-63My Object Book19273190--
5-64Baby's Book19273190--
5-65Out in the Country19273190--

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