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Kokoon Arts Club and Philip Kaplan papers

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Kokoon Arts Club and Philip Kaplan papers

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Special Collections and Archives

Kokoon Arts Club and Philip Kaplan papers

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Kokoon Arts Club and Philip Kaplan papers

Finding Aid

Prepared by Ron Antonucci, December 17, 1996; revised and added to by Edith Serkownek, July 2011; Last Updated: October 2020

Inclusive Dates: 1918-1986
Bulk Dates: 1923-1938
Extent: 14 cubic feet (13 boxes: 2 record storage boxes, 1 document box, 5 costume boxes, 1 flat box, 1 oversized flat box, 3 small storage boxes)
Physical Location: 11th floor

Historical Note: The Kokoon Arts Club was founded in 1911 by a group of young Cleveland artists including William Sommer, Carl Moellmann, Morris Grossman, Elmer Brubeck, and Harry Stebner. According to James Shelley's article in The Gamut, the organization's inspiration and aims were based largely "on the bohemian spirit of the Kit Kat Klub in New York." The club's roster would later note that the name derived from "the lowly cocoon...forerunner of the beautiful butterfly (in) hope that from this small beginning something of beauty should develop and emerge." The club was intended to give members the opportunity to exercise their individual artistic aims. Members held classes with live models, exhibited their work and the work of others in the club's gallery spaces and went on summer sketching trips.

The fledgling club held its first Bal Masque in the winter of 1913 in hopes "of replenishing the coffers." It would be the first of many. The annual costume bal became a popular, if notorious event that kept the Kokoon Arts Club in the spotlight well into the 1930s. The Bals were publicized using handbills and lavish, often daring, poster art. Several of these posters and excellent examples of the members' artwork -- some original -- are included in the collection. The club also held highly successful art auctions, curb marts and other parties and events.

The club moved its headquarters frequently during the early years: to Superior Avenue near Public Square in 1912; to Euclid Avenue near Huron in 1919; to "the old Schofield home" at 2121 East 21st Street in 1921 where it remained until 1930, when the club bought "the former Van Camp home" on East 40th Street.

Membership in the Kokoon Arts Club began to decline in the 1940s. The last Kokoon Arts Club Bal was held in 1946, although the club officially continued on for another decade.

Biographical Note: Philip Kaplan was born in Grodno, Russia in 1903 and came to the United States with his family in 1911. Eventually settling in Cleveland, Kaplan left school after eighth grade and began working a number of different jobs. At 19, Kaplan discovered Richard Laukhuff's bookshop and through it developed an avid interest in the European and American artistic and literary movements of the day. Attending evening classes at the Cleveland School of Art and at the Kokoon Arts Club prepared him to begin working as a professional artist. In the late 1920s and 1930s Kaplan worked as a decorative painter, painting murals in homes, schools and business in Cleveland, Pittsburgh and elsewhere. He also worked as an amateur photographer and lithographer. Kaplan received awards in the Cleveland Museum of Art's annual May shows in 1929 and 1930. In 1933 he married Esther Rose and their daughter, Luba, was born in 1935.

Kaplan joined the Kokoon Arts Club in in 1925 and became a very active member, serving in a number of posts including secretary (1927) and president (1932). According to his own notes, Kaplan left the Kokoon Arts Club in the late 1930s following an incident in which a fellow member, Rudolf Schatz, spread an anti-semitic leaflet around the club. Kaplan wrote a protest letter, but few club members supported his response, most feeling it was better to ignore the original leaflet. During his time in Cleveland, Philip Kaplan established many connections with area artists and those involved in arts and literature. He exchanged correspondence with and received examples of others' work often in the form of hand-made cards, photographs, invitations, playbills and catalogs. In 1939 Kaplan moved to New York City, where he worked for commercial printing firms until his retirement in 1965. He died in California in 1990 at age 87.

Scope and Content: The Kokoon Arts Club papers include costumes, correspondence, invitations, newspaper clippings, photographs and posters which document the club's activities during in the 1920s and 30s. The material was collected by Kaplan during the period when he was most active in the club. This collection also includes correspondence, drawing, sketches and prints, newspaper clippings and photographs relating to Kaplan's own artistic career and activities and those of his friends, many of whom were important locally and nationally-known artists including William Sommer and Russell "Butch" Limbach.

Arrangement: The collection has been organized into the following series and subseries.

Related Materials: For additional information on Philip Kaplan see also the Philip Kaplan and Hermine Laukhuff papers. See also the Joseph Garramone Kokoon Arts Club collection for information on additional Kokoon Arts Club materials.

Acquisition Information: Papers pertaining to Philip Kaplan and the Kokoon Arts Club (or Klub) of Cleveland were given to the Department of Special Collections and Archives in 1994, by Luba Paz of Los Angeles with additions made in 2004. Paz is the daughter of the late Philip Kaplan, a Cleveland artist and past Kokoon Arts Club president. 


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Box 1
Folder -- Contents

Series 1: Kokoon Arts Club: General

Scope and Content: Kokoon Arts Club material including correspondence, membership information, invitations, photographs and newspaper clippings organized chronologically. Material pertaining to the annual Kokoon Arts Club Artists' Curb Marts and the Bal Masques has been organized separately.
Physical Location: Oversized materials are filed in the oversized map case.

