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Contents of the Album

Special Collections and Archives

Contents of the Album

Special Collections and Archives

Contents of the Album

Contents of the Album

The following groupings are based on the places or subjects of photographs as labeled in the album. Pages have been grouped in an attempt to give you some idea of the contents of the album. Many photographs in the last 100 pages of the album were not labeled. Identification of the subjects of these photographs was more difficult. All labels enclosed in square brackets have been supplied, while those in quotation marks were actually written by Queen Marie in the album.

Once you choose a group of pages to view, you may simply wish to go page by page through that section, or you may wish to return to this listing to locate other sections of interest. However, you do not need to return to this page to view the next section. Each album page is linked to the next page in sequence.

Front Cover: [Embroidered cloth cover of album]

Page 1: [Title page]

Pages 2-11: [Miscellaneous Photographs]

Pages 12-15: [Romanian Countryside]

Pages 16-22: "Mr. Anne and Pauline" [Waldorf and Pauline Astor]

Pages 23-29: [Miscellaneous Photographs]

Pages 30-33: "Carmen Sylva"

Pages 34-35: [Photographs of Marie's Children]

Pages 36-57: "Trip on the Danube"

Pages 58-63: [Photographs of Marie's Children]

Pages 64-67: [Portrait-style Photographs of Queen Marie]

Pages 68-75: "FĂȘte Given for the Materna"

Pages 76-87: [Miscellaneous Photographs]

Pages 88-92: [Family Photographs]

Pages 93-98: [Equestrian Events]

Pages 99-102: "Visit to My Parents-In-Law, August 1904"

Pages 103-111: [Photos of Castles and Other Buildings]

Pages 112-121: [More Castles, Buildings, and Miscellaneous Photos]

Pages 122-136: [Miscellaneous Unidentified Photographs]

Pages 137-147: [Visit of Pauline, John, and Waldorf Astor]

Pages 148-159: [The Astors' Visit Continued]

Pages 160-164: [More of the Astors' Visit]

Pages 165-170: [Camping Trip in the Mountains]

Pages 171-184: [Camping Trip in the Mountains Continued]

Pages 185-186: [Paintings]

Pages 187-188: [On Bearskin Rugs]

Pages 189-195: [Queen Marie and Others Horse Jumping]

Back Cover: [Embroidered cloth cover of album]

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