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KSU Buildings and Grounds photographs

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KSU Buildings and Grounds photographs

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Special Collections and Archives

KSU Buildings and Grounds photographs

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Kent State University Buildings and Grounds photographs

Finding Aid

Prepared by Barbara Bass, April 21, 2002; Updated April 2021; Last updated: June 2023
5 record storage boxes, 5 cubic feet, 11th floor

Scope and Content: This is a collection of selected photographs and photographic slides of Kent State University buildings, arranged alphabetically by building name. Also included are some aerial images of campuses and campus renderings.

Related Material: A large number of buildings and grounds photographs from this collection and other sources have been scanned and are included in our Kent State History: Digital Archive of historical Kent State University photographs and maps. Please search or browse that digital collection for images of Kent State buildings and grounds. If you need assistance in locating images of Kent State buildings not found in this collection or the Kent State University History digital archive, please contact Special Collections and Archives for assistance.

See also the related collection Kent State Univerisity Buildings and Grounds subject files for additional information.

Box 1
Folder -- Contents

  1. Administration Building
  2. Aerials of campus
  3. Aerials of campus
  4. Aerials of campus
  5. Aerials of campus
  6. Aerial drawing (rendering) of campus expansion, oversized poster, circa 1960
    Acquisitions Note: Gift of George M. Dzurik
    Physical Location: 11th floor oversized map case
  7. Agassiz House
  8. Airport
  9. Allyn Hall
  10. Allerton Apartments (Married Student Housing)
  11. Art Building
  12. Art Building construction
  13. Athletic Fields, Summit Street
  14. Barracks
  15. Beall-McDowell (Twin Towers)
  16. Blossom: Porthouse Theater
  17. Bookstore (located in Student Center)
  18. Bowman Hall
  19. Business Administration Building
  20. Business Administration Building
  21. Cunningham Hall
  22. Curtiss House (SEE Williamson Alumni Center)
  23. Dale Terrace Apartments
  24. DeWeese Health Center
  25. Dix Stadium
  26. Dunbar Hall
  27. Eastway Center
  28. Eastway Center
  29. Eastway Center and Twin Towers
  30. Eastway Drive
  31. The Ellipse, the walkway between Merrill Hall and the Heating Plant
  32. Engleman Hall
  33. Engleman Hall construction

Box 2
Folder -- Contents

  1. Field House
  2. Fletcher and Manchester Halls
  3. Franklin Hall
  4. Franklin Hall and McGilvrey Halls
  5. GlenMorris Student Apartments
  6. Gym Annex
  7. Gym Annex
  8. Heating Plant
  9. Henderson Hall
  10. Ice Arena
  11. Jennings Woods
  12. Johnson Hall
  13. Johnson and Stopher Halls
  14. Kent Hall
  15. Koonce Hall (part of Tri-Towers)
  16. Korb Hall
  17. Lake Hall
  18. Lake-Olson Halls
  19. Leebrick Hall (part of Tri-Towers)
  20. Library Building
  21. Library Building
  22. Library Building construction
  23. Library Building interiors
  24. Library Building interiors
  25. Lilac Lane (behind Oscar Ritchie and Engleman Halls)
  26. Lowry Hall
  27. Lowry Hall construction
  28. Lowry and Merrill Halls
  29. Lowry Hall, Merrill Hall, Administration Building and Kent Hall

Box 3
Folder -- Contents

  1. Mathematical Sciences Building
  2. MACC (Memorial Athletic and Convocation Center)
  3. May 4th Memorial
  4. McDowell Hall
  5. McGilvrey Hall
  6. McSweeney Hall
  7. Memorial Field
  8. Memorial Gym
  9. Memorial Gym interiors
  10. Memorial Stadium
  11. Merrill Hall
  12. Merrill Hall
  13. Merrill Hall construction
  14. Michael Schwartz Center (formerly University School)
  15. Moulton Hall
  16. Music and Speech Building
  17. Music and Speech Building
  18. Musselman Hall
  19. Newman Center
  20. Nixson Hall
  21. Olson Hall
  22. Oscar Ritchie Hall (formerly old Student Union)
  23. Parking Lots
  24. Power Plant
  25. Power Plant, Boiler #1 Upgrade Project, 1990
  26. Prentice Gate
  27. Prentice Gate
  28. Prentice Hall
  29. Prentice, Dunbar, and Verder Halls
  30. Riley Alumni Garden
  31. Risman Plaza (including original fountain)
  32. Risman Plaza (including original fountain)
  33. The Rock (front campus)
  34. Rockwell Hall (former library)
  35. Rockwell Hall construction of addition, 1957
    Acquisitions Note: These photographs and negatives were donated by Ginnie Browne (Archives No. 2008.45).
  36. Rockwell Hall with Addition
  37. Rockwell Hall aerials
  38. Rockwell Hall renovations for Museum and School of Fashion
  39. Rockwell Hall interiors (library interiors)

Box 4
Folder -- Contents

  1. Satterfield Hall
  2. Scultpure and public Artworks (including Partially Buried Woodshed and Solar Totem)
  3. Small Group Housing
  4. Smith Hall
  5. Stockdale Building
  6. Stopher Hall
  7. Student Center
  8. Student Center construction
  9. Student Center interiors (including Schwebel Room restaurant)
  10. Summit Street and Hilltop Drive construction
  11. Taylor Hall
  12. Taylor Hall
  13. Tennis Courts
  14. Terrace Archway
  15. Terrace Hall
  16. Terrace Hall
  17. Terrace and White Halls
  18. Tri-Towers (Koonce, Leebrick and Wright Halls)
  19. University Supply Center
  20. Van Campen Hall
  21. Van Deusen Hall
  22. Verder Hall
  23. Victory Bell
  24. White Hall
  25. White Hall
  26. Williams Hall
  27. Williamson Alumni Center (formerly Curtiss House)
    Scope and Content: Includes several historical photographs of the house before, during and shortly after it was renovated (circa 1940-42) to be the KSU President's residence.
  28. WKSU Building

Box 5
Folder -- Contents

Kent State University Regional Campuses

  1. Regional Campuses, general
  2. Ashtabula Campus
  3. East Liverpool Campus
  4. Geauga Campus
  5. Salem Campus
  6. Stark Campus
    Scope and Content: Includes three folders of photographs taken systematically to document the construction of the Stark Campus, dating from 1966 through 1967.
  7. Trumbull Campus
  8. Tuscarawas Campus