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Edward W. and Shirley Crosby papers

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Edward W. and Shirley Crosby papers

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Edward W. and Shirley Crosby papers

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Edward W. and Shirley Crosby papers

Finding Aid

Prepared by Anita Clary, February 2022

Descriptive Rules: DACS
Inclusive Dates: 1920-2022
Bulk Dates: 1963-1999
Extent: 6.33 cubic feet (6 record storage boxes, 1 document case, and 1 oversize folder)
Physical Location: 10th floor 

Biography of Edward W. Crosby and Shirley Crosby

Biographical Summary: With a background in developing curricula for disadvantaged students, Kent State University alumnus Edward W. Crosby was hired as director of the new Institute for African American Affairs in 1969. Created in response to Black United Students' activism, the Institute was established to create a program of African American Studies, with an aim to foster racial harmony. The Center of Pan-African Culture was created in 1970, and the Department of Pan-African Studies was created in 1976, both under Crosby's leadership. Working with Black United Students and other Kent State University administrators, Crosby played an integral role in expanding Negro History Week into a month-long commemoration, and the first Black History Month in the United States was held at the university in February 1970. Shirley Crosby volunteered countless hours supporting students and youth, both at the university and in the community, through her work with the Center of Pan-African Culture, the African Community Theatre, and other student organizations, all while raising their three sons.

Detailed Biographical Note: Edward W. Crosby (1932-2021) was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. A veteran of the United States Army Corps of Engineers, Special Category Army Reassigned with Air Force (SCARWAF), Crosby earned a BA and MA in medieval German language and history from Kent State University. He earned a doctorate degree in medieval German literature and medieval European history from the University of Kansas. He taught German and Spanish at several colleges, including Kent State, Hiram College, and Tuskegee Institute, but is most known for his work at Southern Illinois University, Kent State University, and the University of Washington where he worked primarily with Black students who oftentimes needed remediation to support their success in a collegiate environment. East St. Louis provided a real world laboratory where he was able to develop a curriculum tailored to the needs of the Black students enrolled in the Experiment in Higher Education (EHE), one of the first programs in the Unitied States designed specifically for at-risk students.

In July 1969 Crosby was asked to establish the first Black studies program at Kent State University. The Institute for African American Affairs (IAAA), a diversity intensive curricular program, was founded in August 1969. He is now known as the "father of Black History Month" after he helped Black United Students and the Center for Human Relations organize the nation's first Black History Month held on Kent State's campus in February 1970. Crosby was also instrumental in technological innovation at Kent State, and his department was the first to introduce desktop computers and cable TV in the classroom. From 1969 until his retirement in 1993, Crosby led the IAAA, the Center of Pan-African Culture (CPAC), and the Department of Pan-African Studies (DPAS).

Over the years Dr. Crosby developed a national reputation as one of the first leaders of the National Council of Black Studies and other national organizations involved in the establishment of Black studies as a discipline. Following his retirement from Kent State University, Crosby continued his involvement in the education of the Black community, founding the Ida B. Wells Community Academy in Akron, Ohio.

Shirley Crosby (1932-  ) was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. She earned a degree in sociology from Ohio University. In support of her husband's efforts at Kent State, Mrs. Crosby volunteered her time and expertise in the Center of Pan-African Culture for over 12 years, serving as advisor, fundraiser, ticket taker, vendor coordinator and organizer of the Pan-African Festival. She acted as advisor to a new organization on campus, Harambee, that was specifically designed to support the activities of the Center of Pan-African Culture, receiving the advisor of the year award in 1994. She was also advisor to Zeta Phi Beta sorority. Known as Mama Crosby, she had a significant impact as a community liaison with the Black communities of Kent, Akron, Cleveland, and Youngstown, as well as students from all around the world attending Kent State University. Edward and Shirley Crosby received lifetime achievement awards for their contributions to the African Community Theatre during its 25th anniversary celebration in 1998.

Sources: Daily Kent Stater Digital Archive, Department of Africana Studies website (History, and People), We Did It Together: A Tribute to the Crosby's 50 Years in Black Education, and biographical notes provided by Kofi Khemet.

