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James A. G. Davey papers

Special Collections and Archives

James A. G. Davey papers

Special Collections and Archives

James A. G. Davey papers

James A. G. Davey papers

Storage Note: This material is housed in an off-site storage facility and requires up to at least three weeks for retrieval. Please call or email the department with requests for this material prior to your visit.

Biographical Note: James A. G. Davey, brother of Martin L. Davey, served in various capacities with the Davey Tree Expert Company but must be noted, in particular, for his wide ranging interests in plant life. Through the early part of the twentieth century, primarily the 1920's and 1930's, he and members of his immediate family travelled all over Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania, and South America creating and compiling an impressive photographic essay of the world's flora.

Scope and Content: The collection consists primarily of the photographs and negatives from James Davey's global excursions; arrangement is alphabetical by plant name (scientific and/or common). There is no way to accurately date these items, but most were taken during the 1920's and 1930's. Some dates can be inferred by considering the dates of a visit to a particular part of the world, e.g., photographs of African plant life were taken some time during the summer of 1928. Unfortunately, the dates for most visits are not available.

Two boxes in the collection contain magazine and journal articles arranged alphabetically by subject. There is a small amount of personal correspondence and documentation in Box 10.

Box 9--Articles, A through M

  1. Articles/ Post Cards: Africa Trip: various dates
  2. Articles: Ailanthus glandulora: various dates
  3. Articles: Apple Trees: various dates
  4. Articles: American Elm Trees: various dates
  5. Articles: Aspen Trees: various dates
  6. Articles/ Post Cards: Australia Trip: various dates
  7. Articles: Autumn: various dates
  8. Articles: Betula alba/Birch, (European): various dates
  9. Articles: Betula populifolla/ Birch: various dates
  10. Articles: Binney Park/ Greenwich, Connecticut: various dates
  11. Articles: Black Oaks: undated
  12. Articles: Botanical Gardens: various dates
  13. Articles: Boxwoods: various dates
  14. Articles, Prints: British Isles/ Tree Life: various dates
  15. Articles: California/ Plant Life: various dates
  16. Articles: Cascare sagrada/ West Virginia: various dates
  17. Articles: Castanea dentata/ Chestnut: various dates
  18. Articles, Poem: Cedrus lebani/ Cedars of Lebanon: various dates
  19. Articles: Central America, Mexico, and the Carribean: various dates
  20. Articles, Post Cards: Conifers (General) and Evergreens: various dates
  21. Articles: Corpus florida/ Dogwoods: various dates
  22. Articles: Chinese Elms: various dates
  23. Articles: Cupressus macrocarpa/ Cypress: various dates
  24. Articles: Deodar Cedar: various dates
  25. Articles: Douglas Spruce: various dates
  26. Articles: Dwarf Evergreens: various dates
  27. Articles: Dwarf Trees and Hedges: various dates
  28. Articles: Eucalyptus: various dates
  29. Articles: European Forests: various dates
  30. Articles: European Plant Life: various dates
  31. Articles: Evergreen Oak: various dates
  32. Articles: Fagus americana/ Beech: various dates
  33. Articles: Farmhouses of Canada: various dates
  34. Articles: Ficus/ Fig: various dates
  35. Articles: Fir Trees: various dates
  36. Articles: Florida: various dates
  37. Articles: Flowering Bushes and Trees: various dates
  38. Articles: Flowering Trees: various dates
  39. Articles: Flowers: various dates
  40. Articles: Forests: various dates
  41. Articles: Forestry: various dates
  42. Articles: Fruit Trees: various dates
  43. Articles: Gardener's Chronicle of America: various dates
  44. Articles: General Interest/ Plant Life: various dates
  45. Articles: Georgia/ Tree Life: various dates
  46. Articles: Ginkgo biloba: various dates
  47. Articles: Glacier Park: various dates
  48. Articles: Handbooks/ Trees and Plants: various dates
  49. Articles: Hawaiian Plant Life: various dates
  50. Articles: "Historic and Unusual": various dates
  51. Articles: Horse Chestnuts: various dates
  52. Articles: House and Garden: various dates
  53. Articles: Indiana's Constitutional Elm: various dates
  54. Articles: Jamaica/ Plant Life: various dates
  55. Articles: Junipers: various dates
  56. Articles: Landscaping: various dates
  57. Articles: Lightning: various dates
  58. Articles: Liquidambar styraciflua: various dates
  59. Articles: Liriodendron tulipifera/ Tulip Tree: various dates
  60. Articles: Locusts: various dates
  61. Articles: Louisiana/ Plant Life: various dates
  62. Articles: Magnolias: various dates
  63. Articles: Maryland/ Plant Life: various dates
  64. Articles: Memorial Trees: various dates
  65. Articles: Mexico/ Plant Life: various dates
  66. Articles: Mount Ranier: various dates