  1. Membership brochure: Card with Kokoon Arts Klub membership information: [circa 1918]
  2. Correspondence: Harold F. Weston to Maurice Cornell regarding an exhibition of Weston's paintings: March 16 and 23, 1923
  3. Correspondence: Partial letter from [unreadable] Hanley regarding an exhibition of Hanley's work: August 25, 1925
  4. Invitation: Exhibition of etchings by E.T. Hurley of Cincinnati: September 14, [1925]
  5. Invitation and newspaper clipping: Exhibition of Kokoon Arts Club members' summer sketches: October 12, [1925]
  6. Invitation [January 25, 1926] and newspaper clipping [January 31, 1926]: Exhibition of Kokoon Arts Club members' work.
  7. Invitation: Exhibition of William Sommer's paintings: March 29, 1926
    Related Materials: See also Box 10, Individual artist files, William Sommer.
  8. Invitation: "Artists' Nite": May 24, [1927]
  9. Invitation: "33 Cleveland Artists Photographed by Albert Duval": October 16, [1927]
    Related Materials: See also Box 10, Individual artist files, Albert Duval.
  10. Invitation: Halloween party: October 29, [1927]
  11. Invitation: New Year's party: December 31, [1927]
  12. Photograph: "Summer House of Kokoon Club, Valley View" with Philip Kaplan and Gus Leysens in costume: 1928
  13. Photographs: "Kokoon Club activities for party" with costumed members and handpainted backdrops: [circa 1928]
  14. Invitation and ticket: Annual Auction of the Kokoon Artists: December 5, 6 and 7, 1929
  15. Photographic postcard (2 copies): Philip Kaplan, Russell Limbach and Arthur Tilgner in Euclid Beach novelty photograph: 1929
  16. Invitation (2 copies) and copystand photograph of print used for invitation (2 copies): Annual Auction of the Kokoon Artists: December 4, 5 and 6, 1930
    Related Materials: See also Box 10, Individual artist files, William Sommer.
  17. Correspondence: Will A. Dahringe (?) sent to Kokoon Arts Club: 1930
  18. Invitation: Exhibition of advertising literature, courtesy of the Strathmore Paper Company: December 6, [between 1921-1930]
  19. Booklet (2 copies): Merian, Louis H. Kokoon Arts Club Narrative and Roster. Includes history of the club, list of presidents, officers, committees, members and advertisements: January, 1931
  20. Correspondence: Letter to Kokoon Arts Club members announcing the results of the Annual Election of Officers: [May, 1931]
  21. Invitation (2 copies): Exhibition of watercolors made in Coboconk, Canada by Rolf Stoll, Joseph Jicha, Fred Rentschler and John Anderson: September 28, [1931]
  22. Invitation (4 copies): Annual Auction of the Kokoon Artists: December 3, 4 and 5, 1931
  23. Newspaper and magazine clippings: Philip Kaplan's election as Kokoon Arts Club president: May, 1932 and undated
  24. Correspondence: Paul M. Pearson, Governor of the Virgin Islands, and Philip Kaplan regarding paintings and handicrafts from the Virgin Islands to be exhibited at the Kokoon Arts Club: September-October, 1932
  25. Brochure: "Announcing a Lending Collection of Works of Art" from Potter and Mellen, Inc. includes material juried by Kaplan, president of Kokoon Arts Club: [circa 1932]
  26. Invitation (4 copies): "Echo" party: March 4, [1933]
  27. Invitation (4 copies): April Fool's party: April 1, [1933]
  28. Magazine clipping: Bystander clipping reviewing an E.E. Cummings book, EIMI, noting his exhibit of paintings at the Kokoon Arts Club the previous year: April 22, 1933
  29. Invitation (9 copies): Costume party: May 6, 1933
  30. Newspaper clipping: "Oh, yes, Cleveland's a model city. . .in more ways than one," Cleveland Plain Dealer: Article about artists' models: May 21, 1933
  31. Invitation and newspaper clipping: Annual Auction of the Kokoon Artists: December 14 and 15, 1933
  32. Flyer (3 copies) and note: Flyer, "Fascism Introduced to the Kokoon Arts Club," and a note by Kaplan. The flyer is a protest letter addressing the spreading of an anti-semitic leaflet by Rudolf Schatz, a Kokoon Arts Club Member. Kaplan notes that the "protest letter was responsible for my leaving the Kokoon Club": [circa 1936-1939]
  33. Photograph: Kokoon Arts Club group photograph with individuals identified: [1930s]
  34. Postcard: Kokoon Arts Club, "Notice, Associate Members cards available": 1950
  35. Constitution and By-Laws (2 copies): Kokoon Arts Club: undated
  36. Invitation (2 copies): Exhibition of paintings, watercolors, drawings and lithographs by Carl Binder: September, [post-1930]
  37. Invitation (2 copies): Exhibition of drawings by Donald Corley: April, [post-1930]
  38. Invitation: Exhibition "99 Pictures by Butch Limbach": [post-1930]
    Related Materials: See also Box 10, Individual artist files, Russell "Butch" Limbach.
  39. Invitation (5 copies, each hand watercolored): "An Evening in Soochow" a collection of Chinese paintings, embroideries and curios collection by Thomas H. Tang in 1926: undated
  40. Magazine clippings: Annual Kokoon Arts Club auctions: undated
  41. Newspaper clippings: Misc. Kokoon Arts Club activities: undated
  42. Photograph: Albert Duval photograph of Kokoon Arts Club members Philip Kaplan, Oscar Liener and Ignace Walasek in front of painting: undated
    Related Materials: See also Box 10, Individual artist files, Albert Duval.
  43. Photographs: Albert Duval photographs of Kokoon Arts Club models in costumes, some possibly for Kokoon Artist auction (?): June Conrad, Ruth Dryer, Dolores Kammerer, Jewel Milne and Loraine Wientjes: undated: Related Materials: See also Box 10, Individual artist files, Albert Duval.
  44. Photographic transparency: Philip Kaplan holding up painting during a Kokoon Arts Club auction (?): undated
  45. Photograph (photocopy): Kokoon Arts Club Halloween (?) party with Philip Kaplan: undated
  46. Photograph: Group of men with paintings, possibly Kokoon Arts Club auction or exhibition (?): undated
  47. Photographs: "Kokoon Artists Studio Party" with members and models; Gustav Blass, Joy Cunningham, Eve Marquardt and Rudy Snayder: October 8, undated
  48. Photograph: "Kokoon Club Gallery, Members' Show": undated

Series 2: Kokoon Arts Club: Artists' Curb Mart

Arrangement: Kokoon Arts Club annual Artists' Curb Mart material organized chronologically.
Scope and Content: This material includes minutes, correspondence, newspaper clippings, photographs and publicity.
Physical Location: Oversized material is filed in the oversized map case.

  1. Artists' Curb Mart: Minutes: Meeting with representatives of organizations involved in Artists' Curb Mart: July 13, 1932
  2. Artists' Curb Mart: Newspaper clippings [July, 1932] and cover of The Bystander: Cleveland's Pictorial News Magazine with picture of Artists' Curb Market [July 16, 1932]
  3. Artists' Curb Mart: Photograph: [July 20], 1932
  4. Artists' Curb Mart: Report of expenditures, income and disbursements, 3 pgs.: August 8 and 9, 1933
  5. Artists' Curb Mart: Newspaper clippings: [August, 1933]
  6. Artists' Curb Mart: Correspondence and minutes: Annual Curb Mart Bulletin postcard calling meeting of involved organizations and minutes of meeting: July 2, 1934
  7. Artists' Curb Mart: Contract: Rental contract for Danceland: July 2, 1934
  8. Artists' Curb Mart: Publicity: Authorization to hire Stanley S. Friedman and Associates to organize Artists' Curb Mart publicity: July 9, 1934
  9. Artists' Curb Mart: Publicity: Publicity Bulletin: July 9, 1934
  10. Artists' Curb Mart: Correspondence: Philip Kaplan to Carl D. Friebolin: July 31, 1934
  11. Artists' Curb Mart: Correspondence: Harry L. Davis, Mayor of Cleveland, to Philip Kaplan: August 8, 1934
  12. Artist's Curb Mart: Scripts: Broadcast scripts by Kaplan promoting Artists' Curb Mart on WGAR: August 15 and 16, 1934
  13. Artists' Curb Mart: Correspondence: Stanley S. Friedman to Philip Kaplan: August 15, 1934
  14. Artists' Curb Mart: Correspondence: Stanley S. Friedman to Philip Kaplan including a Publicity Report: August 20, 1934
  15. Artists' Curb Mart: Newspaper clippings [August, 1934] and copy of All Aboard!: The Cleveland Railway Company [August 11, 1934]
  16. Artists' Curb Mart: Watercolor sketch: "Artists Daze are here again" used for poster: [1934]
    Related Materials: See also 11th floor Map case, Artists' Curb Mart posters.
  17. Artists' Curb Mart: Photographs: Kokoon Arts Club artists Gus Blass, Dan Halas, William Hein, Milton Herbst, Joseph Jicha, August Leysens and William Patterson painting backdrops for the Artists' Curb Mart (?): undated

Series 3: Kokoon Arts Club: Bal Masque

Arrangement: Kokoon Arts Club's annual Bal Masque material organized chronologically.
Scope and Content: This material includes invitations, programs, tickets, newspaper clippings and photographs.
Physical Location: Oversized material is filed in the oversized map case.