Scope and Content: The collection contains biographical information and publications authored or co-authored by Edward W. Crosby and records related to his professional work, including as director of the Institute for African American Affairs and the Department of Pan-African Studies. Also included are programs and photographs from productions of the African Community Theatre, where Shirley Crosby volunteered as house and promotion manager. The subject files contain collected papers and publications, including research papers, occasional papers, student papers, conference proceedings, lectures and speeches, articles, books, book chapters, book reviews, catalogs, directories, government publications, newsletters, periodicals, and reports.

Statement of Arrangement: The Edward W. and Shirley Crosby papers are arranged into the following series:

Separated Material: Selected publications and other works by Edward W. Crosby, including his master's thesis, are shelved separately and cataloged in KentLINK.

Related Material: Additional information about Edward W. Crosby is found in the Kent State University Academic Personnel Records, and additional information for both he and Shirley Crosby can be found in the Kent State University Communications and Marketing records and the University Photographs collection. Several digitized photographs may be found in the Kent State History: Digital Archive. See also the Daily Kent Stater Digital Archive for articles about the Crosbys. Please contact Special Collections and Archives staff for assistance in locating related materials.

Preferred Citation: Edward W. and Shirley Crosby papers. Kent State University Libraries. Special Collections and Archives.

Acquisition Information: The papers in this collection were donated to Special Collections and Archives by Edward W. and Shirley Crosby.

Accruals Note: Only a portion of the Crosby archive has been received to date. Future additions will be made to the collection as materials are received.

Box 1

Series 1: Biographical Information

  1. Afro-American Studies Planning Committee Memoranda related to appointment of Dr. Edward W. Crosby as director of program, 1969-1974
  2. Autobiographical Paper: Looking Backward to Move Into the Future, 1993
  3. We Did It Together: A Tribute to the Crosby's 50 Years in Black Education, 2012
  4. Edward Crosby Biography, from Department of Africana Studies Website, 2021
  5. Edward and Shirley Crosby Biographical Notes by Kofi Khemet, 2019; 2022
  6. Edward Crosby Curriculum Vita, 1969
  7. Clippings, 1969-2021

Series 2: Works Authored or Co-authored by Edward W. Crosby

  1. Lecture: "Black Folk in America: The Colonial Period," Freedom Inc. television series, 1969-1970
  2. Publication: Hercules and the Stables of Augeias (A Radio Play by Friedrich Durrenmatt), translation by E. W. Crosby, 1967
  3. Publication: "Black Studies at the University of Washington, a Two-Year Report" (folder 1), 1978
  4. Publication: "Black Studies at the University of Washington, a Two-Year Report" (folder 2), 1978
  5. Publication: "Henry Lee Dumas as Seer and Educator," in Black American Literature Forum, 1988
  6. Publication: "The Nigger and the Narcissus (or Self-Awareness in Black Education)," undated
  7. Speech: "The Importance of a Black Agenda," delivered at Seattle WA, 1978

Series 3: Southern Illinois University Experiment in Higher Education
Historical Note: Edward W. Crosby was Director of Education for the Experiment in Higher Education program at Southern Illinois University from 1966-1969.

  1. Experiment in Higher Education: Progress Report; Working Paper No. 1, 1966
  2. Experiment in Higher Education: Higher Education for "High Risk" Students, 1968
  3. Experiment in Higher Education: Norelco Learning Resources Center, proposal, 1969
  4. Experiment in Higher Education: Corrections on Research Report, 1969
  5. Experiment in Higher Education: Brochure, undated
  6. Experiment in Higher Education: EHE Philosophy, undated
  7. Experiment in Higher Education: Local Community Resources, St. Clair County, IL, undated
  8. Experiment in Higher Education: Paper fragment, undated

Series 4: National Council for Black Studies
Historical Note: Edward W. Crosby was Vice Chairperson of the NCBS Curriculum and Accreditation Committee from 1989-1991, with a focus on developing an Afrocentric core curriculum for higher education.

