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Kent State Shootings photographs from various sources

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Kent State Shootings photographs from various sources

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Kent Sate Shootings Photographs from Various Sources

May 4 Collection - Box 109

Finding Aid

Prepared by Nancy Birk, July 21, 1995. Updated by Penny White, June 2013. Updated June 2017

Inclusive Dates: 1970-2000
Extent: 1 cubic foot (1 record storage box, 2 oversize folders)
Physical Location: 12th floor

Scope and Content: This collection contains various photographs related to the Kent State shootings that have been donated to the Department of Special Collections and Archives. Provenance information for each piece (if known) can be found with the individual listing. The researcher is advised that other photographs on this topic may be found elsewhere in the May 4 Collection. There are also hundreds of photographs in the Kent State Shootings Digital Archive as well as a guide to photographs throughout the May 4 collection.

Restrictions on Use: Donation of this material to the Department does not imply that copyright restrictions have been lifted. Copyright still resides with the creator. To obtain release, the researcher should contact the person(s) listed with the individual item. Copyright release is not necessary to view the materials for personal research purposes.

May 4 Collection - Box 109
Folder -- Contents

  1. Photographs (b&w): National Guard on the campus and in the city, May 1970. Donated by Elaine Grossman. No copyright restrictions
  2. Photographs (b&w): National guard on the campus. May 1970. Donated by Bill Brauning. No copyright restrictions
  3. Photograph (b&w): Betty Kirschner and friend overlook the Tent City site as protesting students are physically removed, 1977. No copyright restrictions.
  4. Photographs (color): May 4 Commemoration, May 4-5, 1990. No copyright restrictions
  5. Photographs (color): Mary Vecchio & John Filo, Emerson College, April 23, 1995. Donated by Stephanie Westmyer. No copyright restrictions.
  6. Photographs (color): May 4 1995, Exhibit in Special Collections & Archives. No copyright restrictions.
  7. Photographs (color): May 4 Commemoration, May 4, 2000. Donated anonymously. No copyright restrictions.
  8. Photographs (color): May 4 Commemoration, Exhibit in Special Collections, May 4, 2000. Donated by Margaret Pett. No copyright restrictions.
  9. Photographs (b&w): May 4, 1970. Photos taken during the shootings by Paul Tople, when he was a student at KSU. He has been a staff photographer at the Beacon Journal since 1972, winning a Pulitzer Prize along with the Beacon staff for their 1970 coverage of May 4, 1970. Tople retains copyright (shelved in 12th floor map case)
  10. Photograph (b&w) and slides (color): From the Akron Beacon Journal, May 4, 1970. Photograph shows a student being put in an ambulance. Slides (18) show the National Guard on campus, undated. Beacon Journal retains copyright.
  11. Contact Sheets (b&w): The 14 sheets cover May 1-4, 1970, taken by L. Copeland. For research purposes only.
  12. Photographs (b&w): Kent-Ravenna Record-Courier. Record-Courier retains copyright.
  13. Photographs (b&w): Two photographs one of guardsmen in gas masks and the other shows people walking toward Taylor Hall. Taken by Ronald McNees, who retains copyright.
  14. Photographs (b&w): Composite of the four slain students. No copyright restrictions.
  15. Photographs (b&w): Sandy Scheuer (from composite). No copyright restrictions.
  16. Photographs (b&w): Allison Krause (from composite). No copyright restrictions.
  17. Photographs (b&w): William Schroeder (from composite). No copyright restrictions.
  18. Photographs (b&w): Jeffrey Miller (from composite). No copyright restrictions.
  19. Photographs (b&w): Cleveland Press photographs of students leaving campus, May 18, 1970. For research purposes only.
  20. Photographs (b&w): Sandy Scheuer. For research purposes only.