  1. Bal Masque: Ticket: January 20, 1922
  2. Bal Masque: "Our Bishop speaks and we take heed": Unsigned letter from Kokoon Arts Klub regarding the denunciation of the annual Bal Masque: [circa 1922-1923]
  3. Bal Masque: Photograph: February 29, 1924
  4. Bal Masque: Souvenir program: February 29, 1924
  5. Bal Masque: Ticket: February 29, 1924
  6. Bal Masque: Photographs: February 6, 1925
  7. Bal Masque: Souvenir program and envelope: February 6, 1925
  8. Bal Masque: Ribbon: "Member": [circa February 6, 1925]
  9. Bal Masque: Ticket: February 6, 1925
  10. Bal Masque: Photographs: February 5, 1926
    Related Materials: See also Box 3 and 4, Costumes.
  11. Bal Masque: Ticket (2 copies): February 5, 1926
  12. Bal Masque: Costume sketch: Watercolor and pencil: Kaplan note, "My first Bal costume, 1926"
    Related Materials: See also Box 3, Costumes
  13. Golden Bal Masque: Bal information and reservation brochure (3 copies): January 28, 1927
  14. Golden Bal Masque: Newspaper and magazine clippings: [January, 1927]
  15. Golden Bal Masque: Ticket (3 copies, 2 tops and 1 bottom): January 28, 1927
  16. Bal des Arts: Bookmark (3 copies, 1 dated, 2 undated): January 20, 1928
  17. Bal des Arts: Ticket (2 copies): January 20, 1928
  18. Bal Dynamique: Newspaper clippings: January 5, 1929 and undated
  19. Bal Dynamique: Bookmark (2 copies): February 8, 1929
  20. Bal Dynamique: Photographs and negative of Danceland exterior decorated for Bal: February 8, 1929
    Related Materials: See also oversized map case for architectural elevation.
  21. Bal Dynamique: Copystand photograph of Bal poster (2 copies): February 8, 1929
  22. Bal Dynamique: Ribbon: "Member Bal Dynamique-1929": February 8, 1929
  23. Bal Dynamique: Ticket (2 copies, 1 top and 1 complete): February 8, 1929
  24. Bal Bizarre: Ribbon: "Bal Bizarre Member": February 7, 1930
  25. Bal Bizarre: Copystand photograph of Bal poster (2 copies): February 7, 1930
  26. Bal Papillon: Invitation to preview Bal Papillon costumes by the Commodore Costume Company: January 30, 1931
  27. Bal Papillon: Bookmark (2 copies): February 13, 1931
  28. Bal Papillon: Photographs: February 13, 1931
    Related Materials: See also Box 3 and 5, Costumes.
  29. Bal Papillon: Ticket: February 13, 1931
  30. Bal Papillon: Newspaper clipping with photographs of costumes: February 22, 1931
    Related Materials: See also Box 3 and 5, Costumes.
  31. Members Masque: Copystand photograph of Bal poster (2 copies): February 6, 1932
  32. "Once in a Blue Moon" Kokoon Artists Masquette: Envelope: [February 18, 1933]
  33. "Once in a Blue Moon" Kokoon Artists Masquette (?): Flyer: "The Kokoon Artists "Bal Masquette" will be catered by Regnatz" (4 copies): [circa February 18, 1933]
  34. "Once in a Blue Moon" Kokoon Artists Masquette: Information and reservation flyer (4 copies): February 18, 1933
  35. "Once in a Blue Moon" Kokoon Artists Masquette: Invitation (2 copies): February 18, 1933
  36. "Once in a Blue Moon" Kokoon Artists Masquette: Newspaper clippings: January 16, 1958 (retrospective) and undated
  37. "Once in a Blue Moon" Kokoon Artists Masquette: Photograph of woman holding a Once in a Blue Moon poster: [circa February 18, 1933]
  38. Bal Risque: Information and reservation flyer: February 24, 1934
  39. Bal Risque: Photographs: Philip Kaplan and Esther (Rose) Kaplan: February 24, 1934
    Related Materials: See also Box 5 and 6, Costumes
  40. Bal Artistique: Newspaper clipping: [March, 1935]
  41. Bal Artistique: Photograph (photocopy): March 1, 1935
    Related Materials: See also Box 8, Costumes.
  42. Black Light Bal: Press release for Black Light Bal, "Black Light Bal" Theme to be Pageantry of Light! : [February, 1938]
    Related Materials: See also Box 1, Luminescent paint files.
  43. Black Light Bal: Press release for Black Light Bal, Kokoon Artists to Paint with Light for 25th 'Bal Masque!' (2 copies): [February, 1938]
    Related Materials: See also Box 1, Luminescent paint files.
  44. Black Light Bal: newspaper clipping: [March, 1938]
  45. Black Light Bal: Photographs: Women in black-light costumes: [March 12, 1938]
  46. Black Light Bal: Photograph (photocopy): Philip Kaplan and Esther (Rose) Kaplan: [March 12, 1938]
    Related Materials: See also Box 6 and 7, Costumes.
  47. Ball Masques: Envelope: [Between 1921-1930]
  48. Ball Masques: Newspaper clipping: undated
  49. Ball Masques: Photographs: undated
  50. Ball Masques: Ribbon: Piece of red ribbon: undated

Series 4: Kokoon Arts Club: Luminescent paint files

Scope and Content: Material related to the use of luminescent (black-light and Day-Glo) paint. This material may have been collected by Philip Kaplan as part of the Kokoon Arts Club's experiments with the use of luminescent paint, most notably in the decorations and costumes for the club's 1938, Black Light Bal. This material includes luminescent paint product information and articles, photographs of advertising billboards employing luminescent paint and photographs of club members experimenting with luminescent products.

  1. Photographs: Kokoon Arts Club members and models decorated in luminescent cold cream: Note on the back, "Early experiment with Day-Glo (Cold Cream) in 1936-1937": 19 roughly 3.5" x 4.5" photographs: 1936-1937
  2. Photographs: Paintings and collage (?) under normal lighting conditions and under black-light: [1930s]
  3. Photographs: Advertising billboards under normal lighting conditions and under black-light revealing a hidden message or images: Products advertised are Apex Ice and Fuel Company, The City Ice and Fuel Company, The Cleveland Ice and Fuel Company, General Electric Products, Gilmore Red Lion Gasoline, Kool Cigarettes, Mazda Lamps, Morton's Salt, P.O.C. Beer, Warner Brothers and White Automobiles: [1930s]
  4. Photographs: Advertising billboards under normal lighting conditions and under black-light revealing a hidden message or images: Products advertised are Apex Ice and Fuel Company, The City Ice and Fuel Company, The Cleveland Ice and Fuel Company, General Electric Products, Gilmore Red Lion Gasoline, Kool Cigarettes, Mazda Lamps, Morton's Salt, P.O.C. Beer, Warner Brothers and White Automobiles: [1930s]
  5. Promotional bulletin from the Black-Ray Lighting Company for Quartz-Arc lamps and photograph of luminescent material under normal lighting conditions and under Quartz-Arc light: [1930s]
  6. Press Release for Conti-Glo luminescent paint from the Continental Lithograph Corporation (2 copies): [1930s]
  7. Promotional material for Conti-Glo luminescent paint from the Continental Lithograph Corporation: Folder with color chart, loose color chart, envelope and two labels: [1930s]
  8. Misc. material relating to luminescent paint: Stroblight Company U.V. Color chart, paper packaging for Wonderlite Filter Flood Lamps and photograph of a General Electric light fixture (?): [1930s]
  9. Article: Wical, Noel. "Joe and Bob Swizer Gain Success by Letting Others be Manufacturers," reprinted from Advertising Age. October 26, 1953. Handwritten notes by Kaplan on article, "Note--I played an important part in the development of Day-Glo. Used it at Kokoon Costume Bal etc. Sold [unreadable]." and "Note- I helped develop this product in Cleveland in 1936-1938, worked with [unreadable] men."

Series 5: Kokoon Arts Club: Model and Burlesque photographs

Arrangement: Organized by name of individual or photographer.