  1. National Council for Black Studies: NCBS Curriculum and Accreditation Committee, 1989-1991
  2. National Council for Black Studies: Correspondence, 1989-1991
  3. National Council for Black Studies: General Information, 1980s
  4. National Council for Black Studies: General Information, 1990s

Series 5: Kent State University Institute for African American Affairs (KSU-IAAA)

  1. KSU-IAAA: "The African Area Program: Graduate and Undergraduate Aspects," Center for International and Comparative Programs, 1970
  2. KSU-IAAA: Arena Conta Zumbi, performance by the Arena theatre Group of Sao Paulo, 1970
  3. KSU-IAAA: Black Studies Books, brochures, undated
  4. KSU-IAAA: Communication Skills Guidebook, undated
  5. KSU-IAAA: Conference: Northeastern Ohio Black Student Conference, IAAA, transcripts of speeches, 1975
  6. KSU-IAAA: Conference: Afrocentric World View: Historical Educational and Cultural Perspectives, IAAA, 1993
  7. KSU-IAAA: Correspondence, 1970s
  8. KSU-IAAA: Equal Education Opportunities Commission, 1968-1970; undated
  9. KSU-IAAA: Equal Education Opportunities Commission, Concerned Black Art Students, 1973
  10. KSU-IAAA: Faculty/Staff Recruitment at Kent State University, Office of Human Resource Utilization, undated
  11. KSU-IAAA: Henry Dumas Seminar Library, 1970-1971
  12. KSU-IAAA: "If You Share These Aims," KSU Human Relations Center, brochure, 1970
  13. KSU-IAAA: Institute for African American Affairs Six-Year Report, Edward W. Crosby and Institute Staff, 1975
  14. KSU-IAAA: Institute for African American Affairs Special Services Proposal, 1971
  15. KSU-IAAA: "Institute for African American Affairs: Workshop Scenario," Edward W. Crosby, 1969
  16. KSU-IAAA: Institutional Planning Report, by Concerned Black Kent State Students, 1973
  17. KSU-IAAA: "John Gray: A Human Relations Presentation," KSU Human Relations Department, undated
  18. KSU-IAAA: Kent State University Enrollment Analysis: Black Students, 1989
  19. KSU-IAAA: Kent State University Speakers Bureau Directory, 1969-1970
  20. KSU-IAAA: Kitabu, IAAA newsletter, various dates
  21. KSU-IAAA: Lecture: "The Fundamental Crisis in Black Life," M. Ron Karenga, Black History Month, 1979
  22. KSU-IAAA: Lecture Materials, 1986
  23. KSU-IAAA: May 4 Crisis, 1970
  24. KSU-IAAA: "Occupied Africa: Facts the U. S. Needs to Know," African Fund Bulletin, 1969
  25. KSU-IAAA: Ohio Committee for Public Programs in the Humanities, Correspondence and Proposals, 1971
  26. KSU-IAAA: Ohio House Bill 1219, to Control Campus Disorder, 1969-1970
  27. KSU-IAAA: Oral History Project, 1975-1976; 1979
  28. KSU-IAAA: "Our Blacks in Paris: A Report," Hulda Smith, 1973
  29. KSU-IAAA: Policy Guide for Projects Involving Human Subjects, KSU Research and Sponsored Projects, 1975
  30. KSU-IAAA: Presidential Review, Munitz Report, 1976
  31. KSU-IAAA: "Principles Governing Cooperation Between the University of Ibadan and Kent State University," 1969
  32. KSU-IAAA: The Professor-Course Evaluation: Winter Courses, KSU Student Body Publication, 1970
  33. KSU-IAAA: Proposal for Disadvantaged, Dorothy Bradford, 1972
  34. KSU-IAAA: Proposal for Field Trip: Newark-The Ghetto: An Educational Experience, Black United Students, 1970
  35. KSU-IAAA: Proposal for Minority Student Recruitment, circa 1971
  36. KSU-IAAA: PTAH: Black Life Celebrations, IAAA Black Writers Workshop, 1975

Box 2

Series 5: Kent State University Institute of African American Affairs (KSU-IAAA)--Continued

