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English Historical Manuscripts, 1661-1901

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Prepared for the Web by Dyani Scheuerman, June 6, 2003; Updated October 2010
1 half-size record storage box, .5 cubic foot, 11th floor

Scope and Content

This collection contains miscellaneous historical manuscripts by English writers. Contents are arranged by date with some undated material filed at the end of the collection. The geographical location given refers to the location in which the letters or documents were written or to where they were sent, not necessarily the home of the writers. Items in the collection have come to Special Collections through various sources, and some items were purchased.

Box 1

Folder -- Contents

  1. 1661. Nicholas, Edw[ard], Sir. Autograph. [autograph document, signed] 1 p.

  2. 1668. Morice, Will[iam], Sir. Autograph. [autograph document, signed] 1 p.

  3. 1679. Fox, Step[hen], Sir. Autograph [autograph document, signed] 1 p.

  4. October 6, 1690. Howell, Ja[mes]. Liverpool, [England]. To John Bayley. Boston, [MA]. Description of conditions of the Irish protestants in exile during the reign of James II. Appended to the letter are three poems, two addressed to Bayley. [autograph letter, signed] 4 p. [Filed in OVERSIZED folder]

  5. September 15, 1691. Lowther, John, Sir. Autograph. Also signed by Richard Hapdem, Sir Robert Howard, and Sir Thomas Pelham. [autograph document, signed]

  6. July 5, 1695. Russell, [William], 5th Earl. Autograph [autograph document, signed]

  7. January, 1701. Only, Ni[cholas]. Note for repayment of loan. [printed document, signed] 2 p.

  8. December 8, 1701. Hamson, Edm[ond]. Exchequer note. [printed document, signed] 1 p.

  9. April 22, 1708. Pelling, Jo[hn]. Exchequer note. [printed document, signed] 2 p.

  10. January 13, 1710. Holles, Anne, Lady. Note for repayment of loan. [printed document, signed] 2 p.

  11. January 18, 1720. Amicable Perpetual Assurance Society. Receipt. Founded in 1705, chartered in 1706 by Queen Anne. Listed as an independent institution until 1866, when it merged with Norwich Union. [printed document, signed] 1 p.

  12. March, 1781. Great Britain. Army. Returns of His Majesty's forces. Register listing location and strength of British forces. [autograph document] 83 p.

  13. 1782-1926. The Albert Victor Baillie manuscripts contain 16 letters, one document, and one autograph, all concerned in some way with members of Baillie's family and the English Royal family. Correspondents include Alexandra, queen consort of Edward VII; Augustus Frederick, Duke of Sussex; Beatrice, consort of Prince Henry of Battenberg; David Beatty; Edward VII, King of Great Britain; George III, King of Great Britain; and Sir Henry Keppel. The autograph is of Sir Robert Peel, and the document is a Royal Warrant of Queen Victoria. A copy of Hector Bolitho's description is enclosed.

  14. January 2, 1841. [Elias, John]. Sermon. According to an accompanying note, this was the last sermon preached by John Elias. [autograph document] 4 p.

  15. June 25, 1841. Stanley, 17th earl. [London, England]. To Dawson. Political matters. Mounted, with his portrait. [autograph letter, signed] 2 p.

  16. June 17, 1853. Shaftsbury, [Anthony Ashley Cooper], 7th earl of. To [?]. Thanks him for sending his book. Mounted, with photograph of Lord Shaftsbury. [autograph letter, signed] 1 p.

  17. March 12, 1858. Chelmsford, [Ferderic Augustus Thesiger], 2nd baron. To Lady [?]. Unable to do as she asks. Mounted, with two portraits of Chelmsford. [autograph letter, signed] 3 p.

  18. July 12, 1860. Waterton, Charles. [Wakefield], England. To [?]. Arranges a visit. Mounted, with a picture of Waterton. [autograph letter, signed] 1 p.

  19. August 12, 1864. Cobden, Richard. Midhurst, England. To Wm. [William] H. Osborn. Discusses his anti-slavery views and his opinions concerning the Civil War, tells of impending visit of Goldwin Smith, history professor from Oxford. [autograph letter, signed] 8 p.

  20. September 19, 1865. Bright, John. Quotation from Dante. Mounted with two portraints, clipped signature, and two quotations of Bright. [autograph document, signed] 1 p.

  21. August 21, 1868. Spurgeon, C[harles] H[addon]. Autograph. [autograph document, signed] 1 p.

  22. October 12, 1873. Payne-Smith, R[obert]. Autograph. [autograph document, signed] 1 p.

  23. 1874. The Arthur Penrhyn Stanley manuscripts consist of copies of ten letters from Dean Stanley to his sister Mary describing his trip to Russia to perform the marriage ceremony of Prince Alfred and the Czar's daughter Marie Alexandrovna. The letters are dated from January 12 to February 7, 1874 and cover 81 p. Accompanied by two copies of water color paintings of the ceremony by N. Chevalier.

  24. 1877. Blacker, Beaver H[enry]. 257 of the monumental inscriptions in St. Mary's Cemetery, Cheltenham. Six columns contributed to the Stroud Journal by Blacker and called "Gloucestershire Notes and Queries" are also pasted in. A note on Blacker and his publication is written on the front free endpaper. [autograph document, signed]

  25. April 25, 1889. Scott, Robert F[alcon]. London, [England]. To H.A. Hazen. Discusses a paper and an invention. [autograph letter, signed] 2 p.

  26. 1890. Gordon, L.C. Journal. Describes a trip through part of India in May and June 1890. Special attention to animals, with descriptions and drawings. [autograph document] 69 p.

  27. October 3, 1891. Trevelyan, Geo[rge Otto], Sir, bart. Cambo [England]. To Symonds. Plans to visit Scotland. Mounted, with photographs of Trevelyan and his home. [autograph letter, signed] 2 p.

  28. May 20, 1901. Roberts, [Frederick Sleigh Roberts], 1st earl. London, [England]. To Mr. Daniel. [Norwich, England]. Arranges for his tailor to come to his home. Mounted, with a portrait of Roberts and another letter, August 13, 1901, to Mr. Daniel. [autograph letter, signed] 1 p.

  29. no year, July 24. Burns, John. To Mr. Symons. Comments upon a book about the South African War. Mounted, with a photograph of Burns. [autograph letter, signed] 1 p.

  30. undated, Arlington, [Henry Bennet], 1st Earl of. Autograph. [autograph document, signed] 1 p.

  31. undated, Brouncker, [William]. Autograph. [autograph document, signed] 1 p.

  32. undated, Fanshawe, Richard, Sir. Autograph. [autograph document, signed] 1 p.

  33. undated, Gookin, Daniel. Genealogy. [autograph document] 17 p.

  34. undated, [Osborne, Thomas], 1st Earl of Danby. Autograph. [autograph document, signed] 1 p.

  35. undated, [Shaftesbury, Anthony] Ahsley [Cooper], 1st Baron; and Thomas Clifford, 1st Baron. Autographs. [autograph document, signed] 1 p.

  36. undated, Warwich, P[hilip], Sir. Autograph. [autograph document, signed] 1 p.