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Drawing Books (box 67)

Box 67






67Jumbo Paint and Drawing Book1911no #--
67Learning to Draw1937142D & D Downs
67First Steps in Drawing1937144--
67First Lessons in Cartooning1936238--
67Draw and Color1937333The Hoopes
67Learning To Draw19401938D & D Downs
67The Boy and Girl Cartoonist19362122--
67Draw and Color19372149The Hoopes
67Color and Drawn.d.2523--
67Easy Pictures to Draw19462529--
67I Like To Draw19462548--
67Sketch Book19544837Martin
67Color and Drawn.d.4973Kick
67If You Can Write Your Name You Can Draw and Paintn.d.5295--
67My Hand book19645296--
67Learn To Draw Cartoons19635299--
67Christmas Super Slaten.d.8895--
67Santa's Super Slaten.d.8896--

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