  1. KSU-IAAA: Statement Regarding Tragedy at Southern University, Milton E. Wilson, 1972
  2. KSU-IAAA: Status Report on Minorities at Kent State University, Human Resources Utilization, 1975
  3. KSU-IAAA: "The Study of German Literary History and the Question of Relevance to the Black Experience," James C. Bruce, 1972
  4. KSU-IAAA: "Symposium on the Black Experience: Working Draft," Edward W. Crosby and Wiley Smith III, undated
  5. KSU-IAAA: "Towards a History of the Encyclopedia from Jerome to Isidor," Sidney Jackson, KSU professor, 1981

Series 6: Kent State University Department of Pan-African Studies (KSU-PAS)

  1. KSU-PAS: The Black Experience, book chapters, undated
  2. KSU-PAS: Black United Students, flyers and publications, various dates
  3. KSU-PAS: Center of Pan-African Culture, 1981; 1986
  4. KSU-PAS: Correspondence, 2005
  5. KSU-PAS: Correspondence, Ibrahim al Khafiz, 1981-1982
    Scope and Content: Includes two plays by Ibrahim al Khafiz: "Black Culture and History Group Inc. Wants You," and "Do It Yourself."
  6. KSU-PAS: Council of Independent Black Institutions, 1986
  7. KSU-PAS: Department of Pan-African Studies, brochure, 1985
  8. KSU-PAS: DPAS Annual Mission Review, 1985-1986
  9. KSU-PAS: Internal Undergraduate Program Review for Department of Pan-African Studies, 1983-1985
  10. KSU-PAS: Inventory of Fela Sowande papers, 2008
  11. KSU-PAS: Mid-America/Ohio Association of Educational Opportunity Program Personnel, 1981
  12. KSU-PAS: "Organizational Diagnosis: Department of Pan-African Studies," Nitya R. Raghothamarao, undated
  13. KSU-PAS: Oscar Ritchie Hall, dedication brochure and correspondence, 1979-2011
  14. KSU-PAS: Summer Education Academy (SEA), KSU College and Graduate School of Education, with support of Pan-African Studies, 1999

Series 7: Kent State University African Community Theatre (KSU-ACT)
Scope and Content: This series includes programs, publicity materials, and photographs from various productions of the African Community Theatre.
Processing Note: The materials in this series were originally collected and assembled into two large binders and included loose materials. For preservation purposes, the materials have been removed from the binders and put into archival sleeves and folders. The materials are arranged by topic and dates.