  1. Bowie, Andree: Photograph: Nude woman: Signed "To Philip Kaplan, The only man in the world. I love you now and forever." Kaplan note- "Model at Kokoon Club": November 12, 1930
  2. H. Koss, Commercial and Theatrical Photography: Photographs: Draped and costumed women: Notes on backs: "Burlesque Queen", "She" and "Peaches" : [1928-1934]
  3. The John W. Howard Co: Photographs: Masked, draped and costumed women: undated
  4. Unidentified: Photograph: Draped woman: "Speed Girls" stamped on back: undated
  5. Unidentified: Photograph: Draped woman: undated

Series 6: Oversized Materials

Subseries 6A: Kokoon Arts Club: Oversized material: General

Scope and Content: Oversized Kokoon Arts Club posters, invitations, and papers organized chronologically. Oversized Artists' Curb Mart and the Bal Masque material has been organized separately.
Physical Location: Filed in the oversized map case.

Box 1
Folder -- Content

  1. Invitation: "A Ragged Nite" Halloween party: 18" x 17": October 31, 1925
  2. Poster: "A Ragged Nite" Halloween party: 24" x 24": October 31, 1925
  3. Invitation: Halloween party: 11" x 15": October 30, [1926]
  4. Invitation: "Hollywood Party": 10" x 13": January 22, [1938]
  5. Invitation: "Tia Juana Night": 13" x 10": April 2, [1927]
  6. Invitation (2 copies): Halloween party: 16" x 10 1/4": November 1, [1930]
  7. Invitation: "Tropical Nite" costume party: 10" x 13 1/4": April 11, 1931
  8. Poster: "Tropical Nite" costume party: 14 1/4" x 18 1/2": April 11, [1931]
  9. Invitation: "Kokoon Klondike Knite": 17 1/2" x 12": October 3, 1931
  10. Poster: Harvest Festival: 21" x 26:: September 29, [1934]
  11. Invitation: Halloween party: 14 3/4" x 11": November 3, [1934]
  12. Broadside/Newspaper: Spazum: 21" x 13 1/4": undated
  13. Invitation: Halloween party: 10 1/2" x 16 1/2": October 29, undated
  14. Poster: "Halloween Costume Party": 9 1/2" X 13": November 1, undated Note: This item was donated by Shirley T. Wajda.

Subseries 6B: Kokoon Arts Club: Oversized material: Artists' Curb Mart

  1. Artists' Curb Mart: Poster: 41" x 27": July 20, [1932]
  2. Artists' Curb Mart: Poster: "Souvenir Map of the Second Annual Cleveland Artists Curb Market- Carnival of American Art": 17" x 13": August 8, 1933
  3. Artists' Curb Mart: Poster: 41" x 27": August 8, [1933]
  4. [Artists' Curb Mart] Artists' Daze: Poster (3 copies): 41" x 27": August 17, [1934]

Subseries 6C: Kokoon Arts Club: Oversized material: Ball Masque

  1. Bal Masque: Poster: 39 3/4" x 26": February 6, [1925]
  2. Bal Masque: Poster: 33 1/2" x 24": February 5, 1926
  3. [Golden Bal Masque] Midas: Poster (2 copies): 25" x 38": January 28, 1927
  4. Bal des Arts: Poster (2 copies): 37 1/2" x 23": January 20, 1928
  5. Bal Dynamique: Architectural elevation of Danceland exterior: 20 1/2" x 29 1/2": [February 8, 1929]
  6. Bal Dynamique: Poster: 22" x 16": February 8, 1929
  7. Bal Dynamique: Newspaper or periodical clipping: Costume designs for Bal (2 copies): 14" x 9 1/2": [February, 1929]
  8. Bal Bizarre: Poster: 21" x 14": February 7, 1930
  9. Bal Papillon: Poster (6 copies): 20" x 14": February 13, 1931
  10. Members Masque: Poster (2 copies): 17 1/2" x 12 1/2": February 6, 1932
  11. Once in a Blue Moon Masquette: Poster: 19 x 14 1/2": February 18, 1933
  12. Bal Risque: Poster: 36 3/4" x 27": February 24, 1934
  13. Bal Artistique: Poster: 21" x 14 1/2": March 1, 1935
  14. Costume sketch: Watercolor: "The Watsit": Notes on back: "Kokoon Bal," "$50" and "Ralph Masters Brown, 1728 E. 116th Pl. Suite I or The Cleveland School of Art": 14" x 11": undated

Series 7: Scarab Club: Oversized posters

Scope and Content: Scarab Club posters. These posters may be from a Detroit arts club similar to the Kokoon Arts Club in its history and aims.

  1. Bal Bizarre: Poster: 18" x 12": January 23, 1930
  2. Bal Sheherazade: Poster: 24" x 9": January 10, 1933

Series 8: Kokoon Arts Club: Artifacts

Box 2
Folder -- Content

  1. Bal Dynamique: Plaque painted gold (broken and repaired): February 8, 1929
  2. Bal Dynamique: Plaque painted green: February 8, 1929
  3. Bal Bizarre: Plaque: Unpainted: February 7, 1930
  4. Bal Papillon: Plaque painted green and black with attached ribbon: February 13, 1931

Series 9: Kokoon Arts Club: Costumes

Box 3
Folder -- Content

Bal Masque: February 5, 1926: Man's costume worn by Philip Kaplan: 1 piece

  1. Cape: Circular painted cape. The cape is painted in three vertical sections of purple, orange and blue-green. Each color section is painted in horizontal stripes changing in value from light at the top of the cape to dark at the bottom (example: Light purple stripes at the top moving to dark purple stripes at the bottom.) The cape is lined with white cotton.

Bal Papillon: February 13, 1931: Woman's head-dress worn by Esther Rose (Kaplan): 1 piece

  1. Head-dress: Woman's head-dress with large vertical oval crown (no brim) made from stiffened mesh. Head-dress painted silver with one purple and one red chevron stripe.

Box 4
Folder -- Content

Bal Masque: February 5, 1926: Man's costume worn by unidentified individual: 3 pieces

  1. Shirt: Patterned cotton shirt with low neckline; double-breasted snap closure with decorative brass buttons (some missing). Attached yellow cotton sleeves with brown diagonally-striped ribbons. Neck and cuffs finished with brown ribbon.
  2. Pantaloons: Pantaloons made of multicolored horizontal cotton strips with brown ribbon covering the join of each strip. Hook-and-eye waist closure. Finished with elastic at the legs.
  3. Spats: Purple cotton spats with snap closures; Decorated with four rows of round brass buttons and edged with brown ribbon.

Box 5
Folder -- Content

Bal Papillon: February 13, 1931 and Bal Risque: February 24, 1934: Man's costume worn by Philip Kaplan: 4 pieces. The shirt and pantaloons of this costume were worn by Philip Kaplan at both the 1931 and the 1934 Bals. Hand painted musicians and musical notes were added to the pantaloons and black pompons were sewn on the arm of the shirt for the 1934 Bal. The cummerbund was used only in the 1931 Bal and the beret was used only at 1934 Bal.

  1. Shirt: Green cotton shirt with one sleeve and hook-and-eye side-closure. Black yarn pompons sewn on sleeve. Strip of silk orange and yellow striped fabric sewn on to create left shoulder (fabric used also on pantaloons).
  2. Pantaloons: Silk orange and yellow striped pantaloons with musicians and musical notes hand painted in black. The pantaloons are finished at the waist and the legs with elastic. Silk very fragile with some small holes.
  3. Cummerbund: Cotton cummerbund made of orange and red vertical strips sewn together. The cummerbund uses a hook-and-eye closure.
  4. Hat: Blue felt beret. Photographs of the costume shows a pompon has been removed from the top.

Boxes 6-7
Folder -- Content

Bal Risque: February 24, 1934 and Black Light Bal: March 12, 1938: Woman's Pied Piper costume worn by Esther (Rose) Kaplan: 5 pieces. The toy plastic rats appear to have been added to the costume for the 1938 Black Light Bal. The plastic rats and the women's shoes are painted with luminescent paint that glows under black-light.

