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Craig Blazinski papers

Special Collections and Archives

Craig Blazinski papers

Craig Blazinski papers

May 4 Collection - Box 56

Finding Aid

Prepared by Scott L. Bills, July 2, 1980. Updated by Penny White, June 2013; Updated March 2017

Inclusive Dates: 1977-80
Extent: .33 cubic feet (1 document case and 1 oversize folder)
Physical Location: 12th floor

Biographical Note: As a Kent State student, Craig Blazinski was prominent in May 4 activities from 1977-80. He served as Chairperson of the May 4th Task Force for two consecutive years (1977-78) and represented the Task Force on a special observance committee that President Brage Golding created in early 1978. Blazinski coordinated the Task Force's commemorative program of May 4, 1977, which featured, among others, Dean Kahler, Roseanne "Chic" Canfora, Vietnam veteran Ron Kovic, and attorney William Kunstler. Although the resignations of Blazinski and several others from the May 4th Task Force in April 1979 created a brief crisis for the organization, he continued to be active in May 4 matters and played a role in the tenth anniversary commemoration of May 1980.

Scope and Content: The materials in this collection provide evidence of the manner in which May 4 commemorations and related activities have been undertaken on the Kent campus and the variety of organizations that have engaged in activism and commemorative activities.

Arrangement: The papers in this collection have been arranged topically into four sections, reflecting primarily Mr. Blazinski's participation in three major groups: the May 4th Coalition, the May 4th Observance Committee, and the May 4th Task Force. Miscellaneous items have been placed in the last category. Included in the latter are a number of leaflets and flyers which have been arranged alphabetically by the issuing organization. Leaflets of unknown origin have been listed under "source unidentified." 

Acquisitions Note: Craig Blazinski donated his papers to the Kent State University Archives on April 26, 1980.

Restrictions on Access: Some information included in this collection is restricted due to the presence of information protected by privacy laws. This information has been redacted where present on documents in the collection. Un-redacted originals, in all cases, have been retained by Special Collections and Archives.

Restrictions on Use: Blazinski has kindly donated to the Kent State University Archives whatever property and literary rights that he possesses in these materials.

May 4 Collection - Box 56
Folder -- Contents

May 4 Coalition

  1. Leaflets/Flyers: 1977-78
  2. Newspaper Clippings, Kent Weekly!: August 11, 1977; August 25, 1977
  3. Court Order, Temporary Restraining Order, Case n. 77 CV0885, filed July 11, 1977
  4. Photograph, KSU police in riot dress: undated. Photo by Kevin Lyons
  5. Photographs, bulldozers at gym annex construction site: September?, 1977. Photo by Kevin Lyons 
  6. Arm Band, "Support the 8 Demands!"
  7. Arm Band, "Move the Gym!"
  8. Miscellaneous items, change of address to "Tentropolis"; identification card for Sergeant John Peach, KSU police

May 4 Observance Committee

  1. Correspondence: October 1977-May 1979. Note: Includes Golding to Tyler letter, march 28, 1978, containing official committee charge
  2. Membership list: 1978-79
  3. Agendas: 1979
  4. Minutes: January 23, 1979; January 30, 1979; February 6, 1979; February 14, 1979; April 9, 1979; April 16, 1979; April 23, 1979
  5. Meeting notes, handwritten: February 14, 1979
  6. Basi Report, May 4th Commemoration Committee: January 19, 1978
  7. Miscellaneous, handwritten commentary "Scapegoat Committee:" undated

May 4th Task Force

  1. Correspondence, 1977
  2. Correspondence, 1978
  3. Correspondence, 1979
  4. Telegrams/Mailgrams
  5. Financial Records, allocation notification, allocation receipts: 1977-79
  6. Scheduling materials: 1976-78
  7. Membership lists: 1978-79?
  8. Questionnaires
  9. Leaflets/Flyers: 1977-78
  10. Petition blank: 1978?
  11. Parade permits: 1977, 78
  12. Press releases: October 20, 1977; February? 1978
  13. Agendas: 1977-78. NOTE: The agendas are handwritten and many are undated
  14. Attendance lists, meetings: February 8, 1978 and undated
  15. Program notes: May 4, 1978 .NOTE: The documents are handwritten and include draft remarks for opening the commemorative program
  16. Minority paper: April 1979. NOTE: This was the statement drafted by May 4th Task Force members Craig Blazinski, Maire Dugan, Michael Soroham, and Sarah Wilkins to explain their joint resignation from the Task Force
  17. Miscellaneous items. NOTE: includes handwritten notes; scheduling cards; photocopy of page from Time magazine, May 18, 1970
  18. Printed matter: memorial booklets from 1974, 76, 77
  19. Posters: 1976-80 (shelved in the map case)


  1. Correspondence, Fay Biles to Scott Marburger: January 26, 1977
  2. Leaflets/Flyers, Kent State Faculty, letter to students: May 4, 1978
  3. Leaflets/Flyers, May 4 Ad Hoc Strike Committee: 1976-77
  4. Leaflets/Flyers, Portage County Committee for Free Speech and Free Assembly: 1977
  5. Leaflets/Flyers, Reader's Theatre, Occidental College, Los Angeles, California. NOTE: includes materials from the presentation of the play "Kent State: A Wake," 1978. a retitled "Kent State: A Requiem" was presented on campus in May 1980 and a brochure from that evening is also included
  6. Leaflets/Flyers, Student Government: 1977
  7. Leaflets/Flyers, Students Maintaining and Advocating Cooperation and Constructiveness at Kent: 1978
  8. Leaflets/Flyers, Young Socialist Alliance: 1977
  9. Leaflets/Flyers, source unidentified, anti-Coalition leaflets: 1977
  10. Leaflets/Flyers, source unidentified, "Brage and the Bureaucrats": undated
  11. Leaflets/Flyers, source unidentified, May 4th leaflets: 1978 and undated
  12. Leaflets/Flyers, source unidentified, "Special Memo": 1977
  13. Leaflets/Flyers, source unidentified, "Students for No Rights": 1977
  14. Leaflets/Flyers, source unidentified, "This Isn't a May 4 Coalition Leaflet, But ...": 1977. NOTE: the meeting that followed the issuance of this leaflet resulted in the founding of the Blanket Hill Council
  15. Press release, "Committee to Defend Student Rights": 1978
  16. "Overview of Plaintiff's Brief in the U.S. Court of Appeals Case": 1977
  17. Critical analysis of James Michener's Kent State: What Happened and Why: undated
  18. Photocopy of brochure for "Conference on Policies and Methods in Dealing with Civil Disorder," to be held October 22-25, 1978, Aurora, Ohio. The conference was canceled.
  19. Photographic reproduction, central campus: December 12, 1978
  20. Leaflet/Flyers, "How Much do you Know About May 4th 1970?": 1979