  1. KSU-ACT: African Community Theatre, Clippings, 1979-2011
  2. KSU-ACT: African Community Theatre Arts Program, Correspondence and Publicity, 1981; undated
  3. KSU-ACT: African Community Theatre, Flyers, 1980; undated
  4. KSU-ACT: African Community Theatre, General Information, 1996; undated
  5. KSU-ACT: African Community Theatre, Photographs, undated
  6. KSU-ACT: African Community Theatre, Photo Negatives, 1986-1998; undated
  7. KSU-ACT: African Community Theatre, Photo Slides, 1979-1989; undated
  8. KSU-ACT: African Community Theatre Arts Program: Production Programs, 1981-1982; undated
  9. KSU-ACT: African Community Theatre: Production Programs, undated
  10. KSU-ACT: Production: El Hajj Malik, 1981
  11. KSU-ACT: Production: Stagolee, 1981
  12. KSU-ACT: Production: Sizwe Bansi is Dead, 1983
  13. KSU-ACT: Production: Ebony Woman, 1984
  14. KSU-ACT: Production: Home, 1985
  15. KSU-ACT: Production: Wine in the Wilderness, 1986
  16. KSU-ACT: Production: The Sty of the Blind Pig, 1986
  17. KSU-ACT: Production: Stagolee, 1987
  18. KSU-ACT: Production: Sugar-Mouth Sam, and The Owl Killer, 1987
  19. KSU-ACT: Production: A Lovesong for Miss Lydia, 1988
  20. KSU-ACT: Production: Day of Absence, 1989
  21. KSU-ACT: Production: Home, 1989
  22. KSU-ACT: Production: I Can't Hear the Birds Singing, 1990
  23. KSU-ACT: Production: Long Time Since Yesterday, 1991
  24. KSU-ACT: Production: Can I Speak for You, Brother...Sister, Can I Speak for You?, 1991
  25. KSU-ACT: Production: The Gentleman Caller, and The Quest, 1992
  26. KSU-ACT: Production: Sugar-Mouth Sam Don't Dance No More, and Mojo: A Black Love Story, 1992
  27. KSU-ACT: Production: Stagolee, 1993
  28. KSU-ACT: Production: The Sirens, 1993
  29. KSU-ACT: Production: Long Time Since Yesterday, 1994
  30. KSU-ACT: Production: Black Girl, 1994
  31. KSU-ACT: Production: West Memphis Mojo, 1995
  32. KSU-ACT: Production: The Fences Between, 1995
  33. KSU-ACT: Production: The Colored Museum, 1996
  34. KSU-ACT: Production: High John De Conqueror, 1996
  35. KSU-ACT: Production: The Sty of the Blind Pig, 1996
  36. KSU-ACT: Production: Crying Holy, 1996
  37. KSU-ACT: Production: The Colored Museum, performed at Weathervane Community Playhouse, 1997
  38. KSU-ACT: Production: For Better or For Worse, 1997
  39. KSU-ACT: Production: The Darker Face of the Earth, 1998
  40. KSU-ACT: Production: Tambourines to Glory, 1998
  41. KSU-ACT: Production: Home, 2005
  42. KSU-ACT: Production: Brokology, 2012
  43. KSU-ACT: Productions by Other Groups, 1988-2015; undated

Series 8: Audio/Visual Recordings--Cassette Tapes
Physical Location: Audio cassette tapes are in a smaller box within Box 2.

  1. Gwendolyn Brooks Reading Gwendolyn Brooks, University of Washington, October 12, 1977
  2. Noam Chomsky, "Intellectuals and The State," University of Washington, October 13, 1977
  3. Dr. James Garrett, University of Washington, April 24, 1978
  4. Black Studies at the University of Washington; an Interview with E. W. Crosby on KRAB-FM, June 29, 1978
  5. Lillian Chase-narrator; Joyce Marshall-interviewer, October 22, 1981
  6. Shore and Brown Interviews, November 9, 1981
    Scope and Content: Side 1: Beatrice Shore-narrator, Joyce Marshall-inteviewer; Side 2: Dora Lee Brown-narrator, Desiree Liddell-interviewer
  7. The Role of Black Studies Programs in the 1980s, November 29, 1984
  8. Forum Conclusion, undated
  9. Lascelles Anderson, undated
  10. Linda James Myers (Side 1); Aminifu Harvey (Side 2), undated
  11. Dessima Williams, undated

Box 3

Series 9: Subject Files
Scope and Content: The subject files contain collected papers and publications, including research papers, occasional papers, student papers, conference proceedings, lectures and speeches, articles, books, book chapters, book reviews, catalogs, directories, government publications, newsletters, periodicals, reports, and other print materials.
Arrangement: Files are arranged alphabetically by subject.