Box 10--Articles, N through Y; Personal Files

  1. Articles: Neglect of City Street Trees and Parks: various dates
  2. Articles: New Hampshire/ Plant Life: various dates
  3. Articles: New Zealand/ Plant Life: various dates
  4. Articles: Norway Spruce: various dates
  5. Articles: North Carolina: various dates
  6. Articles: Nut Trees: various dates
  7. Articles: Oak Trees: various dates
  8. Articles: Ohio/ Plant Life: various dates
  9. Articles: Olive Trees: various dates
  10. Articles: Orange Blossoms: various dates
  11. Articles: Orcharding: various dates
  12. Articles: Orient/ Plant Life: various dates
  13. Articles: Ornamental and Shade Trees: various dates
  14. Articles: Palm Trees: various dates
  15. Articles: Panama/ Plant Life: various dates
  16. Articles: Paulownia Trees: various dates
  17. Articles: Picca pungens/ Spruce: various dates
  18. Articles: Pine Trees: various dates
  19. Articles: Pinus caribaea/ Slash Pine: various dates
  20. Articles, Photographs: Pinus contorta/ Lodge Pine: various dates
  21. Articles: Pinus lambertiana/ Sugar Pine: various dates
  22. Articles: Pinus ponderosa/ Yellow Pine: various dates
  23. Articles: Pinus strobus/ White Pine: various dates
  24. Articles: Pinus taeda/ Loblolly Pine: various dates
  25. Articles: Plant Ecology: various dates
  26. Articles: Planting: various dates
  27. Articles: Plants/ Trees: various dates
  28. Articles: Platanus occidentalis/ Sycamore: various dates
  29. Articles: Poison Ivy: various dates
  30. Articles: Profagation/ Grafting: various dates
  31. Articles: Pruning: various dates
  32. Articles: "Plymouth Antiquarian Record": August 7, 1930
  33. Articles: Populus nigra italica/ Lombardy Poplars: various dates
  34. Articles: Quercus alba/ White Oak: various dates
  35. Articles: Robinias: various dates
  36. Articles: Roystonea regia/ Royal Palm: various dates
  37. Articles: Sassafras: various dates
  38. Articles: Sciadopitys verticillata/ Umbrella Pine: various dates
  39. Articles: Sequoia gigantea/ Giant Sequoia: various dates
  40. Articles: Sequoia sempervirens/ Redwoods: various dates
  41. Article, Poem: Silver Poplar: various dates
  42. Articles: Soils and Roots: various dates
  43. Articles: South Africa/ Plant Life: various dates
  44. Articles: South America/ Plant Life: various dates
  45. Articles: South Carolina/ Tree Life: various dates
  46. Articles: South Sea Palms: various dates
  47. Articles: Spring (The Season): various dates
  48. Articles: Summer (The Season): various dates
  49. Articles: Taxodium distichum/ Cypress: various dates
  50. Articles: Tamarisks: various dates
  51. Articles: Texas/ Tree Life: various dates
  52. Articles: Torrey Pine: various dates
  53. Articles: Tree Bark: various dates
  54. Articles: Tree Butchery: various dates
  55. Articles, Pamphlets: Tree Surgery: various dates
  56. Articles: Tung Oil: various dates
  57. Articles: Ulmus americana/ Elms: various dates
  58. Articles: Wild Flowers: various dates
  59. Articles: Winter (The Season): various dates
  60. Articles: Wood: various dates
  61. Articles: Yellowstone National Park: various dates
  62. Personal Items: Correspondence: 1927-30
  63. Personal Items: Correspondence/ Asia: 1923
  64. Personal Items: Correspondence/ Australia: 1928-32
  65. Personal Items: Correspondence/ Regarding Forests: 1931
  66. Personal Items: Height Verification/ Eucalyptis: undated
  67. Personal Items: Photographs/ Family: undated
  68. Personal Items: Photographs/ James Davey: undated
  69. Personal Items: Photographs/ Neighborhood: undated
  70. Personal Items: Negatives/ Neighborhood: undated
  71. Personal Items: Speeches/ Martin L. Davey: 1921-30