  1. Dress: Purple and ivory striped silk dress with hand-painted clefs and musical notes. Plastic rats have been tied to the dress with pieces of blue yarn. Only one rat remains attached to the dress. Silk is stained and shattering in places.
  2. Fabric pieces: Two small, roughly triangular pieces of purple and ivory silk fabric. One piece has musical notes painted on it and pieces of blue yarn attached. One piece undecorated.
  3. Wig: Light blue looped yarn wig on stiffened fabric mesh.
  4. Shoes: A pair of woman's high-heeled shoes, hand painted green with luminescent paint. Label: "The Forsythe Shoe."
  5. Toy rats: Ten hard rubber rats, hand-painted with luminescent paint. Six rats are painted red and four rats are painted yellow-green. Many of the tails have broken off. These toys would have originally been tied to the dress.

Box 8
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Bal Artistique: March 1, 1935: Man's costume worn by Philip Kaplan: 1 piece.

  1. Union suit: Men's white, wool long-underwear hand painted with images including a woman's face inside a heart with an arrow through it, a turkey dinner, apples, ribs, a fig leaf and a vampire bat. The left leg is painted with vertical stripes and the right leg is painted with horizontal stripes. Small multi-colored felt circles are glued to the arms. A number of felt circles have fallen off. Tag: "The LeConte Tailor Made Elastic-Rib."

Bal Artistique: March 1, 1935: Woman's costume worn by Esther (Rose) Kaplan: 3 pieces.

  1. Pants: Woman's black satin rayon pants with pieces of green, red and blue satin 'flames' sewn on the legs and vertical zippers at the hem.
  2. Halter: White rayon halter top with snaps at the back and neck. Top has decorative multi-colored rolled hem at the neck and back. Photographs show the top would have been knotted or cinched at the bust and at the shoulders creating a bra-like silhouette.
  3. Hat: Woman's hat with wide horizontal brim, no crown and long black silk ties. Hat decorated with multi-colored circles on a white background in the center of the brim and red gum-dropped shaped pieces of fabric around outer edge of the brim.

Box 9
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Unidentified Bal costumes: 4 pieces. Three of the costume pieces incorporate moon and star themes, suggesting that they may have been worn at the Once in a Blue Moon Masquette: February 18, 1933.

  1. Half-skirt with tap-pants: Woman's dark blue silk short half-skirt with gold-brocade lining attached to gold brocade tap-pants. A strand of paste jewels is sewn to the waistband of the skirt. A piece of gold brocade fabric lined with white satin in the shape of a five-pointed star is sewn to the tap-pants. The tap-pants have hook-and-eye side closures.
  2. Head-dress: Dark blue satin head-dress with high front crown topped by moon. Edge of the hat and moon outlined in paste jewels. Four curved 'jester' elements of the crown end in points with silver-paper stars. Stars are now missing or damaged. A central decorative element made of blue and white beads and white buttons is sewn to center of the front crown. At the back of the head-dress a satin-wrapped rod is used to help stabilize the high-front crown. The joint where the front and the back of the head-dress are sewn together was originally covered by a silver-paper star, which partially remains.
  3. Costume or decoration piece: Dark blue satin covered quarter moon with silver paper star glued to center.
  4. Tunic: Gold, silk tunic with black velvet trim at the waist, hem, sleeves and neckline. The garment is finished with light blue fabric at the edge of the sleeves. The upper half of the bodice is lined with white cotton. Front snap closures.

Series 10: Philip Kaplan: Correspondence

Box 10
Folder -- Content

  1. Correspondence: Cleveland Public Library to Philip Kaplan acknowledging donations: [misc. dates 1928-1957]
  2. Correspondence: 1929-1937
  3. Correspondence: James E. Shelley to Philip Kaplan regarding Kokoon Arts Club research: December 8, 1986

Series 11: Philip Kaplan: General

Scope and Content: Material includes artwork, publications, theater programs, newspaper clippings, photographs and notes.