  1. Activism: "A Letter From Jail," Elridge Cleaver, in Ramparts, 1968
  2. Activism: All African Peoples Revolutionary Party, 1992; undated
  3. Activism: Black British, White British, Dilip Hiro, chapter 4, undated
  4. Activism: The Crusader Newsletter, Robert F. Williams, 1968
  5. Activism: Eldridge Cleaver Playboy Interview, undated
  6. Activism: "In Fear of Academic Backlash," Peter Frederick, In AAUP Bulletin, 1969
  7. Activism: "Higher Education and the Student Rebellion in the United States, 1960-1969--A Bibliography," Bettina Aptheker, 1972
  8. Activism: Malcolm X, 1978-1989; undated
  9. Activism: Martin Luther King Jr., 1969-1988
  10. Activism: NAACP 66th Annual Convention Resolutions, 1975
  11. Activism: "Nation Building," Jimmy Garrett, undated
  12. Activism: "On Neutrality, Equality, & Tolerance: New Norms for a Decade of Distinction," Martha Minow, in Change, 1990
  13. Activism: The Pan Africanist Congress of Azania, newsletter, undated
  14. Activism: "Preservation and Betterment of the Black Race," undated
  15. Activism: Report of the National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders, chapters 2 and 3, undated
  16. Activism: Revolution and Evolution in the Twentieth Century, James and Grace Lee Boggs, chapter 9, undated
  17. Activism: "Revolution Comes to East St. Louis," Harold Piety, in Focus/Midwest, undated
  18. Activism: S.C.I.A. Freedom's Journal, 1969
  19. Activism: Select Committee to Investigate Campus Disturbances, Interim Report, 1970
  20. Activism: "Social Psychological Reflections on the Relationship of Blacks to Blacks and Blacks to Whites," C. Scully Stikes, undated
  21. Activism: Student Organization for Black Unity, Greeensboro, NC, 1970
  22. Activism: "The Vocation of the Black Scholar and the Struggles of the Black Community," Vincent Harding, 1974
  23. Addresses and Lectures: Address to American Institute of Architects, Whitney M. Young Jr., Portland, OR, 1968
  24. Addresses and Lectures: "Epitaph for Violence," Robert N. Nesby, Arizona State University Baccalaureate Service, 1968
  25. Addresses and Lectures: "I Have a Dream," Martin Luther King Jr., Washington DC, 1963
  26. Addresses and Lectures: Jesse Jackson on Peace and the Crisis in Central America, New York City, 1984
  27. Addresses and Lectures: "Leadership for Pluralism, Freedom and Genuine Community, Samuel D. Proctor, Washington DC, 1988
  28. Addresses and Lectures: "On Violence," Robert Kennedy, Cleveland, OH, 1968
  29. Addresses and Lectures: "The Politics and Future of the Black Studies Paradigm," Manning Marable, Philadelphia, PA, 1988
  30. Addresses and Lectures: President Nyerere explains the role of the newly established University of Dar es Salaam, undated
  31. Addresses and Lectures: "Racism and Mental Health: A Case for Correct Black Educational Initiatives," Preston Wilcox, Seattle, WA, 1977
  32. Addresses and Lectures: "Third World Literature, Movements within the Third World," Quincy Troupe, undated
  33. Africa and the World: Book Chapters: "The Hidden Cities" and "Civilizations of the Nile," undated
  34. Africa and the World: "Class Conflicts Among the Sheka and Kafa in Athiopia" (in German), Werner J. Lange, 1985
  35. Africa and the World: "Egypt is Africa," Shirley Graham DuBois, in The Black Scholar, 1970
  36. Africa and the World: Facts About Ghana, undated
  37. Africa and the World: "From Africa to the New World: The Linguistic Continuum," Richard A. Long, 1971
  38. Africa and the World: Ghana News, 1972
  39. Africa and the World: Institute for the Study of Contemporary Social Problems, Project 79 (South Africa), 1977
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  41. Africa and the World: The Library of Congress National Program for Acquisitions and Cataloging Accessions List: Eastern Africa, 1972
  42. Africa and the World: "National Security Study memorandum 39 and the Future of United States Policy Toward Southern Africa," Edgar Lockwood, 1974
  43. Africa and the World: "Nigeria in Travail," Fela Sowande, 1967
  44. Africa and the World: "Nigerian Music and Musicians: Then and Now," Fela Sowande, 1965
  45. Africa and the World: "The Politics of Cooperation: Cuba and Africa, 1960-1980," Rovan George Locke, undated
  46. Africa and the World: "The Prospects for Pan-Africanism," W. E. Abraham, in Modern Africa, reprint, undated
  47. Africa and the World: Search for a Place: Black Separatism and Africa, 1860, Introduction by Howard H. Bell, undated
  48. Africa and the World: "South Africa and the World: In Defense of Apartheid," Charles A. W. Manning, reprinted from Foreign Affairs, 1964
  49. Africa and the World: The U.S. and Africa in the 1980s, 1984
  50. Africa and the World: Ways and Means of Teaching About World Order: Namibia, 1974
  51. Africa and the World: "What Can Become of South Africa?," Conor Cruise O'Brien, in The Atlantic Monthly, 1986
  52. Africa and the World: The World and Africa, W. E. B. DuBois, chapters 1 and 2, undated
  53. Arts and Literature: AWON ORE, Bulletin #5, 1972
  54. Arts and Literature: Bunamé, 1971
  55. Arts and Literature: "Calypsonian," Samuel Selvon, 1975
  56. Arts and Literature: Clippings, 1977-1983; undated
  57. Arts and Literature: "Dealing in African Art," Anthony Griggs, in Race Relations Reporter, 1974
  58. Arts and Literature: Ellison, Ralph: Interview and Works, 1967; undated
  59. Arts and Literature: The Hiram Poetry Review, Issues 6 and 8, 1969-1970
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  61. Arts and Literature: Jones, LeRoi: Reviews and Clippings, 1964-1965
  62. Arts and Literature: "Life is Sweet at Kumansenu," Abioseh Nicol, 1975
  63. Arts and Literature: Lost Wax Bronze Casting, undated
  64. Arts and Literature: The Man Who Cried I Am, John A. Williams, excerpt, undated
  65. Arts and Literature: Masks, Edward Brathwaite, 1968
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  67. Arts and Literature: Negro Digest, 1968
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  72. Arts and Literature: "The Oldest Africans," undated
  73. Arts and Literature: "Picnic on the Battlefield," Fernando Arrabal, undated
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  75. Arts and Literature: "Scheiss-Existenz," undated
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Box 4