Box 11--Photographs / Negatives, A through C

  1. Negatives: Acacia meloxlyn: undated
  2. Photographs: Acer platanoides: undated
  3. Negatives: Acer platanoides: undated
  4. Photographs: Acer saccharem: undated
  5. Negatives: Acer saccharem: undated
  6. Photographs: Africa Trip: undated
  7. Negatives: Africa Trip: undated
  8. Negatives: African Tulip: undated
  9. Photographs: Ailanthus glandulosa: undated
  10. Negatives: Ailanthus glandulosa: undated
  11. Photographs: Air Plants: undated
  12. Negatives: Air Plants: undated
  13. Photographs: Ambrerstia urabilis: undated
  14. Negatives: Ambrerstia urabilis: undated
  15. Photographs: Apple Trees: undated
  16. Negatives: Apple Trees: undated
  17. Photographs: Auricarias: undated
  18. Photographs: Australia Trip: undated
  19. Negatives: Australia Trip: undated
  20. Photographs: Australian Pines: undated
  21. Negatives: Australian Pines: undated
  22. Photographs: Aralia: undated
  23. Negatives: Aralia: undated
  24. Photographs: Bamboo: undated
  25. Negatives: Bamboo: undated
  26. Negatives: Banana Plants: undated
  27. Photographs: Betula pendula/ Birch: undated
  28. Negatives: Betula pendula/ Birch: undated
  29. Photographs: Betula populifolia/ Birch: undated
  30. Negatives: Betula populifolia/ Birch: undated
  31. Negatives: Big Cone Spruce: undated
  32. Photographs: Binney Park/ Old Greenwich, Connecticut: undated
  33. Negatives: Binney Park/ Old Greenwich, Connecticut: undated
  34. Photographs: Boxwoods: undated
  35. Negatives: Breadfruit: undated
  36. Photographs: Bridges: undated
  37. Negatives: Bridges: undated
  38. Photographs: Brownia: undated
  39. Negatives: Brownia: undated
  40. Photographs: Buncka Palm/ Mountain Cabbage: undated
  41. Negatives: Buncka Palm/ Mountain Cabbage: undated
  42. Photographs: Calabash: undated
  43. Negatives: Calabash: undated
  44. Photographs: California: 1920s
  45. Negatives: California: 1920s
  46. Photographs: California Peppers: undated
  47. Negatives: California Peppers: undated
  48. Photographs: California Pines: undated
  49. Negatives: California Pines: undated
  50. Photographs: California Sycamores: undated
  51. Negatives: California Sycamores: undated
  52. Photographs: Castanea dentata/ Chestnut: undated
  53. Photographs: Cedrus atlantica/ Cedar: undated
  54. Negatives: Cedrus atlantica/ Cedar: undated
  55. Photographs: Cedrus lebani/ Cedars of Lebanon: undated
  56. Photographs: Churches and Forts: undated
  57. Negatives: Churches and Forts: undated
  58. Negatives: Cocoa Plants: undated
  59. Photographs: Coconut Trees: undated
  60. Negatives: Coconut Trees: undated
  61. Photographs: Crater Lake National Park: undated
  62. Negatives: Crater Lake National Park: undated
  63. Photographs: Canadian Buildings/ Quebec: undated
  64. Negatives: Canadian Buildings/ Quebec: undated
  65. Photographs: Catalupa/ Indian Bean: undated
  66. Negatives: Catalupa/ Indian Bean: undated
  67. Photographs: Cement Work/ Trees: undated
  68. Negatives: Cement Work/ Trees: undated
  69. Negatives: Cladrastis lutea: undated
  70. Photographs: Colorado/ Tree Life: undated
  71. Negatives: Colorado/ Tree Life: undated
  72. Photographs: Conifers/ General: undated
  73. Photographs: Colonial Houses: undated
  74. Negatives: Colonial Houses: undated
  75. Photographs: Cornus florida/ Dogwoods: undated
  76. Negatives: Cornus florida/ Dogwoods: undated
  77. Photographs: Cypressus guadaloupensis/ Tecate Cypress: undated
  78. Negatives: Cypressus guadaloupensis/ Tecate Cypress: undated
  79. Photographs: Cypressus macrocarpa/ Cypress: undated
  80. Negatives: Cypressus macrocarpa/ Cypress: undated