  1. Card: Confirmation of Kaplan's enrollment in the John Huntington Polytechnic Institute's Lettering Perspective class: 1922-1923
  2. Newspaper clippings: Kaplan murals, Oriental Theater, Superior Avenue and East Ninth Street, Cleveland: August 20, 1927 and undated
  3. Photographs and negatives: Kaplan murals, Oriental Theater, Superior Avenue and East Ninth Street, Cleveland: [1927]
  4. Watercolor studies (color photocopies): Kaplan studies for murals, Oriental Theater, Superior Avenue and East Ninth Street, Cleveland: [1927]
  5. Contract: Philip Kaplan contract to decorate the Gypsy Tea Shop, Ball Building, Cleveland: October 4, 1927
  6. Photographs and newspaper clippings: Kaplan murals, Gypsy Tea Shop, Ball Building, Cleveland: [1927]
  7. Photograph: Woman: Signed Alice Schipp to Philip Kaplan: [1927-1928]
  8. Newspaper clippings: Cleveland Women's Press Club Ball, Bal Rouge, for which Kaplan was hired to decorate: [December, 1928]
  9. Photograph and negative: Kaplan decorating hall for Bal Rouge, the annual Cleveland Women's Press Club Ball: [December, 1928]
  10. Periodical: The Lowdown (a humorous newspaper probably intended to accompany the Cleveland Women's Press Club Ball): December 15, 1928
  11. Periodical: The Bulletin of The Cleveland Museum of Art: Kaplan received prize in the annual May Show: May, 1929
  12. Photograph of sketch: Kaplan's "The Market," third prize winner in the Cleveland Museum of Art's May Show: 1929
  13. Certificate of Merit and award letter: Certificate for "Tranquility" in the Annual Exhibition of Works by Cleveland Artists & Craftsmen at the Cleveland Museum of Art: 1929
  14. Certificate of Merit and award letter: Certificate for Illustration, Any Medium in the Annual Exhibition of Works by Cleveland Artists & Craftsmen at the Cleveland Museum of Art: May 26, 1930
  15. Newspaper clippings regarding the Cleveland Museum of Art May show: May 4, 1930 and undated
  16. Periodical clippings: [Ohio] Theatre Workshop: November 15, 1930 and undated
  17. Painting study: Kaplan study of flowers in a vase on black paper for decorative screen, I Miller Shoes, Cleveland: 1930
  18. Program: Ohio Theatre Workshop, The Pelican in which Kaplan performed: [1930]
  19. Periodical clippings: Ohio Theatre Workshop: Camille with set design by Kaplan: [circa 1930]
  20. Set sketches: Two set sketches by Kaplan for Camille: Ohio Theatre Workshop: [circa 1930]
  21. Program and promotional postcard (6 copies): [Ohio] Theatre Workshop: The Devil in the Cheese staged by Kaplan and "Butch" Limbach: October 6, [1931]
  22. Photograph: Kaplan photograph with multiple exposures: Women in costume and painted backdrop: 1931
  23. Photograph: Signed by Kaplan, "My friend, the furrier. 'Avrom'": 1931
  24. Photographs and newspaper clipping: Kaplan murals, private bathroom: Kaplan note- "Painted for Bernie Cooper, my landlord": 1931
  25. Newspaper clippings: Misc. articles about Kaplan: August 5, 1933 and undated
  26. Publication: Congressional record, Public Works of Art Project Address of Edward Bruce: January 17, 1934
  27. Periodical: Public Works of Art Project Bulletin, No. 1: February, 1934
  28. Publication: Resolution of Appreciation for Works of Art Presented to the Cleveland Schools by the Federal Government Through Its Public Works of Art Project:Kaplan and Russell Limbach, and Kalman Kubinyi listed as artists: September 24, 1934
  29. Photograph and watercolor study (color photocopy): Kaplan mural, unidentified, but may be "Firebird" for the Cleveland public schools' music rooms, featured in the Public Works of Art Project Exhibit at the Cleveland Museum of Art: [circa, 1934]
  30. Photograph and watercolor study on cardboard: Kaplan mural, "Sadko", for the Cleveland public schools' music rooms, featured in the Public Works of Art Project Exhibit at the Cleveland Museum of Art: [circa, 1934]
  31. Newspaper clippings: Public Works of Art Project Exhibit at the Cleveland Museum of Art featuring Kaplan work: March 18, 1934 and undated
  32. Periodical: Kaplan poem, "High Mathematics" in Manuscript, Vol. 1, no. 4: August, 1934
  33. Photograph of painting: Kaplan painting of Perseus with beheaded Medusa: Kaplan note- "for Rorimer Brooks": 1934
  34. Newspaper clippings: [Ohio] Theatre Workshop: The Servant of Doctor Faustus directed by Kaplan: March 19, 20 and 21, [1935]
  35. Photographs: [Ohio] Theatre Workshop: The Servant of Doctor Faustus directed by Kaplan: March 19, 20 and 21, [1935]
    Related Materials: See also Box 11, Individual artist files, oversized artwork, Russell "Butch" Limbach.
  36. Program (2 copies) and Promotional postcards (8 copies): [Ohio] Theatre Workshop: The Servant of Doctor Faustus directed by Kaplan: March 19, 20 and 21, [1935]
  37. Postcards: Six preprinted postcards asking the recipient to answer questions about Art to be printed in the first issue of Art, Art, Art: Responses from Lawrence Blazey, Stanley J. Chemney, Jr., Bill Eastman, Martin S. Fox, "Butch" Limbach, Clara McClean and Saunder Vago: May, 1935
  38. Articles: Typed transcript of "Are Artists Needed?" by Milton S. Fox and "Who is an Artist" by "Butch" Limbach published in Art, Art, Art: [circa May, 1935]
  39. Periodical: Art, Art, Art: Pertaining to Cleveland Art and Artists: Vol. 1, No. 1 (2 copies): Kaplan editor: July, 1935
  40. Correspondence, subscriptions and a bill for printing Art, Art, Art: June-August, 1935
  41. Newspaper clipping: Art, Art, Art: [circa July, 1935]
  42. Photographs: [Ohio] Theatre Workshop lobby decorated by Kaplan: 1935
  43. Watercolor sketches and studies (color photocopies): Kaplan's daughter, Luba Paz notes these watercolor sketches were made by her father "preparatory to the many murals he painted in Cleveland and Pittsburgh": [1920s-1930s]
  44. Photostats of murals or paintings (photocopies): Unidentified Kaplan murals and paintings: [1920s-1930s]
  45. Periodical clippings (photocopy): "Published magazine illustrations by Kaplan" including photocopies of Parade illustrations: [1920s-1930s]
    Related Materials: See also Box 12 for original magazines.
  46. Newspaper clipping: Creation of the League of American Artists with Kaplan on the board of directors: [1930s]
  47. Photograph and advertising brochures: Photograph of show room for "Spun-lo Dul-Tone Premier, Industrial Rayon Corporation" (Kaplan wall mural?) and brochures for "Spun-lo, The Stabilized Rayon Fabric": [1930s]
  48. Photographs: Kaplan mural, barber shop, Grogan Building, Sixth Avenue and Wood Street, Pittsburgh: [1930s]
  49. Photograph: Kaplan mural, tailor shop, Pittsburgh: [1930s]
    Related Materials: See also Box 11, Individual artist files, oversized artwork.
  50. Painting studies and photograph of painting (?): Two studies of Harlequin figures, paint on cardboard, and photograph of painting (?) of an interior with Harlequin murals: [1930s]
  51. Advertising booklet: "Legpads" Sherman P. Camp, New York: undated
  52. Application form and letter: Artists Equity Association: undated
  53. Bookplates: Unused bookplates: undated
  54. Note, handwritten: Unsigned Kaplan note recounting the beginning of his art career: undated
  55. Note, typed: "O, Thou Most Ineffable Mahomet...Be of good cheer. Philip Kaplan has brought you the Mountain!": undated
  56. Photograph: Kaplan experimental photography (?): undated
  57. Photographs (photocopies): Kaplan experimental photography: undated
  58. Pencil sketch: Inscribed "Phil Kaplan, my drunkard," sketched on the back of a Ohio Theatre Workshop membership flyer: undated
  59. Sketch, watercolor: Note- "Chopin-Liszt recital, Betsy Myers, Playhouse," painted on back of a playbill for The Treasure by David Pinski: undated
  60. Sketch, watercolor: Sketch of Kaplan by "Hy [Unreadable]": undated
  61. Script: 'Sign-off' page from radio script: Artists' discussion of the Carnegie International Exhibition of Paintings showing at The Cleveland Museum of Art: undated

Series 12: Individual artist files: General

Historical Note: Philip Kaplan knew and maintained contact with many area artists (both members and non-members of the Kokoon Arts Club). He corresponded with many writers and artists and collected examples of their work and publications. The Kokoon Arts Club Narrative and Roster of January 1931 was checked to determine if the individuals below were members. However, if a person was a member before or after this date, membership might not be noted. S.A. Anderson was a Kokoon Arts Club member and commercial artist. August Biehle was a Kokoon Arts Club member, painter and lithographic artist. According to Kaplan, Horace Carr was a printer and "disciple of William Morris," who was responsible for printing the small bulletins which came from Laukhoff's bookstore. Albert Duval was a photographer who took images of many Kokoon Arts Club activities and members as well as exhibiting at the club although it is not known if he was a member. Everett Jones was a career criminal who became a writer and editor of The New Day, the Ohio State Reformatory prisoner publication. He was executed about 1935. Richard and Hermine Laukhuff were owners of Laukhuff's bookstore in Cleveland which opened in 1916. Bookmarks and other in-house publications were often designed by local artists. Kaplan wandered into Laukhuff's store as a young man and became a life-long collector. William Lescaze was a modern architect. Russell "Butch" Limbach was an artist known for his social realist paintings and prints. Limbach and Kaplan collaborated on a number of projects together. Flozari Rockwood was a Burlesque dancer and self-trained poet. Richard Rychtarik was an artist who became a set and costume designer at the Metropolitan Opera in New York. Teresa Schmotzer, a graduate of the Cleveland School of Art, was a printmaker and designer. William Sommer was a founder and long-time Kokoon Arts Club member. He was a commercial printer and a painter who studied under Degas. William Zorach a well-known printmaker, painter and sculptor exhibited at the Kokoon Arts Club. He married Marguerite Thompson, a painter.

Scope and Content: Material relating to individual artists in their role as Kokoon Arts Club members and associates (for example an invitation to an exhibition of an artist's work at the club) is filed within the Kokoon Arts Club material, Box 1.

Arrangement: Individual artist files organized by individual's last name.

Related Materials: See also Philip Kaplan and Hermine Laukhuff papers.