Series 9: Subject Files--Continued

  1. Black Studies: Afram Associates--Action Library, 1968-1970
  2. Black Studies: A Bibliography of Afro-American (Black) Studies, James N. Kerri and Anthony Layng, 1974
  3. Black Studies: "Black History and the Schools," Charles H. Harrison, reprint from 1968 Education News, undated
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  8. Black Studies: "The Independent Black Institution: The California Association for Afro-American Education, Nairobi College," 1970
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Box 5

Series 9: Subject Files--Continued

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Box 6

Series 9: Subject Files--Continued

  1. Politics and Government: "On Revolution in the Metropolis (Political Economy for Revolutionary Socialists)," Mickey Rowntree and John Rowntree, 1970
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  8. Posters: "Celebration" Black Folkways and Popular Lore in Portage County, Skeels Lake Center, Ravenna, Ohio, 1982
    Physical Location: Filed in map case.
  9. Posters: Science Expo 83: Building a Bright Tomorrow Through Scientific Discovery, 1983
    Physical Location: Filed in map case.
  10. Posters: Olatunji: Distant Drums, Olantunji Center of African Culture, NY, NY, undated
    Physical Location: Filed in map case.
  11. Poverty: "Poverty, Family Planning and the Great Society," Michael Harrington, 1965
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  77. Student Papers: "Who Killed Walter Vandermeer?," a response to a 1969 New York Times obituary, Urban Voices, undated

Box 7

Series 10: Portfolio Scrapbook
Scope and Content: This series is a portfolio of publications and print materials that were designed and published by Edward W. Crosby and sons, Darryl L. M. Crosby and Kofi Khemet, and known as HieroGraphics Productions. Materials were produced for the Department of Pan-African Studies, Kent State University, and other on-campus and off-campus entities, and includes flyers, brochures, periodicals, stationery, and event programs.
Processing Note: The materials in this series were originally collected and assembled into a large binder. For preservation purposes, the materials have been removed from the binders and put into archival folders. The folders are arranged in the order they were in the binder.