Box 12--Photographs / Negatives, D through P

  1. Photographs/ Negatives: Deodar Cedar: undated
  2. Photographs/ Negatives: Deviations for Trees: undated
  3. Photographs: Douglas Spruce: undated
  4. Negatives: Douglas Spruce: undated
  5. Photographs/ Negatives: Drasenia consienia: undated
  6. Photographs/ Negatives: Englemann Spruce: undated
  7. Photographs/ Negatives: Eucalyptus: undated
  8. Photographs/ Negatives: Fagus americana/ Beech: undated
  9. Photographs: Fagus sylvatica pendula/ Weeping Beech: undated
  10. Negatives: Fagus sylvatica pendula/ Weeping Beech: undated
  11. Photographs/ Negatives: Florida Plant Life: undated
  12. Photographs/ Negatives: Flowering Bushes and Trees: undated
  13. Photographs/ Negatives: Georgia Plant Life: undated
  14. Photographs/ Negatives: Glacier Park: undated
  15. Photographs/ Negatives: Ginko biloba: undated
  16. Negatives: Guanga: undated
  17. Photographs: Hawaiian Plant Life: undated
  18. Photographs: Hawthorne (location): undated
  19. Negatives: Hawthorne (location): undated
  20. Photographs/ Negatives: Hickory: undated
  21. Negatives: Honduras Plant Life: undated
  22. Photographs: Indiana: undated
  23. Negatives: Indiana: undated
  24. Photographs: Italian Cypress: undated
  25. Negatives: Italian Cypress: undated
  26. Photograph: Jamaica Plant Life: undated
  27. Negative: Jamaica Plant Life: undated
  28. Negatives: Jamaica Ador: undated
  29. Photographs: Jamaica Landscapes: undated
  30. Negatives: Jamaica Landscapes: undated
  31. Negative: Cryptomeria japonica/ undated
  32. Photographs: Juniperus/ Junipers: undated
  33. Negatives: Juniperus/ Junipers: undated
  34. Negatives: Juniferus tirguiana: undated
  35. Photographs/ Negatives: Libocedrus decurrens/ Cedar: undated
  36. Photographs: Liriodendron tulipifera/ Tulip Tree: undated
  37. Negatives: Liriodendron tulipifera/ Tulip Tree: undated
  38. Photographs: Locusts: undated
  39. Negatives: Locusts: undated
  40. Photographs: Logwood: undated
  41. Negatives: Logwood: undated
  42. Photographs/ Negatives: Magnolias: undated
  43. Photographs: Mount Ranier National Park: undated
  44. Negatives: Mount Ranier National Park: undated
  45. Photographs: New Zealand: undated
  46. Photographs/ Negatives: Northern Street Scenes: undated
  47. Photographs/ Negatives: Oak Trees in the South: undated
  48. Photographs/ Negatives: Olive Trees: undated
  49. Photographs: Ohio/ Ancient Earthworks and Monuments: undated
  50. Negatives: Ohio/ Ancient Earthworks and Monuments: undated
  51. Photographs: Open Tree Cavities: undated
  52. Negatives: Open Tree Cavities: undated
  53. Photographs: Oregon Dogwood: undated
  54. Negatives: Oregon Dogwood: undated
  55. Photograph/ Negative: Oxydendrum arborem: undated
  56. Photographs: Populus nigra italica/ Lombardy Poplar: undated