  1. Anderson, S.A.: Christmas cards: 1929 and 1933-1934
  2. Becker, Fred: Christmas cards: 1972 and undated
  3. Becker, Fred: Copystand photograph of Becker print illustration for the poem, To Yeats in Rapallo by T. Weiss: Inscribed "For Phil Kaplan": undated
  4. Biehle, A[ugust]: Christmas card and New Years (?) card: 1919-1920
  5. Biehle, August: Bookmark: "This bookmark was designed by August Biehle to remind you of Richard Laukhuff bookseller": undated
  6. Brooks, Arthur: Program (2 copies) and small print on cardboard: "Proteus: A comedy from the French of Paul Claudel at the Playhouse": October 31 undated
  7. Carr, Horace: Bookmark with typography by Carr for Richard Laukhuff bookstore (2 copies): undated
  8. Carr, Horace: Decorative printed sheet: Quote from The Story of the Yale University Press: undated
  9. Carr, Horace: Decorative printed sheet: Untitled poem by George Eliot (3 copies): undated
  10. Cramer, Miriam: Handwritten poem "For Don Juan": [circa 1930]
  11. Cramer, Miriam: Photograph: Kaplan note- "Miriam Kramer (sic) engagement party to a rich Arab. Marriage was annulled six months later." undated
  12. Dowdell, Bill: 2 Christmas cards: 1929 and undated
  13. Duval, Albert: Photographic portraits by Duval of the following artists: George Adomeit, Russell B. Aitken, Witney Atchley, Max Bachofen, Carl Binder, Carl Broemel, Miriam E. Cramer, Milton S. Fox, Jack G. Greitzer, Kalman Kubinyi, Russell "Butch" Limbach, Norris Rahming, Fred Rentschler, Sylvia Saul, Elsa V. Shaw, Rolf Stoll, and Ignace Walasek: undated
  14. Egert, Louise and Ray: Christmas cards: undated
  15. Gellert, E.: Christmas card: undated
  16. Hart, George "Pop": Exhibition brochure: "The Four Corners": [circa 1963]
  17. Hart, George "Pop": Flyer: "Watercolors and Drawings by Contemporary Painters" including Hart piece: undated
  18. Herron, Jim: Newspaper clipping of drawing, "Dusk to dawn map: Places you go, people you see": Cleveland cartoon map includes nightclubs and individuals such Kalman Kubinyi and Kaplan: undated
  19. Holcomb, D.B.: Christmas cards and "Greetings" card: 1925 and undated
  20. Holcomb, D.B.: Correspondence: D.B. Holcomb to Philip Kaplan: 1925-1926
  21. Jones, Everett: Periodicals: The New Day edited by Jones : June 1, 1935; June 8, 1935; June 15, 1935; June 22, 1935; June 29, 1935; July 6, 1935; July 13, 1935; July 20, 1935 and July 27, 1935
  22. Jones, Everett: Article: Jones, Everett. "I want to die" [unidentified magazine]: [circa 1935]
  23. Jones, Everett: Newspaper clipping: [circa 1935]
  24. Kimmich, Virginia: Christmas card: 1928
  25. Kubinyi, Kalman: New Years card: 1932-1933
  26. Laukhuff, Hermine: Holiday and birthday cards: undated
  27. Laukhuff, Richard: Brochure of Christmas book recommendations, "A few of the notable books recently published" (2 copies): December, 1917
  28. Laukhuff, Richard: Brochure of recommended autobiographies: [circa 1923]
  29. Laukhuff, Richard: Issues of From 40 Taylor Arcade store publication: March, 1926 (2 copies); May, 1926 (2 copies); July, 1926; September, 1926 (2 copies); November, 1926 (2 copies); March, 1927 (2 copies)
  30. Laukhuff, Richard: Postcard "Strange interlude (for us)" announcing bookstore moving to 36 Euclid Arcade: [August, 1949]
  31. Laukhuff, Richard: Two bookmarks designed by Richard Laukhuff's bookstore: undated
  32. Laukhuff, Richard: Business card (2 copies): undated
  33. Laukhuff, Richard: Envelope and small sheet of paper: undated
  34. Laukhuff, Richard: Photograph of Laukhuff: undated
  35. Laukhuff, Richard: Photograph of a watercolor [by William Sommer], "Richard Laukhuff Books" (2 copies): undated
  36. Laukhuff, Richard: Postcard, "At Laukhuff's. . ." announcing Christmas gift books and exhibits by Cleveland artists: undated
  37. Laukhuff, Richard: Postcard, "Hundreds of books at reduced prices" sale promotion: undated
  38. Lescaze, William: Bookmark: "Designed for Richard Laukhuff by Lescaze" (2 copies, 1 copy watercolored) : [1920-1922]
  39. Lescaze, William: New Years card: 1924
  40. Lescaze, William: Articles and newspaper clippings: December 2, 1929, June, 1933, December 12, 1936 and July 1940
  41. Lescaze, William: Print for a title page "For Richard Laukhuff in [unreadable]" signed "W. Lescaze": Note on back, "Title page to the book of 'Lord Algernon' by Pierre Girard": undated
  42. Lescaze, William: Remnants of cardboard boxes designed by Lescaze, 4 pieces: undated
  43. Limbach, Russell "Butch": Certificates of Merit: Certificates in lithography for "Group of Five" and "Barbed Wire" in the Annual Exhibition of Works by Cleveland Artists & Craftsmen at the Cleveland Museum of Art: 1928 and 1934
  44. Limbach, Russell "Butch": Correspondence between Limbach and Kaplan: [misc. dates 1929-1950]
  45. Limbach, Russell "Butch": Photograph by Kaplan: "Limbach and friends at my studio": 1931
  46. Limbach, Russell "Butch": Periodical: The Red Spark: Bulletin of the John Reed Club of Cleveland, Vol. 1, No. 1, 19 pgs.: Limbach Associate editor: October, 1932
  47. Limbach, Russell "Butch": Book: The Revolt of the Cats in Paradise: A Children's Book for Adults by Stanley Burnshaw and illustrated by Limbach: Inscribed to Kaplan from Limbach: 1945
  48. Limbach, Russell "Butch": Christmas cards and "Moved" card: undated
  49. Limbach, Russell "Butch": Copystand photograph of "The Lighthouse" (2 copies): undated
    Related Materials: See also Box 11, Individual artist files, oversized artwork, Russell "Butch" Limbach.
  50. Limbach, Russell "Butch": Newspaper clipping: undated
  51. Limbach, Russell "Butch": Print of skull: undated
  52. Limbach, Russell "Butch": Sketches for Club Theatre burlesque posters (theater exterior designed with Kaplan): 3 pencil and pen sketches on cardboard, four crayon sketches and newspaper clipping: undated
  53. Marsh, C.P.: Newspaper clipping: Cleveland Plain Dealer article on Marsh, engineer for the Cleveland Union Terminals Company: undated
  54. O'neil, [Myrta ?]: Christmas card: 1926
  55. O'neil, Myrta: Photograph: undated
  56. Peck, Augustus: Christmas cards: 1930 and undated
  57. [Peck], Augustus: Sketch: undated
  58. Rockwood, Flozari: Photographs of Rockwood in costume, several signed: 1930 and undated
  59. Rockwood, Flozari: Newspaper clippings: March 25, 1933 and undated
  60. Rockwood, Flozari: Poem, "My Crystal of Dreams": March 29, 1933
  61. Rockwood, Flozari: Photographs of Rockwood in her house, inscribed to Kaplan and Kaplan note- "Flozani Rockwood Burlesque girl, private party entertainer, met her in Cleve. in early '30s": June 14, 1933
  62. Rockwood, Flozari: Periodicals: The Notebook: Devoted to the Creative Arts edited by Rockwood: May, 1934; November, 1934; May, 1935; September, 1935; December, 1935
  63. Rockwood, Flozari: Pamphlets: Fruits of Thought from Flozari undated and A Supplement to Flozari Taking a Bow [circa 1936]
  64. Rockwood, Flozari: Christmas/New Years card: [1936-1937]
  65. Rockwood, Flozari: Correspondence: Flozari Rockwood to Philip Kaplan: September 17, 1943
  66. Rockwood, Flozari: Typed transcript: "Flozari-ana" containing information about Rockwood's accomplishments as a poet, 3 pgs.: undated
  67. Rychtarik, Richard: Sketches (photocopies): Kaplan note- "These sketches by Richard Rychtarik designed for little movie house in Cleveland. I painted these on gold panels. . ." 1928-1929
  68. Schmotzer, T[eresa].: Print: "Elsa" (Elsa Milleus?): undated
  69. Shanafelt, Clara: Bookmark with text by Shanafelt for "Richard Laukhuff's Bookshop": undated
  70. Sommer, William: Booklet accompanying The Dumb Messiah by David Pinski and program (2 copies): December, 1918
  71. Sommer, William: Bookplate "Elizabeth Ann Rothman": 1926
  72. Sommer, William: Article (photocopy): Holt, Nancy Payson. "Portrait of an artist at home," Parade Magazine: December 31, 1931
    Related Materials: See also original in Box 12.
  73. Sommer, William: Correspondence between The Cleveland Museum of Art and Philip Kaplan regarding the The William Sommer Memorial Exhibition and catalog: July-December, 1950
  74. Sommer, William: Catalog: The William Sommer Memorial Exhibition: Catalogue of an Exhibition of Works by William Sommer held November First Through December Tenth in The Cleveland Museum of Art: [1950]
  75. Sommer, William: Periodical: Art News: v. 44, n. 7; Sommers article, pg. 37: November, 1950
  76. Sommer, William: Periodical: Art News: v. 44, n. 10; Sommers exhibit review pg. 51 and 61: February, 1951
  77. Sommer, William: Correspondence between Philip Kaplan, Jim Lowell of The Asphodel Book Shop, and Dean Keller, KSU Curator of Special Collections, regarding the publication of Kaplan's William Sommer article in the June, 1971 issue of The Serif: September, 1970-May, 1971 and May, 1975
  78. Sommer, William: Negative of painting: undated
  79. Sommer, William: Newspaper clippings: undated
  80. Sommer, William: Note by Phil Kaplan remembering Sommer: undated
  81. Sommer, William: Photographic prints of etchings (?): undated
  82. Sommer, William: Copystand photographs of three watercolor paintings and one sketch (multiple copies of each image): undated
  83. Steloff, Francis: Newspaper clipping: Article about Steloff's sale of the Gotham Book Mart: January 25, 1968
  84. Verich(?), Buk: Illustrated letter or story: "To the Myrta from the Buk": undated
  85. Zorach, William and Marguerite: Invitation: "An exhibition of paintings, watercolors and batiks by Wm & Marguerite Zorach" (4 copies): January 15, undated
  86. Unidentified: Holiday card from "Virginia and Sandy Beach":1929
  87. Unidentified: Invitation: Cleveland Art Students League, "Hard Times Party" by George S. [Unreadable]: December 10, 1932
  88. Unidentified: Correspondence: 1937, 1979 and undated
  89. Unidentified: Painting: Abstract painting on construction paper with construction paper mat: undated
  90. Unidentified: Photograph: Sculptor: undated
  91. Unidentified: Print/Book cover page (?): Hart Crane: The Life of an American Poet by Philip Horton, [Unreadable signature]: undated
  92. Unidentified: Print: Small abstract print: undated