  1. Portfolio: Cover Graphic
  2. Portfolio-Loose: The Spectrum, Fall 1987
  3. Portfolio-Sleeve 1: We Did It Together: A Tribute to the Crosby's 50 Years in Black Education, 2012
  4. Portfolio-Sleeve 2: Hierographics brochure, 1990
  5. Portfolio-Sleeve 3: Hierographics forms, 1991
  6. Portfolio-Sleeve 4: Hierographics information sheets, undated
  7. Portfolio-Sleeve 5: Harambee and Center for Pan-African Culture event programs, 1993
  8. Portfolio-Sleeve 6: Young Writers student essays booklet and Center for Pan-African Culture event program, 1991; 1993
  9. Portfolio-Sleeve 7: African Community Theatre brochures and event program, 1991-1992
  10. Portfolio-Sleeve 8: Assorted event programs and flyers, 1990-1992; 2013
  11. Portfolio-Sleeve 9: Harambee event flyers, 1992
  12. Portfolio-Sleeve 10: Sample stationery and illustrations, 1994-1995; undated
  13. Portfolio-Sleeve 11: Sample certificates, 1991
  14. Portfolio-Sleeve 12: Sample event program, 1991
  15. Portfolio-Sleeve 13: Sample brochure pages, undated
  16. Portfolio-Sleeve 14: Flyer mock-ups, undated
  17. Portfolio-Sleeve 15: Black History events poster, undated
  18. Portfolio-Sleeve 16: Sample invitation, flyer, and report, 1989-1994
  19. Portfolio-Sleeve 17: Uhuru, Volume 3, No. 1, 1991-1992
  20. Portfolio-Sleeve 18: The New Majority, Black Graduate Students Association, Vol. 1, No. 1, 1991
  21. Portfolio-Sleeve 19: Delta Sigma Theta Sorority flyer and event program, 1991
  22. Portfolio-Sleeve 20: BUS flyer and Habari Zetu Newsletter, vol. 2, 1991
  23. Portfolio- Sleeve 21: The Third Decade: The Department of Pan-African Studies and The Center of Pan-African Culture, undated
  24. Portfolio-Sleeve 22: Sample IAAA flyers, undated
  25. Portfolio-Sleeve 23: Sample event flyers, 1991; undated
  26. Portfolio-Sleeve 24: Sample event flyers, 1991
  27. Portfolio-Sleeve 25: Sample business cards and sales form, undated
  28. Portfolio-Sleeve 26: Sample graduation announcements, 1992
  29. Portfolio-Sleeve 27: Sample invitation and flyers, 1990-1991
  30. Portfolio-Sleeve 28: Sample flyers, undated
  31. Portfolio-Sleeve 29: Sample flyer and certificate, 1991
  32. Portfolio-Sleeve 30: Sample event flyers, 1991
  33. Portfolio-Sleeve 31: Delta Sigma Theta Sorority event program, 1991
  34. Portfolio-Sleeve 32: Sample invitation and flyers, 1991-1992; undated
  35. Portfolio-Sleeve 33: The Center of Pan-African Culture event programs, 1991
  36. Portfolio-Sleeve 34: Sample Hierographics stationery and business cards, undated
  37. Portfolio-Sleeve 35: Hierographics stationery used for May 4, 1990
  38. Portfolio-Sleeve 36: Sample letterhead and certificate, undated
  39. Portfolio-Sleeve 37: Sample letterheads, undated
  40. Portfolio-Sleeve 38: Sample letterheads and membership cards, undated
  41. Portfolio-Sleeve 39: Sample handbooks, 1991-1992
  42. Portfolio-Sleeve 40: Sample message form and flyer, 1991; undated
  43. Portfolio-Sleeve 41: Sample forms, undated
  44. Portfolio-Sleeve 42: The Center of Pan-African Culture and The African Community Theatre events programs, 1991
  45. Portfolio-Sleeve 43: Sample form and event flyer, 1991; undated
  46. Portfolio-Sleeve 44: Sample flyer and The New Majority, Black Graduate Students Association, Vol. 2, No. 1, 1992
  47. Portfolio-Sleeve 45: Sample flyer, 1991
  48. Portfolio-Sleeve 46: Sample flyer, 1991
  49. Portfolio-Sleeve 47: Sample fax cover sheets, undated
  50. Portfolio-Sleeve 48: Sample newsletter pages, 1992
  51. Portfolio-Sleeve 48: Sample newsletter pages, 1992
  52. Portfolio-Sleeve 48: Illustration and flyer, 1991; undated