Box 13--Photographs / Negatives, P through S

  1. Photographs: Panama/ Plant Life: undated
  2. Negatives: Panama/ Plant Life: undated
  3. Photographs: Picca excelsa/ Spruce: undated
  4. Negatives: Picca excelsa/ Spruce: undated
  5. Photographs: Picca Pungens/ Spruce: undated
  6. Negatives: Picca Pungens/ Spruce: undated
  7. Photographs: Pinus austriaca/ Australian Pine: undated
  8. Negatives: Pinus austriaca/ Australian Pine: undated
  9. Photographs: Pinus caribaea/ Splash Pine: undated
  10. Negatives: Pinus caribaea/ Splash Pine: undated
  11. Negatives: Pinus cantorta/ Lodge Pine: undated
  12. Photographs: Pinus lambertiana/ Sugar Pine: undated
  13. Negatives: Pinus lambertiana/ Sugar Pine: undated
  14. Negatives: Pinus radiata insignus/ Monterey: undated
  15. Photographs: Pinus ponderosa/ Yellow Pine: undated
  16. Negatives: Pinus ponderosa/ Yellow Pine: undated
  17. Negatives: Pinus pungens/ Table Mountains: undated
  18. Photographs: Pinus strobus/ White Pine: undated
  19. Negatives: Pinus strobus/ White Pine: undated
  20. Negatives: Pinus taeda/ Loblolly Pine: undated
  21. Photographs: Pinus torreyana/ Torrey Pine: undated
  22. Negatives: Pinus torreyana/ Torrey Pine: undated
  23. Photographs: Planting Scenes/ Trees: undated
  24. Photographs: Plantanus occidentalis/ Sycamore: undated
  25. Negatives: Plantanus occidentalis/ Sycamore: undated
  26. Photographs: Populus nigra italica/ Lombardy Poplar: undated
  27. Negatives: Populus nigra italica/ Lombardy Poplar: undated
  28. Photograph: Prickle-Pole Palm: undated
  29. Negatives: Prickle-Pole Palm: undated
  30. Photographs: Prunus serotina/ Wild Black: undated
  31. Negatives: Prunus serotina/ Wild Black: undated
  32. Photographs: Quercus alba/ White Oak: undated
  33. Negatives: Quercus alba/ White Oak: undated
  34. Photographs: Quercus phellos/ Willow Oak: undated
  35. Negatives: Quercus phellos/ Willow Oak: undated
  36. Photographs: Quercus virginiana/ Oak Trees: undated
  37. Negatives: Quercus virginiana/ Oak Trees: undated
  38. Photographs: Robinia pseudacacia: undated
  39. Negatives: Robinia pseudoacacia: undated
  40. Photographs: Roots and soils: undated
  41. Negatives: Royal poincrana: undated
  42. Photographs: Roystonca regia/ Royal Palm: undated
  43. Negatives: Roystonca regia/ Royal Palm: undated
  44. Photographs: Salal palmetto: undated
  45. Negatives: Salal palmetto: undated
  46. Negatives: Sandbox Tree: undated
  47. Photographs: Saphora japorica: undated
  48. Negatives: Saphora japorica: undated
  49. Photographs: Sciadopitys verticillata/ Umbrella Pine: undated
  50. Negatives: Sciadopitys verticillata/ Umbrella Pine: undated
  51. Photographs: Seascapes: undated
  52. Negatives: Seascapes: undated
  53. Photographs: Sequoia gigantea/ Giant Sequoia: undated
  54. Negatives: Sequoia gigantea/ Giant Sequoia (1): undated
  55. Negatives: Sequoia gigantea/ Giant Sequoia (2): undated
  56. Photographs: Sequoia sempervirens/ Redwoods: undated
  57. Negatives: Sequoia sempervirens/ Redwoods: undated
  58. Negatives: Signura vilae: undated
  59. Photographs: Sille Cotton: undated
  60. Negatives: Sille Cotton: undated
  61. Photographs: Silver Poplar: undated
  62. Negatives: Silver Poplar: undated
  63. Negatives: Sorbus/ Elderleaved: undated
  64. Photographs: South Africa: undated
  65. Photographs: South Carolina: undated
  66. Negatives: South Carolina: undated
  67. Photographs: South Seas/ Plant Life: undated
  68. Photographs: Switzerland: undated

