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Queen Marie Photoalbum

Special Collections and Archives

Queen Marie Photoalbum

Queen Marie of Romania, Photoalbum, Preservation Imaging Project, by Cara Gilgenbach, Aug-Dec, 1995

Brief Biographical Note

Queen Marie was born on October 29, 1875 in Kent, England to Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh and the former Grand Duchess Marie Alexandrovna of Russia. She was the granddaughter of Queen Victoria. In 1893, Marie married Ferdinand of Romania, and became Queen of the Romanians in 1914. She had six children: Carol, Elisabeth [Lisabeta], Marie [Mignon], Nicolas, Ileana, and Mircea who died at a very young age. During World War I, Queen Marie volunteered as a Red Cross nurse serving sick and wounded Romanian soldiers, many of whom were victims of cholera and typhus epidemics. After the war, she attended the Versailles Conference to help fight for Romanian territorial demands. She died in 1938.

Contents of the Album

This photoalbum features photographs of Queen Marie and her family from 1904. There are numerous photos of Marie's children, her friends and relatives, the Royal Family's horses, and the Romanian countryside. There are several portrait-style photographs of Queen Marie taken in Cotroceni, the Romanian Royal Palace located near Bucharest. Also featured are photos taken on a family boat trip on the Danube River. Marie created the album and hand-lettered the accompanying text.

This is one of many albums and scrapbooks that are part of the Queen Marie Collection. Many of these books were so brittle that photographs and clippings had to be removed in order to be preserved. This 1904 photoalbum is one of the few albums left intact. However, it is also quite fragile. Each page of the album has been scanned in order to minimize use of the actual album. This electronic site provides visual access to the album in its entirety. Please note that the average size of each page image is 400K. Each album page has been fully scanned, complete with captions written by Queen Marie.

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