  21. Photographs (b&w): Commemoration Event, undated For research purposes only.
  22. Photographs (b&w): Headshot of Gene Sharp, May 4, 1977 speaker. For research purposes only.
  23. Photographs (b&w): Gym annex protest, people climbing chain link fence. For research purposes only.
  24. Photographs (b&w): Gym annex protest (?), man being treated for tear gas exposure by person in gas mask. For research purposes only.
  25. Photographs (b&w): UPI photo, May 4, 1978. Faculty in academic regalia assembled in front of the Victory Bell. Incudes a letter from picture editor from the New York Times, where the photo was published on May 5, 1978. For research purposes only.
  26. Photographs (b&w): Dean Kahler at a May 4th observance, 1986. For research purposes only.
  27. Photographs (b&w): May 4th memorial site. For research purposes only.
  28. Photographs (color): May 4, 2000 candlelight vigil at marker for Alison Krause (Nancy Birk, Shirley Wajda and unidentified woman) Taken by Gail Greenberg, who retains copyright.
  29. Photographs (b&w): Composite of four photos one of a wounded student three of the National Guard by Pagoda. For research purposes only.
  30. Photographs (color): Three photographs of the burned down ROTC building. For research purposes only.
  31. Photographs (color): Music and Speech Building takeover April 16, 1969. Taken by Connie Whipple. For research purposes only.
  32. Photograph (b&w): Arthur Krause at candle light vigil (1975?). For research purposes only.
  33. Photograph (b&w): Victory Bell. For research purposes only.
  34. Photograph (b&w): Crowd and National Guard near Pagoda (May 1970). For research purposes only.
  35. Photographs (b&w): Unidentified memorial observances, 24 different photographs. For research purposes only.
  36. Photograph (b&w): People tearing down chain link fence, Gym Annex protest (taken by UPI) . For research purposes only.
  37. Photographs (b&w): Tent city. For research purposes only.
  38. Photographs (b&w): Tent City, 1977, 4 different photographs. For research purposes only.
  39. Photograph (b&w): Eugene McCarthy speaking at a podium. For research purposes only.
  40. Photograph (b&w): Memorial--Bnai Brith Hillel and Kent State Faculty, 1975. For research purposes only. (shelved in 12th floor map case)
  41. Photographs(b&w): Firemen putting out burning ROTC building. For research purposes only.
  42. Photograph (b&w): Burned out ROTC building. For research purposes only.
  43. "Kent State" by Richard Hamilton.For research purposes only.
  44. Photographs (color): National Guard in Kent and on campus. For research purposes only.
  45. Photographs (b&w): May 4 Memorial Dedication, May 4-5, 1990. No copyright restrictions
  46. Photographs (b&w): "The Kent Four" sculpture by Alastair Granville-Jackson, dedication ceremony and lighting of the sculpture, [1971]. [11 photographs, prints made from negatives in University Photographs collection #716/10-1]. No copyright restrictions.
  47. Photographs (b&w): May 4th Resource Room, Kent State University's Main Library, undated. For research purposes only.
  48. Photographs (b&w): Two photographs of Don Drumm sculpture at night, the first dated 1972 and the second undated. For research purposes only.
  49. Photograph (b&w): Student standing at a May 4th Memorial, 1977. [Photograph printed in Chestnut Burr, 1977, p. 40]. For research purposes only.
  50. Photograph (b&w): Two students at site of Jeffrey Miller's death, 1974. Taken by Larry Roberts. [Photograph printed in Chestnut Burr, 1974, p. 13]. For research purposes only.
  51. Photographs (b&w): Think Week 1970 (September 28, 1970-October 3, 1970), two unidentified people, 1970. [Prints made from negatives in University Photographs collection #709/28-5]. For research purposes only.
  52. Photograph (b&w): Michael Schwartz and Bruno Ast looking at a map of Kent Campus, undated. For research purposes only.
  53. Photographs (b&w): Three photographs of protesters, undated. For research purposes only.
  54. Photograph (b&w): Richard Dales with his sculpture, "4 Dead in Ohio", undated. For research purposes only.