Box 14--Photographs / Negatives, T through X

  1. Photographs: Talifsol: undated
  2. Negatives: Talifsol: undated
  3. Photographs: Tamarisks: undated
  4. Negatives: Tamarisks: undated
  5. Photographs: Tasmania/ Plant Life: undated
  6. Photographs: Tasmania/ Trees: undated
  7. Photographs: Taxodium distichum/ Cypress: undated
  8. Negatives: Taxodium distichum/ Cypress: undated
  9. Photographs: Teton Mountains: undated
  10. Negatives: Teton Mountains: undated
  11. Negatives: Thatch Palm: undated
  12. Negatives: Ticus bengimanira: undated
  13. Photographs: Tilia: undated
  14. Negatives: Tilia: undated
  15. Photographs: Tree Bracing: undated
  16. Negatives: Tree Bracing: undated
  17. Photographs: Tree Bark/ Fallen Trees: undated
  18. Photographs: Tree Butchery: undated
  19. Negatives: Tree Butchery: undated
  20. Photographs: Tree Healing: undated
  21. Negatives: Tree Healing: undated
  22. Negatives: Triacanthos gleditsia: undated
  23. Negatives: Tsuga canadensis pendula: undated
  24. Photographs: Trytluina: undated
  25. Negatives: Trytluina: undated
  26. Photographs: Tsuga mertensiana/ Mountain Black: undated
  27. Negatives: Tsuga mertensiana/ Mountain Black: undated
  28. Photographs: Ulmus americana/ Elms: undated
  29. Negatives: Ulmus americana/ Elms: undated
  30. Photographs: U.S. Tourist Spots: undated
  31. Negatives: U.S. Tourist Spots: undated
  32. Photographs/ Negatives: United States/ Southern and Northern: undated
  33. Photographs: Washington: undated
  34. Negatives: Washington: undated
  35. Photographs/ Negatives: Washington/ Dry Falls: undated
  36. Photographs: Washingtonia filmentosa/ Washington Palm: undated
  37. Negatives: Washingtonia filmentosa/ Washington Palm: undated
  38. Photographs/ Negatives: Wood Block Filling: undated
  39. Photographs: Yellowstone National Park: undated
  40. Negatives: Yellowstone National Park: undated
  41. Photographs/ Negatives: Yucca Plant: undated
  42. Photographs: Xanthoxylum clara-herculis: undated
  43. Negatives: Xanthoxylum clara-herculis: undated

Box 15--Miscellaneous Photographs / Negatives

This box contains 13 folders containing unidentified photographs and negatives of various plants and landscapes.

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