Series 13: Individual artist files: Oversized artwork

Box 11
Folder -- Content

  1. Biddle, George: Print, matted: Woman reading in chair: 17 1/2" x 12 1/2": October 7, 1924
  2. Boardman, Robinson: Print: Three men: 16 1/4" x 19 3/4": 1918
  3. Dick, Gladys: Pen and ink sketch: Woman (Ysabel ?): 11" x 15": July 16, 1924
  4. Dick, Gladys: Watercolor sketch: Circus riders on horseback: 9 1/4" x 12 1/2": undated
  5. Fox, Milton S.: Print, matted: "Stygian blooms": Inscribed "To Phil Kaplan": 11 1/2" x 13 1/2": May, 1932
  6. Herbst, M.: Crayon sketch on cardboard: Houses:14" x 22": undated
  7. Jicha, Joseph: Pencil and ink: Female nude study: Inscribed "To Phil Kaplan": 13 1/2" x 15 1/2": 1926
  8. Kaplan, Philip: Photograph: Kaplan study for mural, tailor shop, Pittsburgh: [1930s]
  9. Keller, Henry G.: Lithograph, matted: Animals outside circus tent. 19 1/4" x 15": [1920-1930]
  10. Kubinyi, Kalman: Woodcut: "Nirvana": Signed "To Philip Kaplan": 10" x 14": undated
  11. Limbach, Russell "Butch": Print: "Lighthouse": 10 1/4" x 8 1/2": Exhibition tag on reverse The Cleveland Museum of Art, May Show: "Second Prize.": 1931
  12. Limbach, Russell T. ("Butch"). Watercolor sketch, matted: "Dr. Johannes Faustus, Act One": 9" x 12": Kaplan note- "Butch Limbach sets + costumes for "Faust." Directed by P.K. for little Play House.": [1935]
  13. Limbach, Russell "Butch": Two watercolor sketches mounted back to back: Stage set (?) and skyline with church: 11 1/2" x 15 1/2": undated
  14. Limbach, Russell "Butch" (?): Lithograph: "A Merry Christmas": 8 1/2" x 11 1/4": undated
  15. Limbach, Russell "Butch": Print: Three monkeys: 9" x 13 1/2": Kaplan note- "Limbach prints sold at Clev. Art Fair.": undated
  16. Peck, Augustus. Pen and ink: Clown. 7 1/2" x 10 1/2": May, 1927
  17. Peck, Augustus. Print, matted: "Clowns". 12" x 16": 1940
  18. Schmid, Elsa. Print, matted: Portrait of woman: 15" x 18 1/4": [circa 1920-1930]
  19. Sommer, William. Pen and ink sketch: Portrait of woman: 12" x 15": 1925.
  20. Sommer, William: Pen and ink sketch: Man with horse: 11" x 15": [circa 1930]
  21. Sommer, William. Pen and ink sketch, matted: Nude woman reclining on side: 20" x 12 3/4": undated
  22. Unidentified artist: Pencil sketch: Portrait of woman with pearl necklace: undated

Series 14: Parade Magazine

Box 12
Folder -- Content

  1. Parade: June 4, 1931 (2 copies)
  2. Parade: June 11, 1931
  3. Parade: July 30, 1931: Kaplan idea, pg. 15
  4. Parade: August 13, 1931: Kaplan cartoon, pg. 6
  5. Parade: September 10, 1931: Russell "Butch" Limbach cover illustration and Kaplan cartoon, pg. 23
  6. Parade: September 17, 1931: Kaplan cartoon idea, pg. 21
  7. Parade: September 24, 1931
  8. Parade: October 1, 1931
  9. Parade: October 8, 1931
  10. Parade: December 10, 1931
  11. Parade: December 17, 1931
  12. Parade: December 31, 1931 (2 copies): William Sommer article, pg. 14-17
  13. Parade: January 14, 1932
  14. Parade: January 21, 1932
  15. Parade: February 11, 1932
  16. Parade: July 21, 1932: Image of Artists' Curb Mart (?) on cover illustration
  17. Parade, Stadium Opera: June 29 -- July 6, 1932 (2 copies): Richard Rychtanik cover illustration

Series 15: Artifacts

Box 13

  1. Lounge Pajamas: Silk lounge pajamas worn by (and possibly made by) Kaplin's wife, Esther Rose Kaplan. Top: Printed multi-colored silk with scenes of pagodas, women in kimonos, kites, and cherry trees; edged in black silk. Bottom: Black silk edged in printed silk fabric; draw-string closure. Two pieces.